Black Leather Sofa Set: 5 Cleaning Tips

modern black leather sofa set

black leather sofa set is the best choice when buying a modern sofa. It is not only elegant, stylish, and awesome, the black color matches anything. Modern black leather sofa sets give you the opportunity to have a modern look or cool retro design theme.

black leather sofa set

Modern Black Leather Sofa Set Maintenance

A number of homeowners prefer leather upholstery. Even offices and hotels would want to have a contemporary black leather sofa in their reception area, lobby or lounge. This is because leather is simply beautiful and luxurious. A black leather sofa set is a piece of furniture that can dramatically change the look of any space. The question is:  how do you maintain its sleek look?

modern black leather couch

  1. Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning using a soft dry cloth and vacuuming the corners of the black leather sofa set is the basic step. Depending on the frequency of use, you can clean it every week or every two weeks. Attend to spills immediately. Letting it stand for a long time will damage the black leather upholstery. Make sure to use the correct cleaning solution when removing stains.

contemporary black leather sofa set2. Do not Use Harsh Cleaning Products and Excessive Soap and Water

Some people have the idea that too much water and soap will clean their black leather sofa set better. This is a wrong impression. Excessive amounts of soap and water will encourage the leather upholstery to crack quickly. Harsh cleaning products like ammonia will only lighten the black leather upholstery. If you are going to use soap and water, wring the cloth properly ensuring it isn’t dripping. Wipe the surface of the leather upholstery with a clean dry cloth once you are finished cleaning it with soap and water.

modern black leather couch

3. Use the Correct Leather Conditioner

Apply a leather conditioner on your sleek black leather sofa set to keep its shine. Cleaning your leather black sofa set with soap and water is not enough. It needs conditioning so it will stay lustrous forever. However, do not condition the leather each time you clean it. The proper frequency of conditioning leather is once every 6 to 12 months. It is important to use the correct leather conditioner, too. Buy only from reliable hardware stores. You can also ask if the modern online furniture store where you bought the black sofa set sells leather conditioner. Remember to use only a small amount of conditioner!

black leather sofa set

4. Avoid Direct Exposure to Sunlight and Heat  

Never expose your modern black leather couch to direct sunlight or heat. Choose the coolest spot in your living room to place your black leather sofa set. Direct exposure to sunlight and heat will ruin the leather upholstery and will make the black color to fade quickly.

modern black leather couch

5. Clean Your Living Space

Clean your living room or space where your stylish black leather sofa set is placed. Regular cleaning and conditioning can keep the black leather couch clean but if the area around it is a mess, it will soon give away. Any unclean area contributes to the easy wear and tear of furniture and even appliances. It is also a good practice to reposition the black leather living room set. Keeping it in one spot is not only boring, it can also encourage early deterioration.

contemporary black leather couch

Like any other furniture, a modern black leather sofa is a big investment. You do not want your investment to last for a short time, of course. Keep your black leather couch in good condition for a long time by following the above cleaning tips. For the latest modern furniture designs and styles, visit Downtown Los Angeles LA Furniture Store.

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Modern White Sofa Set Upkeep

modern white sofa set

A luxurious modern white sofa set will give elegance and style to any home. Since it will be the centerpiece in your living room, it can get dirty or grimy easily and require regular cleaning. Maintaining the dainty clean look of a modern white sofa set can be challenging. Therefore, it is essential that you master the art of keeping it clean and fresh.

modern white couch

Modern White Sofa Set Cleaning Made Easier

You can start by testing out different techniques to avoid damaging the white sofa.

  • Vacuum

Vacuum the white sofa regularly to prevent accumulation of dust and dirt between the cushions and along the seams. Vacuum the sofa prior to starting any cleaning method. This will prevent the dust and dirt from spreading or scattering during the cleaning process. Use a lint roller to remove any hair, food crumbs and blanket fluff.

modern white sofa

  • Make a foam cleanser

Combine a half-cup of mild laundry detergent and a quarter cup of water in a small basin or bucket. Mix it with an electric mixer to have a foamy cleaning paste. Add a little powder if the mixture is too watery or water if it is too stiff. Not only will it clean and freshen the sofa, it will also remove any lingering dirt or dust.

luxurious modern white couch

Get a slightly damp soft clean rag. Dip it into the foamy mixture and dab it on the entire couch. Wash the rag and rinse the modern white couch in a dabbing motion. This will remove any remaining dirt and grime, as well as freshen the sofa.

white modern living room set

  • Use an upholstery cleaner

If you will be using an upholstery cleaner, read the label first to assess if it is safe to use for your white modern living room set. Do not apply it immediately even if you bought the right product. Apply a small amount of cleaner in the hidden area of the sofa to prevent any damage.

mid century white sofa set

Removing Stains or Spills on Mid Century White Sofa Set

 Mix baking soda and club soda to make a paste. This mixture is great in removing coffee and wine stains. Using a clean rag, dab the paste on the stain. You can also use a soft toothbrush but scrub the area gently to avoid ruining the fabric upholstery. Allow the white sofa set to dry then vacuum.

