Decorating Your Home with Mirrors for a Modern Touch

Mirrors are great décor pieces because they add vitality and glamor to a room. They make small spaces look larger and can accessorize a room by using different sizes and shapes.

Check the following guidelines if you are having a hard time deciding what shape and size of a mirror to hang on your wall.

Mirror Size and Shape

  • Vertical Rectangle Mirror

Vertical rectangle mirrors are the most popular because of their versatile, standard form. They simulate a painting, so you can treat them the way you do a painting. Just like an artwork, you can hang this mirror above a mantel. To establish awesome depth, hang two mirrors on the opposite walls of your living room. Another option is to hang a single mirror directly across a window to magnify the light. This will brighten up your living room, making it livelier and appealing. read more

What are Coffee Tables Made Of?

A coffee table is an indispensable furniture that ties up the sofa and the rest of furniture and accessories in the living room. It is versatile as you can place it in the other rooms of the home. Wood is the primary material used for creating coffee tables, particularly the traditional coffee tables. Although wood is still the main choice of coffee table material, furniture manufacturers introduced other materials that made it classier, useful, and handy.

Materials Used to Build Coffee Tables read more

Use Frames to Style Your Walls

Barren walls have a big impact in the interior décor of a home. Keep your walls alive by hanging frames. However, instead of placing the frames and other décor pieces on the wall, make it more interesting by taking into account the design and arrangement.

Frames on Your Walls

  • Plan Ahead

Do not rush into styling your wall. Have a better understanding of frame size and shape. To avoid creating a cluttered or disordered look, trace the shape and sizes of the frames and tape them there on the wall. Shuffle them and evaluate if there is a balance. read more