5 Essential Elements to Consider when Buying a Modern Sofa


A sofa is a major seating furniture needed in every home. Known for various names, such as couch, divan, settee, davenport, it is a big investment like any other piece of furniture. With that said, it is necessary to get the best modern sofa for the price it commands. The following elements will make sure you get the best modern sofa at the best price.


What to Look for a Sofa

1.Examine the Frame

The frame should be sturdy, as this equates to its longevity. Look for hardwood-framed sofas. Hardwood may be expensive but is sturdier. Walnut, ash, oak, teak, mahogany, and beech are some examples of hardwood. Softwood is normally less expensive than hardwood but may wobble or warp in five years. Redwood, cedar, pine, yew, and juniper are some examples of softwood. Do not buy sofas with frames made of plastic, particleboard, or metal. They may crack and distort easily. Check the legs. They should be part of the frame or screwed or doweled onto the frame. Glued legs are signs of a low quality sofa.


Tip:  Lift a front corner of the sofa off the floor to about six inches. This will make the other front leg to lift off the floor, too. The frame is of poor quality if it stayed on the floor.

k8488_3pl_al_csr_orange-web_800x2. Inquire about the Joinery

Joints connected to the frame with screwed and glued corner blocks, double wooden dowels, wooden dowels, or metal brackets and screws are signs of solid construction. Some modern furniture makers use nails or staples for added reinforcement. A couch that is held together only by nails, staples, or glue is not durable.


Tip:  Request for the manufacturer’s manual or information about the frame joinery of the sofa.


3. Check the Springs

Springs are a common element in making sofas. Also known as serpentine, these are sinuous and pre-assembled units of coiled wire. If the metal is not heavy, they can squeeze on the frame or sag and drop over time although they are agreeably supportive. Modern sofas feature 8-way hand-tied springs that make them better and more comfortable. Touch the upholstery and feel the springs under it. The springs should be firm and near each other. Do not buy a couch with mesh, webbing, or no springs, as it is weak and uncomfortable.


Tip:  Sit tightly on the outside edge or corner of the sofa. Any squeaking or creaking sound means that the springs are hitting the frame, or improperly placed.


4. Feel the Fillings

A sturdy filling is a sign of good quality. High-density and high-resilient filling is hard to the touch and slightly costlier but is durable and long lasting. Low-density filling, on the other hand, is softer and inexpensive but depreciates more quickly with constant use. Polyester fiber is low-cost but crushes or squashes easily. Polyurethane foam is less expensive and easy to care. Duck- and goose-feather fillings are comfortable but they jumble.


The best pick? The goose down mixed with feathers is delightfully thickset, plump, and costlier. It is a high-maintenance filling so you need to fluff the cushions frequently.

mb-1473-web_1_800xThe down-polyfiber blend is least expensive but flattens rapidly.

Tip:  Conventional foam wrapped in polyester batting and HR foam in a layer of down polyfiber are two good choices. Both are reasonably priced and comfortable.


5. Durable Upholstery

With everyday use, you need tough sofa upholstery. There is no doubt that leather is tough, but this also depends on the type of leather used. Genuine leather is definitely tough but is very expensive. (Learn more about the different types of leather on our next article.)

vg2t0618a_800xFabric is another upholstery used for sofas. Excellent choices are cotton and linen. You need to pay attention for loose weaves, as these will cause problems. Although cotton and linen treated to resist stain, they are not easy to clean and as durable. Synthetic microfiber is another good choice. It imitates most fabrics and is stain resistant. Wool is beautiful and gorgeous like leather but are expensive. Silk is lustrous but delicate. Fabrics with woven in patterns last longer compared to those with printed patterns. A combination of natural and synthetic fibers tend to pill in a year.


Tip:  Ask for a piece of fabric larger than the regular swatch from the modern furniture store. Place it where you intend to place the sofa. Look at it in both natural and artificial light and see how you feel after a few days. If you still like it after a few days, then go ahead and buy the modern sofa with that upholstery.


If you are buying sofas online, make sure you buy from reliable online modern furniture stores. You also should check on the store’s background, reviews, and years of existence.