modern white sofa set

  • Mix a half solution of hydrogen peroxide and half water on a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the stain. Let it sit on the affected area for a few minutes. Get a clean cloth and let it absorb the solution. Do not rub to prevent the stain from spreading. If the stain was not completely removed, repeat the process until the white couch is clear of stain.

luxurious modern white couch

  • Use salt for freshly spilled red wine. Scrape it off afterwards. The stain should easily come off with this stain removing method. Vacuum the modern white sofa to remove any specks or stain.

modern white couch

  • Use cornstarch for oil or grease stain. Let it sit for 15 – 20 minutes then vacuum.

luxurious modern white couch

White Sofa Set Valuable Tips

Maintaining the cleanness and neatness of your white sofa set will be more successful if you remember the following tips.

  • Attend to spills or stains immediately. They are harder to remove if left untreated. Blot spills or stains; do not rub or scrub!
  • Use cold water when cleaning your modern white sofa. Use hot water ONLY if it is bloodstain or bodily fluid stains.
  • Repeat the process to get the results you wanted. Do not get infuriated when re-doing the process.
  • Do not use bleach to remove stains on a modern leather or fabric white couch. The bleach will only ruin the white sofa upholstery.

modern white sofa set

Once you know the proper cleaning techniques, keeping your elegant modern white sofa set looking new is not difficult. Incorporate a cool modern white sofa set into your modern living room now to give it an air of elegance and tranquility.

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Modern Brown Sofas – Design a space with contemporary styles

The contemporary decorating style allows you to have what is current or in fashion. It is about simplicity and sophistication featuring clean lines and texture. Instead of showing things, the interiors focus on space for a comfortable and welcoming look. By giving emphasis on space, color, and shape, contemporary interiors are fresh and sleek. Contemporary style is perfect for homes, lofts, as well as offices and stores, that is achieved quickly with modern brown sofas.


Modern Brown Sofas

Achieve that contemporary style interior by incorporating a mid-century modern brown sofa. Here are the basic rules of designing your space with a contemporary style.

  • Choice of Color

The prominent colors in contemporary home-style interiors are neutrals, like brown, black, beige, and white. Bold and bright colors help reinforce the color and define the contemporary style of a space. Walls in a basic neutral paint color give you a delightful backdrop for bright colored accessories. Go for neutral trims if you have pastel-painted walls and windows.

  • Line and Space

The line is the most distinctive component of a contemporary interior design style. You can find it in architectural details like high ceilings, bold color blocks, bare windows, and geometrics in sculpture and wall art.

Make use of structural elements to design a space with contemporary style. Exposed plumbing pipes, air ducts hanging from your ceiling, and broken bricks provide stability and texture.

The open space between your modern brown sofa or pieces of furniture, above your upper areas and on your walls becomes as essential as those spaces filled with furniture and furnishings. Having less in contemporary style is more. Every piece is noticeable as being unique and different.

  • Contemporary Style Living Room Sets

With a contemporary style space, furniture is simple and clean, with no intricate décor but make a bold statement. The clean, smooth, geometric forms are apparent. Upholstery can be in leather or fabrics while colors can range from brown, black, white, beige, or other neutral colors. Textured natural fiber upholstery like cotton, wool, and jute, silk or linen add textural appeal.

To add a touch of texture and color, have clean geometric shaped throw pillows on your elegant modern brown sofa.

Pick a stunning modern brown sofa and use it as an accent piece. Place it against a wall with a basic background. Choose a modern living room set with exposed legs.

For the bedroom, go for sleek modern bedroom sets with a minimal appeal. Tassels, fringe, skirts, fringe, extravagant ornate details, as well as floral prints are out! Discard small and cute items; instead go for basic, bold, bare, and structural items.

  • Lighting

Enliven your contemporary style space with recessed and track lighting to shower a wall in light. Install cove lighting or indirect light regardless if you have a newly constructed or a newly renovated home. Pick lighting fixtures with metallic elements.

Use can lighting or spotlights to direct focus on a wall art, painting, or photo gallery. Use a structural pedestal or column to display contemporary style art, sculptures, or vases so these will be at eye level.

Choose artwork in matte black or high-gloss frames. Artworks framed in metal finishes or natural wood are also great for a contemporary interior style. You can also create a gallery by hanging them close together.

Avoid placing too many furniture pieces or items in the rooms. Contemporary style interior is all about having space.

  • Other Design Components

Give your contemporary style living room a boost by adding a generous amount of clear, opaque, metal, and stone glassworks.

Beautify your windows with plain color, heavily textured curtains to soften your space.

For a fresher feel, add large plants and flowers in modest pots. Large flowers with interesting leaves are best! If you have a large plant on the floor, place an upward-focused light around it.

  • Floors

Go for wood, vinyl, or tile. Select commercial grade carpets for warmth or sound control. Alternatively, choose geometric-patterned or plain area rugs to add texture and color to your floor.

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