Tips on Choosing the Ideal Sofa Back Height to Suit Your Needs


The sofa back height is essential when purchasing a sofa. This is essential so you can get the proper support for your back. Before choosing the ideal sofa back height, you need to know the basis of the sofa’s measurements. The seat height, depth, back height and the back pitch angle comprise the measurements of a sofa. The following tips will teach you how to choose the perfect sofa back height that will suit your needs.


The High Profile Sofa

The high profile sofas are recommended for heavy and overweight people. Heavy and overweight people put more pressure on the seat, depressing the cushions compared to average weight individuals. To sit comfortably, the seat depth and back angle are essential.

b-240 For taller individuals, the height is important so their knees can bend at a comfortable angle. Alternatively, a high back sofa will make shorter individuals to sit comfortably. A high profile sofa will also give comfort to shorter individuals who want to lie down on it.

file_216_3Choose a high back sofa if you have high ceilings so the sofa can create a focal point in the living room.


The Low Profile Sofa

The low profile sofas will make your living room look more chic and sophisticated. They will give your room the illusion of spaciousness, too. Homes with a low ceiling, such as 8 feet high will appear higher with a low profile sofa.


Sofas with a low profile sofas compared to the normal average seat height will offer more comfort to shorter individuals. They are also ideal for elderly people, allowing them to put their feet flat on the floor. Ensure, however, that it allows the knees to bend at right angles so getting up is easier.


If you want to know the best sofa option for your home, identify the height of the tallest person in your family. A minimal seat depth and back height are fine for a petite size, while a higher sofa back height is better for a taller person to have enough back support.


It is essential to purchase a sofa that will keep your back in correct alignment. A back height that is approximately 12 to 16 inches higher than the seat will give ample support for your lower back without hurting your shoulders.


Likewise, do not forget to check the comfort level of a sofa. A stylish sofa is not a wise purchase if it has a poor comfort level. The seat depth will determine its comfort-ability. Pick a smaller seat depth if you do a lot of entertaining, so guests can sit comfortably.


Adding throw pillows will compensate for the sofa’s dimensions issues by providing ample back support.


Always choose a sofa that gives you better comfort. Purchase a sofa that is not only stylish, but also one that can support your back adequately, particularly if you are to use the sofa regularly. Anyway, there is no rule to get seats that should have similar seat heights.  Establish perfect balance in your furniture by mixing and matching their heights in your living room.


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