Sofa Cushions Sliding – How to Prevent It?

Sofa cushions will lose their shape and fluff in time. That is not all, though. Cushions sliding from the sofa is another issue. Depending on the cushion upholstery, your sofa cushions may start sliding even after a month of purchase. It may be that the upholstery is not rough enough to keep the cushions in place.

When this happens, you need to push the cushions back repeatedly so you can sit comfortably and to keep your modern sofa from looking disordered. Stop your cushions from sliding and making you upset with the following solutions.

Easy Solutions to Stop Cushions from Sliding

  1. Shelf Liner. Purchase a shelf liner (plastic like weave, flexible material) from a kitchen supply or dollar store. It is available in different widths and colors. Cut the shelf liner depending on the number of pieces and the area you need it. Cut it in many different sizes and lengths to hold the cushions well. You can cut the shelf liner in strips and place these in the middle section, on the outer area or full size of the cushion. Since it is flexible, you can place it on any types of surfaces, wooden or manufactured frame.

  1. Non-slip Mats. You can buy this from any stores selling carpets or rugs. You may try checking out online furniture stores, some may have them. Non-slip mats keep the rug from sliding or moving around on smooth surfaces. Purchase one that has a size close to the length of your sofa.

  • Take the cushions out.
  • Measure the length of your sofa and compare it to the length of the mat.
  • Cut any excess width or length from the mat.
  • Vacuum the area under your sofa cushions to remove any dust and dirt so the non-slip mat will have a stronger grip.
  • Place the mat on the couch. Press it down and smooth out any bumps or lumps.
  • Place the cushions back over the non-slip mat and in their respective places.

  1. Velcro Strips. Fasten the bottom of your sofa’s cushions by placing Velcro strips. Two strips are enough to hold one cushion.
  • Cut a 10 to 15cm Velcro strip for each sofa cushion. Sew it to the cushion’s vertical back part (the area that aligns with the back end of your couch).
  • Sew a second set of Velcro strip to the back end of your couch. Ensure that these are aligned with the sewn strips on the cushions.
  • Non-slip Rubber Pads. Non-slip rubber pads are small and disc-shape and are easy to install, inexpensive, and easy to remove. Fasten these to the bottom of the cushions.

  1. Ring or Any Round Small Object and a Small Hook
  • Sew a small-sized fabric onto the cushion and sofa.
  • Fasten the ring and the hook onto the cushion and the couch.
  • Hook each couch cushion onto the sofa.

Tip #4 may not be as simple as the above, but it is still a good option if you cannot find a shelf-line or beauty queen.

There is nothing more irritating than when you seem to slip down from being seated on your sofa. Stop your cushions from sliding by trying any of the above steps!



Sofa Seat Cushions:  How and What to Choose?

Modern furniture offers various designs and styles of sofas that you can you easily pick the first piece you see. When confronted with beautiful modern living room sets, think of sofa cushions. Seat cushion filling is one of the most important factors to check when buying a sofa. There are several choices of cushion filling and knowing the differences between each will make your selection easier.

Types of Sofa Cushion Filling

  1. All Foam Cushion Filling

This type of filling is normally made of a high-density foam core. A softer layer of intricate foam, like an egg crate, covers it, then wrapped in a polyester fiber. To prevent the feathers from pushing through, downproof ticking envelops the whole thing. It is a popular choice because it offers a very firm seat and shows the least possible wrinkles in the fabric upholstery. All foam cushion filling requires less maintenance, making it ideal for busy people.

  1. Spring-Down Cushion Filling

Spring-down cushion filling is normally the second option. Made with a core of coiled spring, it is the second-softest cushion material. A foam box surrounds it and a thick layer of polyester fiber wraps the whole thing. It is then put into a downproof cover full of polyester and down fiber. The down provides a touch of softness and loft while the springs give a strong feel. If you are looking for a reasonable amount of cushiony feel without worrying abouthow to make it look great, choose the spring-down cushion filling.

  1. Blendown or Down Plush Cushion Filling

 Your third option is the blendown or down plush cushion filling. Made with a thinner foam core covered much a thick layer of polyester fiber, and then covered much a much thicker layer of poly-fiber and down blend, it is the most luxurious and softest cushion fillings. It feels so soft and cushy that it can be like a pillow. Thanks to its relatively thin foam core and larger amount of down!

Materials Used for Sofa Cushion Filling

Foam is the most common sofa cushion filling material and is available in different densities.

