4 Easy Steps to Incorporate Art in Your Home


A home with modern furniture may look welcoming and inviting but may look incomplete without any accent piece like a piece of art. Artworks like painting, wall art, sculpture add to the total look of a home. To incorporate art in your home, follow these 4 easy steps.


Choose the artwork. Select the artwork that appeals to you the most. It should be something that you are passionate about and something that you understand. There is no point of hanging an artwork that you do not understand and like.


If you have no idea on what kind of art appeals to you, check online LA modern furniture store. Visit art exhibitions, art galleries, and local art studios or shops. The Web offers you a variety of artworks, although it is much better to see them personally rather than just on your computer screen.


Set a budget. Once you have an idea on the kind of art you like, it is time to set a budget. How much are you willing to pay for an artwork for your home? Regardless of the amount, remember to stick on that budget. Do not overspend and feel like returning the painting to the store or shop. Find an artwork that is within your set price range. While it is true that some artworks are costly, you will still be able to find something that you like and fits your budget. Avoid being tempted to purchase a beautiful painting that is beyond your set price range.


Choose the right place for your artwork. Some people purchase a painting but have not decided where to place it. There are also some who opt to choose a painting then rearrange the room after purchasing the item. This usually happens in decorating a room.


People focus on arranging furniture in a room and would think of the work of art last. Whatever way you do it, ensure that the artwork will fit in the room and will complement the rest of your modern furniture and furnishings.


In general, a large room needs a large wall art while a small room needs a small artwork and so on. The color scheme of the room should harmonize with the colors of the wall art. The major colors of the room should complement the overall color scheme of the artwork. A similar color scheme creates balance and harmony. To do this, paint your walls in a neutral color to accentuate and expose the colors of the painting.


Have an art-friendly room. For the artwork to stand out, have a minimalist theme in the room. This means avoid overstuffing the room with furniture, décor, furnishings and even color schemes.


Apply “the lesser the better” rule. Ensure to have task lights to highlight the painting, particularly at night. Avoid hanging the painting on a wall that receives direct sunlight. Hang the painting at eye level so it will be easily noticed and appreciated.


Don’t be afraid to include artwork in your home. Incorporating art, even just a simple artwork, in your home design will make your living space look smarter and fascinating.

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