A Few Good Ideas on Renewing the Appeal of Your Living Room

It is in the living room that you welcome your guests and so it is the first part of the home that they see aside from your garden or garage. The modern furniture, decorations, furnishings and fixtures that you put in your living room speak so much about you. Here are a few good ideas to renew the appeal of your living room to provide it with a breathable and warm ambiance.

Thinking of how to decorate any room in the home can be fun, challenging or even frightening. Nevertheless, it is an activity that you should enjoy as long as you do not go beyond your budget. The essential part in room decoration is creating harmony to come up with a room that is comforting, relaxing, welcoming and appealing.

Build a Cozy Corner. Uplift your living room by having a cozy corner. Create a focal point such as a window with a view of your garden or a nice painting on the wall. Add some comfy sofas or lounge chairs with a near to the ground coffee table and an end table. Install wall lamps to complete the setting. Make use of light-colored furniture and furnishings to make the room look bigger, fresher, neat and brighter.

Make Use of White Furniture. If you are not that good in color combination, then settle for the safe color like white. Modern and contemporary furniture makes use of the color white for simplicity and straightforwardness. Pair off white modern sofas with a wooden or glass coffee table. Make use of wall-mounted bookshelf or entertainment units for a more spacious look. Use a hanging white lamp for your general light in the living room. Use a floor lamp as your additional lighting fixture.

Build a Contemporary Atmosphere. For a big living room, combining red, white with the mysterious black color can reinforce one’s mood. Do not put so much wall decoration except for a wall clock. Ensure that your fireplace is clean. Complement your black modern sofas with throw pillows of assorted colors. This set up encourages good conversation. It would be better if there is no TV in this kind of setting. Create another room for entertainment purposes. Since the living room is large, you can divide it by having a room divider.

Keeping the Traditional Look. If you are one person who loves antique or traditional furniture, there is no reason not to do have it in your living room! Go for traditional furniture pieces and have some antique decorations, too, such as a vintage wall clock or bookshelf. Have a few candles on ancient-looking candle stands on the table or near the fireplace. Go for a conventional chandelier. Light the candles while your fireplace is at work for a teté-a-teté and a more restful look.

Add Some Twist. Create an accent wall. For white modern living room furniture, choose blue, orange or any bright color for your accent wall. Then have the other walls painted in the same color but of a lighter shade. Let the focus be on the accent wall and minimize your decorations. A hanging light and a flower vase is more than adequate to have particularly if your sofas are quite exquisite already.

Renew the appeal of your living room by making use of modern furniture, wall paint colors and a few other pieces of fixtures such as light, throw pillows or rugs. The idea is to keep it simple and straightforward to minimize a muddled look.

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