Create a Romantic Bedroom with Modern Bedroom Sets


The bedroom is, without a doubt, the romantic space of the home. This does not single-out unmarried people, as the bedroom serves as a personal hideaway. As a personal refuge, any individual would want their bedroom to have a dreamy and quixotic feel. How can one create a romantic bedroom? What elements can make a bedroom feel this way?italia_bedroomset_3__1474471009_83597

How to Have a Romantic Bedroom

  • Modern Furniture. When buying a bed, choose a modern bed that offers you adequate space allowing you to move freely when asleep. Pick a bed with a tall headboard so you can rest your back comfortably if you prefer to sit on the bed while reading a book. A bed that can hold the mattress firmly is another point to consider. You can choose to have a leather-upholstered headboard or frame to enhance the quixotic and dreamy feel of the bedroom. Modern bedroom sets enhance a person’s comfort, and at the same time, add style in the bedroom. There are several designs that provide the bedroom a feel of romanticism like the Nova Domus Romeo Italian Modern Black & Rosegold Bed. The overall modish appeal of this bed adds to the ease and physical relief of a modern bedroom.


  • Chest, Dresser and Nightstand. A clean and organized bedroom equates to having a romantic bedroom. Chest and drawers are very handy on having a clutter-free room.01_romeo_dresser_dsc_4302_copy_1__1474470805_13247
  • Make sure to buy a dresser and chest that have at least 3 – 4 drawers to accommodate big or small items. Additionally, a nightstand on either side of the bed with two or three drawers would also ensure a clean and organized bedroom.


  • Beddings and Linens. A comfortable bed is not complete without soft and warm beddings. The perfect fabrics to achieve a romantic bedroom include satin and silk, making you feel warm, comfortable, and sexy. If budget is an issue, you can have 100% cotton sateen. Cotton sateen has the same cozy and luxurious feel of satin and silk. The color of the bedding is another thing. Gold, bronze, or pearl colors establish romance into the bedroom. Red, blue, green, black and white are other colors appropriate for making a romantic bedroom.


  • Lighting. Lighting plays an essential part in creating the ambiance of any room. To complete the romantic feel, hang a chandelier or pendant light as the general lighting in the room.


  • A stand lamp like this Modern Tree Floor Lamp is another good choice for that sweet, dreamy bedroom appeal.


  • Of course, do not forget the table lamp for your nightstand. Ensure that the lamps have bulbs that give off soft illumination. Install a dimmer switch for your lighting so it would be easy to adjust the brilliance of the lights as well as to turn them on and off.


  • Candles. Candles can elicit feelings of closeness and tenderness, particularly scented candles. The flickering flame of the candles adds beauty while enhancing the quixotic feel of the bedroom. Grouping the candles together and placing them in a strategic point provide the best effect.


  • Mirror. Mirrors can make a small room look larger and they reflect light, giving more depth to your modern bedroom.


  • Curtains. Window curtains or drapes can hold back the lights from the sun and traffic, and other deafening external noise. Another way to use curtains for that romantic mood is to drape it around your bed or on the walls just over the headboard. It would also be a good idea to have curtains that have the same fabric as that of your bed.


  • Music. Play soft, romantic music in the room for that dreamy state. Place your player or music device in an entertainment center that can hold CDs and other stuff.



So there, achieving a romantic bedroom is not at all that difficult. Just follow the above tips and soak yourself in romance!

Modern Sofa Leather and Fabric Upholstery


Sofa buying is not as easy as it seems to be. There are numerous designs and styles to choose from that deciding which to pick becomes difficult. The ultimate question is what type of upholstery to choose regardless if you choose leather or fabric upholstery.


There are two types of upholstery used in building modern sectional sofas. Buyers usually have a hard time deciding between leather and fabric, as  both upholstery has their own share of positive and negative qualities. Listed below are the good and bad characteristics of leather and fabric so you can easily choose which is right for you and your family.

Leather Upholstery – Its Positive and Negative Characteristics


Leather Upholstery


  • Leather upholstery is hypoallergenic so it is recommended for people with allergy. Leather does not conceal dust mites, pet dander, and other allergens.


  • A leather-upholstered modern sectional couch provides a luxurious and elegant look in a room. Leather sectional sofas are modish, more sleek and classier. It has a timeless appeal that cannot be equaled by fabric upholstered sofas.


  • It is easy to maintain. Dusting can remove dust easily. You can also vacuum leather sofas, but remember to use the soft brush of the vacuum. Apply leather polish at least every three months will keep it sheen. However, the maintenance of leather depends on your family.


  • Modern leather sectionals are extremely hard-wearing and enduring. It becomes softer and more comfortable as it ages. This characteristic makes leather sofas a great heirloom.


  • It is available in a range of types that suit anybody’s lifestyles and budgets.
  • Leather demands a cost, although this differs in the kind of leather used.



