The Top Rules to Finding the Area Rug for your Modern Home

An area rug is an accessory that can add to the look of a home. However, it is not enough to buy an area rug because of its color or texture. It should blend with the rest of your modern furniture and the décor of the room.

How to Choose an Area Rug

Before buying an area rug, ask yourself the following questions:

  1. What do you want to accomplish having an area rug? Is it to consolidate a space or to define nooks within a larger room?

2. Is there an open space next to the room? If yes, visualize if you have the rug inside the room or if the rug extends to the open space.

Consider the following factors:

  • You can use other shapes. Do not confine yourself to rectangular rugs. Consider square, round, oval or runners.
  • Think about your space if you are planning to have a patterned area rug. If you have patterned furniture or walls, pick a subtly patterned rug. On the other hand, choose a bright or bold patterned rug if the room is filled with solid color to liven up the mood.
  • Get the minimum and maximum dimensions that suit the room. Imagine the size of rug that will look good in your space. A brown paper or painter’s tape will be a great help.
  • Foot Traffic. Choose a detailed patterned or low pile rug in high-traffic areas.

  • The Material. Your options are natural or synthetic fibers. Natural fibers, such as cotton or wool, feel great and look beautiful but some are more vulnerable to fading and staining. They are also quite expensive. Synthetic fibers are usually affordable and are great in resisting fading and staining.

Placing a Rug in the Different Rooms of Your Home

  • Living Room

Let the front legs of your modern sofa rest on the rug. If your rug is big enough, have your modern sofa set rests on it. If you want to define one area in your large living room, use multiple rugs. Make sure to pick rugs that has the same pattern or color.

  • Dining Room

The shape of the rug should match the shape of your dining table. Measure the width and length of your dining table. The rug should extend at least 18 -14 inches from the edge of the table. This will keep the chair’s back legs still resting on the rug even when being used. To check this, pull the dining chair out as if you are to sit down. Measure how far the legs would go.

  • Bedroom

An area rug in the bedroom should make the modern bed the focal point in the room. The rug should extend two feet to each side of your bed, except when it is on a wall. You can also opt to have layer rugs.

If you have hard floors, place an area rug on each side of the bed. This offers you a soft, warm place for your feet in the morning.

  • Entryway

Placing an area rug in the entryway is perfect in making a first impression. Find a rug that is wider than the doorway so it won’t get in the way when entering and leaving your home. This also helps in exchanging greetings comfortably,

  • Hallway

Use a runner for hallways and passageways. The rug should occupy six inches of floor space on all the runner’s sides.

Follow the above guidelines to get the appropriate rug for your home. An area rug that matches your modern furniture and theme will make your home look even more elegant and comfortable.

5 Autumn-Safe Tips for Modern Patio Furniture

Autumn is the time of the year when it becomes windy, the leaves falling off from the trees, and feels a little cold. This is a good time to sit on the patio or the back porch to enjoy the sunset and feel the light breeze touch your skin. However, it can also be annoying if you need to chase your patio furniture as it was blown by the wind down the block or across the lawn. Here are the top 8 tips to prevent your patio furniture from being blown away this autumn.

Keep Your Patio Furniture from Being Blown Away this Autumn

  1. Purchase Heavy Patio Furniture

When buying patio furniture, choose something that can withstand wind or gust, particularly if you live in a windy region. It should be strong enough so it will not be easily moved or blown away. You can choose from any of these patio furniture materials:

  • Wood
  • Steel
  • Concrete
  • Cast aluminum
  • Wrought iron

Patio furniture made from any of these materials are heavy, sturdy and can withstand high and strong winds. However, you need to consider some factors to make sure your patio furniture will last you for the whole year or even longer. One of these is the weight, making it difficult to move or relocate the furniture. It is hard to move heavyweight furniture, particularly if you need to move it periodically. Iron and steel, on the other hand, could possibly leave marks on your patio floor.

2. Plant a Hedgerow

A hedgerow is a row of small trees or bushes that are planted close to each other with the purpose of creating a fence or boundary. This will help block the wind in a specific area. Although some of the wind can still get through, it will not be as strong if there is no hedgerow. The hedgerow can also provide shade during sunny weather.

3. Have an Outdoor Umbrella with a Heavy Base 

The wind can easily blow an outdoor umbrella away. Secure your umbrella to a weighted base. A weighted base is filled with either water or sand and secures the outdoor umbrella. Make sure to close the umbrella when the winds start increasing its strength to avoid damaging its face.

The best thing is to buy an outdoor umbrella with a sturdy base.

4. Use Earthquake Gel

Use earthquake gel to keep glass tops from sliding off from the table. You can also use it to keep patio furniture secure to the floor. Place it on the furniture legs to prevent the wind from blowing them away. You can buy this in hardware stores.

5. Bring the Patio Furniture Inside

Modern patio furniture is trendier that allows homeowners to use it inside their home. Bring your patio furniture inside your home. Not only will you have more seating space, your home will also have a different look. A neutral-colored modern patio furniture set lets you match it with various accessories like throw pillows.

You can create an alcove using a patio furniture sofa, coffee table, and sofa. This is perfect for as a reading room, chat, relaxation, or entertainment area. If you have an attic, you can put patio furniture there or in the basement. Bringing patio furniture inside the home will help prevent it from being blown away, as well as preserve it.

Modern furniture builders have come up with new designs and styles of patio furniture that make them more versatile than ever!

Even if your patio furniture is made from the sturdiest of material, it is still necessary to observe proper and safety maintenance to make it last longer. Keep your patio furniture safe this autumn by following the above tips!