Sofa Back Height Choosing Tips

To have the ideal sofa with the appropriate sofa back height, you need to know about sofa measurements. A sofa measurement includes the sofa height, depth, and back height. The back pitch height of the sofa is important, too. Here are tips to make sure you pick the perfect sofa back height for your new modern couch.

Sofa Back Heights

  • Low-backed Sofa

The low-backed sofas are more sophisticated and modern. They give the impression of having more space even if the room is smaller than normal. A low-backed sofa can your ceiling look higher even it is it only 8 feet higher or lower. read more

How Modern Furniture can be a Statement Piece

When was the last time you got super crazy for an item, but something just prevented you from buying it? It could be a piece of jewelry, a fashionable dress, a painting, or a piece of furniture. There are several reasons why we delay buying the item. It could be that it is so expensive or it is something that you do not really need at that time.

This feeling of hesitation can happen to a statement piece of furniture. Sometimes, you so wanted the furniture but realized it is so grand it will not fit into your home. However, very attractive furniture will always have a place in every home. Here are several techniques to make that furniture work in your living place. read more

Contemporary Sofa for a Contemporary Style Home

If you like modern things and want to be in style, you belong to the group of people who wanted a contemporary style of decorating. Contemporary style decorating is welcoming and comfortable, uncluttered and bright. This style is appropriate for homes, loft, offices, and even stores. Adding a contemporary sofa helps you have a contemporary style home.

Applying Contemporary Style Decorating in Your Home

Subtle sophistication, simplicity, clean lines, and texture define contemporary style decoration. The interior is fresh and sleek, showing more space instead of items. It focuses on space, color, and shape. read more