6 Basic Rules for Modern Living Room Furniture Arrangement

palinuro-webWas there ever an incident when you gave up arranging your furniture? Decorating the home can be fun in spite of the many drawbacks, but not with arranging furniture. Furniture arrangement is more challenging and you need to struggle to make your living room look presentable, comfortable and useful. Even if you have the most luxurious furniture, you would still experience that difficulty on how to give your space a new look without spending a dime. It is common for people to use their intuition when choosing the correct spot to place the furniture, however, this is not usually reliable. This may be proper for interior designers or if you have a knack for visualizing objects in a space. If you don’t, here are the 6 basic rules for arranging modern living room furniture with ease.mb-1562-web-3Think of the Room’s Extent

Decide how you want to fully use the space. What are the daily activities that may take place in the living room?elite-tv-unit-black-webMake a list of furniture that you would need, as well as the other electrical devices.mb-1562-web-1Include in your list the cleaning schedule, too.mb-1562-web-4Once you have this list, you can now create a useful design and build the relationship between the modern furniture and the activities.evergreen-webConsider the Floor Plan

Make an efficient floor plan that has a natural flow. It is essential for you to move freely around the living room without any stumbling blocks. A good design always has a focal point, which is the first element in the room that catches attention. It does not need to be in the center of the room, although this is usually the case in several homes. The coffee table is normally the focal point in many homes, but it can also be a window with a superb view, a fireplace or an interest painting or artwork. Arrange the other furniture pieces around your focal point. (If you are arranging modern bedroom furniture, the bed is your focal point.)0916-web-1Organize

Scale your furniture size. Put the large furniture first and let it face the focal point. The living room should have a conversation zone, so make sure to have this in the room. To make the conversation zone conducive, put the chair not more than 8 feet apart.1514-cat3-white-web-1Make the Living Room Active

Avoid putting furniture near the wall if your living room is small. Better place the furniture diagonally to have contrast and enthusiasm. Leaving one wall free of furniture will make cleaning the room easier. Do well with the triangular principles, where you put three furniture pieces together to establish harmony.hayden-set-webObtain the Correct Scale and Proportion

Always consider the size of your furniture. It would be terribly awful if furniture shows up too big or too small. The modern furniture size should depend on the amount of space that you have. Achieve contrast by combining different sizes of furniture.wa-s105-blue-wht-stitchEstablish Depth

Choose the furniture color and material carefully, as these play a big role in the overall décor of your living room. Choose furniture and accessories that blend well together. Don’t forget to put the cleaning and maintenance when buying furniture. After all, it is essential to have clean furniture to make your space breathable and airy.
hayden-renderDo not be afraid to arrange modern furniture. Keeping to your arrangement can make your living room boring until you lose interest staying in your home. These basic rules will help freshen up your living room appeal with fewer expenses.

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