6 Factors that Affect Modern Furniture Buying Trends

We know that furniture is an essential element in every home, office, and establishment. People have different reasons for buying a specific design and style of furniture. However, the modern lifestyles have contributed to deciding the kind of furniture to purchase. So, what are the factors that affect modern buying trends?

Factors Affecting Modern Buying Trends

  1. The Space or Type of Occupancy

The type of occupancy or the available space affects today’s modern furniture buying trends. Prices of real estate are getting more expensive that make people conscious of the lot area. Homebuyers look for multi-purpose furniture that is also space savers. To meet this need, furniture craftsmen build compact and space-saving furniture pieces.

  1. Furniture Versatility

Versatility or functionality is the biggest concern of furniture buyers. With this demand, furniture manufacturers create versatile furniture to offer more functionality. These include sofa beds with storage, modern sofas with shelves and cabinets, modern beds with storage, built-in nightstand, extendable dining tables, coffee tables with storage, and more.

With more people working from home, furniture that doubles for office use became necessary. Thus, you see coffee tables that also function as a laptop desk, or have a vanity table that doubles as a working desk.

  1. The Style

With the high price of real estate, homeowners content themselves to renovating their homes. The demand for interesting wall décor increased because these can transform the look of any room and are easy to install. This can be a painting, a wall art, or even a nice striking rug.

Aside from wall décor, mirrors are also in demand. Mirrors create the illusion of having more space so people use this to make their homes look larger.

  1. The Material

The material used to build furniture is another factor that affects modern furniture buying. People look for low weight furniture for easy handling and portability. Today, you will see furniture made of particle boards, veneer, plastic, aluminum, and metal. Furniture made of these materials attract people because they are affordable and easy to manage. However, these materials fail in comparison to furniture made of hardwood.

  1. Concern for the Environment

Furniture manufacturers also introduced eco-friendly furniture. These pieces became popular because of people’s awareness about climate change and other concerns. Although the eco-friendly furniture is expensive, the trend motivates furniture manufacturers to build them. Furniture made of recycled materials are also getting popular as they solve numerous issues like global warming and waste management.

  1. Method of Shopping

Online shopping attracts buyers primarily because of convenience. Online modern furniture stores offer various deals, such as bigger discounts, special events sale, inventory sale, seasonal sale, etc. This drove people to check on furniture online stores. Shopping online also offers more selections.

Shopping furniture online gives customers free delivery, with some including white glove delivery, good warranty, and better exchange policies that attract customers. Their presence on social media sites also makes them more popular to consumers compared to physical stores. Buyers get to have a preview of the furniture in all angles with the 3D view, as well as get the information they need through the product descriptions.

Shopping furniture online may be better, but there could be a glitch if you do not purchase from reliable modern furniture online stores. So, beware of online furniture stores that offer great promises. It would be better to check on the store’s reliability and presence in the modern furniture business.

One such online furniture store that you always rely on is modern furniture Los Angeles. This store offers a wide variety of furniture options for the different areas of the home and even for office use. They have several branches and has a huge design center in LA and showrooms in other US cities. With more people looking for stylish furniture, that promises comfort, functionality, and support, online furniture shopping will always be your best choice.


Fusing that Modern Rustic Look into Your Bedroom

Rustic style, also known as country, bucolic, rustic and more, impresses almost anyone. This theme takes its beauty by being casual and emanates warmth and charm of history. It emphasizes natural materials, free-form shapes, and the art of repurposing. It brings a sense of good sense and purpose that makes it intrinsically appealing.

Adapting a rustic theme in your home is possible. However, it would even be more practical if you create this look in the bedroom. Why? The bedroom is where you unwind, relax, spend quality time as a couple, or give time to yourself after a busy day. The easiest way to do this is by incorporating rustic furniture.

On the other hand, if you wish to keep a modern touch, then creating a modern rustic style is the best choice. Listed below are 7 ways to have a modern rustic bedroom theme.

A Modern Rustic Bedroom Theme

  1. A Mixture of Materials

Start by combining materials. Rustic theme is most often centered on having wood materials. To get that modern rustic theme, mix wood with other materials. The best choice is having a mid-century modern furniture set. You can choose to have the Nova Domus Alan Modern Drift Oak Bedroom set that combines Oakwood and metal. The combination of materials will add interest to your bedroom.

Another technique is placing a chrome or metallic bedside lamp on top of an oak wood nightstand. This combination draws out a stunning contrast that enhances the visual appeal of the room, as well keeping that rustic feel intact.

