Black Leather Sofa Set: 5 Cleaning Tips

modern black leather sofa set

black leather sofa set is the best choice when buying a modern sofa. It is not only elegant, stylish, and awesome, the black color matches anything. Modern black leather sofa sets give you the opportunity to have a modern look or cool retro design theme.

black leather sofa set

Modern Black Leather Sofa Set Maintenance

A number of homeowners prefer leather upholstery. Even offices and hotels would want to have a contemporary black leather sofa in their reception area, lobby or lounge. This is because leather is simply beautiful and luxurious. A black leather sofa set is a piece of furniture that can dramatically change the look of any space. The question is:  how do you maintain its sleek look?

modern black leather couch

  1. Regular Cleaning

Regular cleaning using a soft dry cloth and vacuuming the corners of the black leather sofa set is the basic step. Depending on the frequency of use, you can clean it every week or every two weeks. Attend to spills immediately. Letting it stand for a long time will damage the black leather upholstery. Make sure to use the correct cleaning solution when removing stains.

contemporary black leather sofa set2. Do not Use Harsh Cleaning Products and Excessive Soap and Water

Some people have the idea that too much water and soap will clean their black leather sofa set better. This is a wrong impression. Excessive amounts of soap and water will encourage the leather upholstery to crack quickly. Harsh cleaning products like ammonia will only lighten the black leather upholstery. If you are going to use soap and water, wring the cloth properly ensuring it isn’t dripping. Wipe the surface of the leather upholstery with a clean dry cloth once you are finished cleaning it with soap and water.

modern black leather couch

3. Use the Correct Leather Conditioner

Apply a leather conditioner on your sleek black leather sofa set to keep its shine. Cleaning your leather black sofa set with soap and water is not enough. It needs conditioning so it will stay lustrous forever. However, do not condition the leather each time you clean it. The proper frequency of conditioning leather is once every 6 to 12 months. It is important to use the correct leather conditioner, too. Buy only from reliable hardware stores. You can also ask if the modern online furniture store where you bought the black sofa set sells leather conditioner. Remember to use only a small amount of conditioner!

black leather sofa set

4. Avoid Direct Exposure to Sunlight and Heat  

Never expose your modern black leather couch to direct sunlight or heat. Choose the coolest spot in your living room to place your black leather sofa set. Direct exposure to sunlight and heat will ruin the leather upholstery and will make the black color to fade quickly.

modern black leather couch

5. Clean Your Living Space

Clean your living room or space where your stylish black leather sofa set is placed. Regular cleaning and conditioning can keep the black leather couch clean but if the area around it is a mess, it will soon give away. Any unclean area contributes to the easy wear and tear of furniture and even appliances. It is also a good practice to reposition the black leather living room set. Keeping it in one spot is not only boring, it can also encourage early deterioration.

contemporary black leather couch

Like any other furniture, a modern black leather sofa is a big investment. You do not want your investment to last for a short time, of course. Keep your black leather couch in good condition for a long time by following the above cleaning tips. For the latest modern furniture designs and styles, visit Downtown Los Angeles LA Furniture Store.

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