Taking Care of Modern Leather Living Room Furniture

Leather furniture brings elegance to wherever you place it because of its innate stylishness and luxuriousness. A natural product, leather has a tone and texture that matches almost any home interior styles. This characteristic makes it easier to accessorize your home with radiant colors throughout the whole year.

Compared to fabric upholstery, modern leather sofas are easier to maintain. The challenge perhaps is in maintaining the sheen and smooth texture of modern leather couches. Unlike fabric upholstered sofas, leather modern couches require gentle cleaners. It may be durable but it is permeable in nature.

It would be better for you to create a homemade cleaner or follow the recommended cleaner of the leather sofa manufacturer. Manufacturers usually suggest cleaning modern leather sofa quarterly or bi-annually.

Modern Leather Sofa Cleaning Tips

  • Vacuum the Sofa. Use the soft brush attachment to vacuum the sofa. Reach to the corners and crevices and make sure to draw out the dust. Dust are rough and if left onto the surface can damage the leather if you use a cleaning solution to remove it.

  • Mix equal parts of water and white vinegar. Use this mixture to clean your modern couch. Adding a few drops of commercial leather cleaner in water is another alternative leather sofa cleaner solution.

  • Soak a clean cloth in the mixture, making sure to wring any excess solution. Wipe the surface of the modern leather sofa starting from the top and working your way downwards.

  • Get a clean towel to dry the moist surface. Do not ever attempt to blow dry leather sofa because it will make the leather dry.

  • Conditioning leather modern sofa is important so it will maintain the natural sheen. Create a mixture of two parts of flax seed or linseed oil and add it to one part of white vinegar. Use a soft, clean cloth and apply it in broad, circular motions on the leather surface. Let it stay overnight.

  • If you want to use a commercial conditioner, only buy the product recommended by the modern furniture manufacturer. You can buy this special conditioner in any modern furniture store and from auto parts shop (for car upholstery).

  • Get a clean cloth to buff the leather sofa the following day. This will restore the natural sheen of the material.

  • Another cleaning solution that you can use to clean leather couches is water with Dove moisturizing soap. Work out a lather with Dove soap and water. Test this cleaner solution on a discreet area first. If nothing happened, then use it to clean your leather modern couch.

  • Others use saddle soap to clean leather-upholstered modern furniture. However, using saddle soap repeatedly over a period of time can dissolve the leather material. Wet a soft, clean cloth in the solution. Remove excess water, making sure the cloth is damp but not wet.

  • Avoid exposing leather sofas to direct sunlight. Direct sunlight or bright lights will dry the leather material that can result in damage, such as cracking or discoloration. You should also avoid putting leather sofas in too hot or too cold areas.

  • The best tip is to make sure you buy a quality leather modern sofa from reliable modern living furniture online stores. Excellent quality leather is guaranteed to last a lifetime. They get even more comfortable as they age.

Following the above steps will make your modern leather sofa looking great and new. It will last for years giving you and your family comfortable seating and maintaining the elegant look of your home!

Enjoy a Lively Modern Living Room Feel this Spring

I just love spring! This is the time to see the beautiful sunshine and the flowers bloom. It is the best time to clean the homes to remove that stale winter smell so it will have a lively, fresher look and smell.

A Spring Living Room Look  

  • Open the Windows.

Let natural light in by opening your windows. Hang pretty, floral voile or net curtains. The delicate and gauzy silkiness of voile will bring a bright, graceful, and breezy feel in your living room. Tuck them with slim radiant ties to let the sunshine in. Draw them in to block the sunlight effectively so the room will cool down and to save energy, too.

  • Prep Your Sofa.

Check the status of your current sofa. Prep the cushions to make sure they are still perfect. Examine the legs to ensure that the sofa is stable. You can choose to reupholster the cushions to a new fabric color or have a new modern sectional sofa or modern sofa set. The low profile design of the Divani Casa Aleida Modern Blue Fabric Sectional Sofa with removable cushions and seats, wood frame, and metal rectangular legs will give your living room a new modern look. Additionally, it offers supreme comfort because of the adjustable headrests.

Or, pick the Divani Casa Corsair Timeless Ginger Fabric Sofa Set in wood frame, featuring tufts and wide comfy seats. It is a mixture of traditional and modern visions, giving your living room that transitional aura.

  • Incorporate a Gorgeous Wood Coffee Table.

Get a modern coffee table with a streamlined look – clean lines and lustrous finish. The Modrest Makai Modern Walnut & Black Square Coffee Table is a perfect choice. It can blend even with a traditional-style living room and offer functionality with 4 drawers.

If you want a coffee table that will fit in any living room theme, check modern furniture stores online. They offer coffee table selections that will suit any kind of living room theme.

For extra sitting, get a concrete modern bench for that free-wheeling feel!

  • Adorn your coffee table.

Place a ceramic vase with flowers to add life to your coffee table. Choose the flowers that appeal to you most. Use a long vase for long-stemmed flowers and short vase for short-stemmed ones. Arrange them in the vase instead of just dumping them.