  1. A Touch of Grey

Grey suits a rustic theme, as well as dull white, bleached, and pale finishes. These color finishes give your bedroom a streamlined look and feel immediately. Modern furniture with these finishes has a natural and unworldly appeal that gives the furniture a rustic look.

  1. Introduce Colors

Although the color grey, dull whites, and gray work well with a rustic theme, introducing other colors will make the room inviting. These include warm colors like orange and red, natural colors like green, neutral colors like beige, or earthy tones like rust look perfect in a modern rustic bedroom.

  1. Enhance the Lighting

Hang a chandelier. This will give the bedroom a luxurious feel. Choose an elaborate chandelier to build contrast against the wood furniture.

  1. Create a Retreat.

Place an unvarnished wood end table and…

…pair it with a wood chair. You can also have a wood bench and place it near the window. A great place to gaze at the stars.

Adding a wood bench at the end of bed would also be a great idea. You can use it to hold a few items or sit on it instead of sitting at the foot of the bed.

  1. Serene Wall Decor

Creating a modern rustic bedroom theme is not just about minimalism, but it is also having many knick-knacks without looking cluttered. You can add an old wall décor just like a vintage photo of an American flag, or have wide-plank wood flooring to set the tone.

  1. Go Environmental

Merging that rustic style into your modern interior design depends largely on re-cycling. The modern rustic theme offers you plenty of options to be environment conscious whether it is a furniture piece or the material used to build it.

Although furniture plays an essential role in bringing a rustic look to a bedroom, you can also do a mixture of sorts. A mixture of rustic furniture design and modern accessories or vice versa or having mid-century modern furniture answers every homeowner’s wish to have a modern rustic bedroom theme.


The Pros and Cons of Glass Top Modern Dining Tables

Glass for dining tables already existed even in the traditional designs. Glass top dining tables will give your dining room a sophisticated and classy look. It allows the room to have an open yet formal ambiance and not just for hanging out or lounging around.

Although glass is naturally strong, it is not as sturdy as wood or stone. Its beauty and delicateness make you to be extra careful and to apply additional precautionary measures so as not to abuse or overuse it.

Glass top dining tables are beautiful, but because glass is a delicate material, they can be very dangerous. There are three types of glass used by furniture manufacturers:  regular, annealed, and tempered. Of these three, tempered is the sturdiest and is thermal resistant because it is heat-treated.

Weighing the Pros and Cons of Glass Top Dining Tables

The Pros

  • It makes your dining room look elegant. Glass is genteel and exudes finesse that can give your dining area a very formal look, fitted for fine dining.
  • It lights up the dining room. The transparent quality of glass helps in distributing the light better. This gives the room a fresh and airy feel.

  • It makes the dining room look larger. Glass adds illusion that makes your dining space look wider and larger. With its transparent characteristic, your guests get the impression that your home has a wider floor area. This makes glass top dining tables ideal for small dining rooms.
  • It enhances the beauty of the wood furniture. Most glass top modern dining tables are made of wood. This is because glass and wood complement each other. Glass highlights the beauty of wood and vice versa. The combination of glass and wood produces attraction and magnetism.
  • It is low maintenance. Glass top dining tables only require a wet or damp piece of cloth to clean dirt and dust. You do not even have to use any cleaning products. Plain water is enough to keep it clean and make it shinier and smoother as the first time you bought it. 

The Cons

While there are good points on having a glass top modern dining table, there is also a few downsides.

  • It requires regular cleaning. Glass gets dirty easily. It gets smudges, fingerprints, dust, spills that requires wiping after every use. It can even get marks if you place hot cups on it. To prevent your glass tabletop from getting marks, always have a saucer with your hot cup of tea or coffee. It would also be wise to use a placemat whenever you have something hot to put on top of the dining table.

  • It can be dangerous. Glass can be a safety hazard particularly if you have kids or allow your pets inside the home. Kids are can be uncontrolled, clumsy, and riotous. They can either get hurt or damage the glass. Pets are the same way, too. If you really want a glass top dining table, choose a round or oval shape table. These shapes do not have sharp corners that make them safer for children, unlike the rectangular and square tables. Make sure you choose tempered glass top, as they do not break into pieces, unlike the regular and annealed glass.

  • It can be expensive. Glass tabletops can be expensive depending on the type of glass used. Tempered glass is costlier because it is of high quality. Contemporary styles or designs can make glass top tables expensive because duplication is minimal.


Why Purchase Glass Top Modern Dining Tables?

The decision of having a glass top dining table will depend on the following factors:  1) family members, 2) style of the dining table, 3) budget and 4) your children’s safety, which is the most important factor.

With modern furniture online stores selling a huge variety of modern dining room sets, you are assured to find the suitable glass top dining tables that suit your requirements.