  • Leather can be warm during warm weather and cold during cold weather.
  • It scrapes easily.
  • It has a few color choices, usually in neutral hues like brown, taupe, beige, tan, black, grey, white and cream.


Fabric Upholstery Positive and Negative Characteristics


  • Fabric upholstery is preferred by some consumers because of its comfort-ability. Fabric-upholstered sofas are softer and warmer regardless of the weather, giving you a cozier and warmer feel in your living room.


  • It is available in a range of colors and textures. Color choices range from bright hues like purple, red, green, yellow, blue, as well as neutral shades. The texture is made in a variety of fabrics, such as wool, linen, velvet, chenille, corduroy, etc.


  • Fabric upholstery offers an unlimited choice of colors and patterns. This characteristic provides you the opportunity to choose a style that suits your taste, décor and color scheme. Modern fabric sofas can either have floral or geometrical patterns, etc.


  • Fabric sofas are easy to maintain like leather sofas. Most fabric upholstery is treated with a stain-resistant finish, making it easy to clean spills. It does not scratch easily. Some sofas feature cushions wrapped in fabric upholstery so they are removable, allowing you to wash them.
  • Fabric upholstery is less expensive.



  • It is not advised if you have kids and if you allow pets inside your home. Fabric upholstery is not that durable and is unable to withstand raucous actions of kids.


  • Strong odors like pet smell, cigarettes, etc. stick to the fabric.
  • It tears easily and wears out over time because some areas thin out in time.


  • Fabric upholstery is susceptible to spills. Although spills can be controlled from one area, allowing it to dry takes time.
  • The patterns can become outdated quickly so your sofa is easily out of style.


Use the above list of positive and negative characteristics of leather and fabric sofas the next time you need to buy modern living room furniture. This list will be a great help to decide which type of upholstery to purchase, making it easier to make a choice!

Achieve Elegance in the Sunroom with Modern Furniture


A sunroom allows you to enjoy the view of the outdoors without having to deal with harsh weather elements. It has a sturdier roof and screened windows to keep insects away and yet allows fresh air into the room. It is great for relaxation all year through by connecting it to your home’s cooling and heating systems. Sunrooms are referred to as sun porches, solariums, garden rooms, or patios.


Traditional sunrooms are usually used as sitting rooms where one can enjoy reading a book in a sunlit area. The modern sunrooms are more functional and  incorporate themes that can turn the room into anything. It can serve several purposes, such as a playroom, an entertainment room, a theater room or whatever it is you have in mind. You can set up a family gathering or tea party in this room. To ensure that your sunroom will function the way you want it to be, you need to furnish it with the appropriate kind of modern furniture.


When selecting furniture for your sunroom, you need to prioritize quality followed by low maintenance, and then material. It is essential that the furniture you choose can withstand the heat, rain, cold and other weather elements.


Based on all these factors, the most popular and recommended furniture materials for the sunroom are:


Teak Furniture

Furniture made of teak is a perfect choice for the sunroom. Teak furniture gives a welcoming feel and adds affection to your home interiors because of its natural texture. It is a very durable material and is low maintenance. The price of teak modern furniture depends on the design and style but it is not that expensive. Moisture can damage teak, so make sure to treat the wood properly.


Rattan Furniture

Rattan wood is obtained from different species of palms that are found in different parts of Asia, Australia, and Africa. This wood is woven to build modern sofas, chairs, tables, bar stools, ottomans, jars, baskets, and more. The texture of rattan has a natural sheen and flexibility that makes it interesting and remarkable. It is very durable and light, making it easy to move from one place to another.


Wicker Furniture

Wicker furniture is made from different plant materials, such as willow, cane, bamboo, and reed. It brings a natural look in the room just like rattan and so is perfect in the sunroom, too. However, wicker gets moldy when exposed to severe cold so regular cleaning is required. It is necessary to replace wicker furniture when mold infestation is severe. Wrap the furniture securely with a slipcover to protect in from the cold if you live in a cold area or choose a different modern furniture material.


Metal Furniture

Furniture made from metal use cast iron, aluminum or wrought iron. These materials are enduring, so you are assured of their longevity. It is perfect even for areas that have extremely cold weather conditions. The only disadvantage is the metal surface has a tendency to corrode. Modern furniture has attended to this issue by coating the surface with PVC.



Whether the furniture is upholstered in leather or fabric is not a big problem. It is always a matter of choice. Upholstered furniture adds to the comfort of modern sofas and chairs. (Learn more about the difference between fabric and leather upholstery in our next post.)


If you are concerned about furniture design, online modern furniture stores offer a range of selections. Remember to pick those that blend well with your overall décor to build harmony. Choosing stylish and sleek furniture for your sunroom is fine, just do not go overboard like choosing something so sophisticated and classy. Remember, the sunroom is meant to be inviting, warm, friendly, and relaxing. You must also choose furniture that is not heavy so you can easily move it in case you plan to re-arrange them.


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