  • High-density foam offers a firm cushion but may be too hard for some people.
  • Low-density foam has a medium or soft firmness and easily depreciates.
  • Memory foam conforms to your body so it supports your body well, which is perfect for those with joint and muscle pain.
  • High-resilient density foam (HR) are tougher. It is more resilient to sagging and wear and may last for 14 years or even more.

Feathers and Down                  

Cushions with feather fillings are perfect for those who prefer softness. Feather fillings are cheaper and area mixture of chicken or duck feathers. Down are from the lush feathers on the lower abdomen of geese. Down-filled cushions are more expensive. Waterproof covers protect feather fillings from spills.


Available in various densities, polyester is economical. However, it flattens out easily.

  • Soft polyester is smooth, bouncy, and durable.
  • Faux-down polyester imitates the feel and look of down and is cheaper than down. This filling is recommended if you or other members of your family are allergic to feathers.
  • Cluster-polyester has tiny balls of fiber. It is one of the most long-lasting and durable polyester fillings.
  • “Ply-a” soft polyester is not firm and does not spring back when you sit on it.


To keep foam cushions from slipping, batting is applied in the foam. This is available in two thickness sizes:  25.5 and 42.5 ounces. It is normally created from:

  • Wool comes in layered or needled form. Needled wool is used to cover sofa springs because it is stronger. Layered wool wears easily.
  • Cotton may prod through the sofa, so a cotton-polyester blend is better.

Whether you are buying a modern design sofa, make sure to choose the filling that suits your needs and lifestyle. Remember, the cushions are part of the sofa, which is an essential piece in your modern living room.

Sofa Arm Height:  Does it Matter?

Sofas have various styles and designs. The arms, seat height, back height, and even legs are different. There’s also the materials used. One of the factors that create a style impact is the sofa arm design.

When thinking of the sofa arms, you need to think of how low or high you want them to be. Again, you need to put importance on the comfort-ability the arms will give you. After all, they were there to support your arms. Some people actually prefer sitting on the side of the sofa because they want something to rest their arms on instead of just putting in on their side.

Remember, I wrote in my last post the four elements that can weigh the comfort rating of a sofa, which is ABCS (Arm height, Back height, Cushion fill, and Seat depth). After discussing the back support or height, we will now go with the arm height.

Sofa Arm Height and Comfort

This is not about the overall height of the arms but the inside arm height, which is from the top of seat to the top of the arms. There are three kinds of sofa arm height:

  1. 6 or few inches. This sofa arm height is great for formal places like hotel and office lobbies. You can have one in your home office so you can use it when conducting meetings.

  1. 7 to 9 inches. This is the medium arm height giving your adequate support when leaning your body against the arm. It seems to be the perfect height for resting your head on, particularly when you feel a little drowsy.

  1. 10 or more inches. This arm height offers the best back support. They are especially good if you want to sit up straight and put your feet up on the sofa seat. They also give you a cozy corner to snuggle in when feeling a bit cold or getting caught up inthe movie you’re watching.

Shorter vs. Higher Arms

You know very well that certain dress styles can make you look slimmer, taller, or bigger. A sofa arm can do the same in your living room by producing a pleasing appearance.

Shorter Arms

  • Choose shorter arms if you sit longer on the sofa.
  • Go for shorter arms, too, when buying chairs as you are mostly sitting upright in chairs.
  • Shorter sofa arms will make a small space look more open.
  • They look better in casual rooms.

Higher Arms

  • Select higher arms if you want something to lean on even when seated. A height of two to three inches is a good choice.
  • They are perfect for lounging areas.
  • Higher sofa arms, when placed in a room with tall ceilings, will give the room a more intimate feel.

Taller arms with a height of three inc es require a taller end table. This height of sofa arms will make it difficult to reach for drinks, food, and other things so make sure to pair it off with a taller end table.

Sofa Arm Height and Design

Remember, you can mix and match. You can have a sofa with taller arms and chairs with shorter arms. It is not difficult to do this, though. Get a sofa with taller arms then buy chairs with shorter arms. If you do not want to try mixing and matching sofas and chairs, then place throw pillows against the arms. Placing a throw pillow will give the support you require.

Choose well to get your money’s worth when buying modern furniture. Focusing on what is comfortable for you and your family is essential. This is the main reason why you buy furniture – it is for your comfort and giving your modern living room a new pleasant look.