  • Add some exciting and unique design and shapes.

This modern camel leatherette upholstered lounge chair will steal the eyes of your guests and would be a much-coveted seat within the family. Featuring a caved-in seat and an almost embracing back and arm design, this lounge chair would make a perfect accent piece in the living room.

  • Boost the comfort of your modern couch with textured throw pillows.

Enhance the comfort of your modern couch with soft, cuddly throw pillows. Hugging a throw pillow while watching TV or movie or talking with someone boosts the calming feel and ambiance of the room. Choose textured pillows and combine different shapes and sizes.

  • Warm your feet with an area rug.

There is nothing compared to a putting your feet on a nice fluffy area rug. Area rugs add to the coziness of the room. Choose a color that will match the color of your sofa.

  • Painting or Wall Art.

Let your walls talk by hanging a painting or wall art. Choose a calming painting, such as those that feature the sea, beach, or river rocks. An arresting sculpture would also make your living room animated.

  • Mirror.

Hang a mirror to make your small living room look larger. Mirrors will give your living room a bit of fascination. Pick any shape.

  • Scented Oils or Candles

Scented oils or candles will give your living room a nice relaxing smell and calm the senses. They are also healthier than the chemically-produced air fresheners. Candles add to the character of the room. Light the scented candles during the day or night; just make sure to blow the candles out when leaving the home and when going to sleep.

Wood furnishings and citrusy, floral accessories will give your living room a vibrant lively feel. Check what the market offers. Don’t hesitate to buy modern furniture online. Modern furniture Houston offers an abundance of selections to make this a reality!

Why Recliners Offer a Better Way of Relaxation


Recliners have gone a long way since it came around in 1859. Started out by the French as a multifunctional portable camp bed featuring a steel frame. It functions as a bed, chair, and chaise. It underwent several design changes, until the invention of the first wooden recliners with built-in padding. Allegedly, Napoleon was the owner of the first reclining chair.

The first patented wooden recliner was in 1928 and awarded to cousins Edwin Shoemaker and Edward Knabusch. The cousins founded the La-Z Boy company specializing in recliners and home furniture.

Types of Recliners

Traditional recliners feature generous dimensions that make them popular. They have a casual classic design that fit any home décor. Their most characteristic features include:

  • Wide arms that are either rounded or rolled
  • Padded footrests that you can kick back so you can put your feet up
  • Great indulgence because of its huge size, including wide arms
  • Features a wingback design and tufted upholstery with buttons
  • Upholstered in either leather or fabric
  • Several traditional recliners have a rocking feature that makes them even more relaxing particularly for breastfeeding mothers and their babies

The only disadvantage of traditional recliners is their bulk size and they always come with a footrest instead of a matching ottoman.

Modern Recliners

Modern recliners are a combination of imaginative minds and technology. Their features cater to our modern lifestyles.

They come with a matching ottoman that makes them even better than the traditional designs. This combination makes them suitable not only in the living room but also in a TV room.

  • Streamlined featuring a mixture of clean lines and fluid curves
  • Less bulky contours
  • Upholstered in leather, faux leather or bonded leather mixed with either wood, chrome or metal. This combination of materials suit those who are texture- and fashion-conscious
  • Features ergonomically oriented designs, including a multi-position recline, 360-degree swivel mechanism, and zero gravity support

Transitional Recliners

Transitional refers to the intermediate switch from one style to another and more. With a style somewhere between traditional and modern, transitional recliners have the following features:

  • Maintain the wingback design and button tufted upholstery
  • Versatile visual elements and textured designs like patterns on the fabric upholstered with wood frame
  • Neutral, earthy color tones
  • Features a more contemporary form and line, and mixtures of direct lines and curves with clean, minimalist contours

Factors to Consider When Shopping for a Leather Recliner

Leather upholstered recliners are a good choice because they last longer. They are easier to clean and fashionable. Leather is not slippery so you can easily slide in and out without the danger of slipping out from the chair. Leather material also stays cool. So what should you consider when shopping for leather recliners?

  1. First, you need to identify where you want to place the recliner. Then, get the dimension of that space.
  2. The width. Choose the width that suits the size and preference of the use. If you want more space to move around, choose a recliner that has a wider seat or chair.
  3. The height. This will depend on the height of the user. A smaller chair will leave the legs of taller people dangling afar of the footrest, while a too short chair will not allow shorter people to angle their knees when the footrest is down.

The design of the armrests will also depend on the user’s preference. Some like the armrests to be nearer the chair. Of course, wider arms are preferred by many.

Tip: Remember that leather needs treatment occasionally to keep it looking good.


Recliners are relaxing and comforting pieces of furniture. However, not all families are able to own one because of their fairly high price. Modern furniture manufacturers invented new ways so families can enjoy the luxury offered by recliners. Today, you can see recliners incorporated into modern sectional sofas. You can find these sectional sofas with recliners not on shops but on online modern furniture stores.

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