The 3 Modern Furniture Ideas on Decorating a Loft

Webster defines a loft as “a room or space that is just below the roof of a building and is often used to store things”. This definition applies to the traditional function of a loft. It was given a new meaning in the modern times, when space has become so expensive. Modern living has introduced loft apartments in reference to big adaptable open space that is more often than not converted for residential purposes.

A loft is an open space situated at the upper part of a house directly under the roof. Converting a loft into a living space is quite challenging considering its structure and design. With its open space layout, you need to have distinctive modern furniture ideas to make it comfortable and modish. It has no walls to define living or sleeping areas so you need to use your creativity and imagination.

The limited space is one of the biggest issues that you will confront on putting furniture in a loft. So, choosing the furniture that is visually appealing, functional and practical is necessary. Here are the top 3 ideas on choosing modern furniture for your loft.

The high ceiling of the loft is a factor that you need to consider. Small furniture will not give it a pleasing look and it will also look disproportionate. Your best choice is modern and contemporary furniture with clean lines and minimalist design. Furniture with metallic accents will provide an industrial appeal to the interior of the loft.

Create a Dining Space

Get a complete dining room set. Place it against a wall together with a chest and a buffet.

Use the buffet to store cutlery, china and glass wares and table runners.

Go for a modern chandelier with geometric patterns to illuminate the dining area.

Decorate your walls with a huge artwork or some classic posters.

Create a Living Space

Purchase a large sofa and place it in the middle of the loft, close to the dining space. Contemporary furniture is a best choice for a loft. Choose a white, off-white, gray or cream sofa. Accentuate it with black and red throw pillows.

Have a coffee table and an end table.

Get stools for additional seating furniture and position them against a corner of the loft.

Go for a modern tall metallic floor lamp in clean lines for illumination.

Store your books and other stuff in a full-length wood shelf and use it as a divider to create your bedroom space.

Create a Bedroom Space

The sleeping area is the most integral space of a loft. It is essential that you separate it from the other areas to have privacy and to be able to get a restful sleep.

You can use the wood shelf for this purpose or get a room divider.

Choose a queen size modern platform bed to make your bedroom space comfier. Decorate windows with sheer or heavy full-length curtains.

Choosing the appropriate modern furniture and positioning them in the most satisfying manner will provide your loft a modern and contemporary relaxing ambiance.

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