How to Decorate an Open Plan Contemporary Home

The contemporary homes usually have an open plan where each room is assigned a different role such as reading, music, conversation, entertainment and dining. These rooms are identified by grouping furniture pieces in a big living area without using a wall divider.

Setting up your living room and family room in this layout may be a bit tough. However, you need to bear in mind that most of our time are spent in these rooms so it requires some time to decorate it. Your living room sets the tone of your home and the manner it was laid out influences the other rooms as well as your patio or garden.

To make your decorating task a success, it is essential that you identify the use and goals for each room. Emphasize on style and practicality. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • How do you want it to look—casual or formal?
  • Do you want it to be an entertainment room where you can watch TV, listen to music or play board or video games?
  • Do you want to assign it as an entertainment/conversation area?
  • To accomplish this, sketch and map out your main furniture, furnishings and focal points.

    Setting up Your Focal Point

    You can assign the fireplace or a big window that leads to a good view, like a nice garden, as your focal point.

    Start your layout with your bigger modern furniture pieces such as modern sofas. The big furniture pieces will help you achieve the style and functional that want and the other items that you will need. Whether you want to buy a whole new set of modern furniture or retain the old usable pieces is up to you.

    Observe at least 3 – 4 feet space for main passageways. Sofas and coffee tables must have a distance of at least 18 inches while major furniture pieces must have a distance of 2 feet.

    Divide Your Living Room to Have Smaller and More Intimate Areas. With the use of an entertainment center, a hutch or bookshelf, you can create rooms within your open plan home.

    A sideboard hutch placed against the back of a sofa can be used to create a formal and cozy conversational area. It can also be used as a bar for entertaining purposes.

    Area rugs can also be used to define conversational spaces. It would be better to get a rug that can accommodate all seating furniture. If not, you can settle for a rug that is a little bigger than the coffee table. Add visual interest by using textured and colorful area rugs. Rotate furniture pieces depending on the season or for specific occasions. Do this with your small sofas or chairs.

    Use ottomans or benches as extra seating fitment.

    Having a focal point in your living room will help you achieve the purpose as well as the style that you want to project. Likewise, the space must be functional and practical to the people who will use it.

    Keep it simple when in doubt.

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    1. The tips mentioned in this blog to decorate a room in the best possible manner are simply great! I am sure people will find this blog extremely useful and highly informative. I was wondering on the same topic for a few days. After I read this blog, I came to know about ideas to fulfill my task.

      I agree with the writer where it is written that “To make your decorating task a success, it is essential that you identify the use and goals for each room”. If you are not clear about this, then you may find it extremely tough to decorate your rooms with proper furniture according to your plans.

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