A Man’s Choice of Bedroom Furniture

Bachelors have their own choice of furniture for their home and as you would expect, would want their personality reflected by these fixtures. If you have been to a bachelor’s pad or abode, you obviously have sensed that it exudes their masculinity. By merely going through his home’s decorations and furniture, you will already know the person’s personality even though you do not know him that well.

If a man’s home was furnished with appropriate furniture and decorations, it is a common notion for people to conclude that a woman is behind the good results. However, this has long been gone as the men of today have also put their hand when it comes to furnishing their own homes.

So what precisely are men’s choices of furniture particularly for the bedroom?

Whether single or married, men want a spacious bed although there are still a few who would settle for a single size. Magnificent is what a man’s bed should be, therefore, a king or queen size bed will be perfect for them.

Bachelors take pride in having a bedroom that spells their masculinity. It is a big show-off to their female friends as a bedroom that bespeaks of their maleness will definitely magnetize their women.

One such bed that can undeniably project a man’s maleness is the platform bed. Straightforward and giving off a muscular appeal, platform beds are oblique in form. They are unpretentious and subtle for which other furnishings can still be included for more emphasis. The platform bed definitely stands up as the central figure in any bedroom because of its simple and precise built. Because of this, it clearly draws anybody’s attention but does not necessarily steal the interest from the other furnishings and fixtures in the bedroom. Aside from that, it is easier to find bed sheets and linens that are suitable for platform beds.

There is also the leather type of platform bed. This aptly fits a very independent guy who wanted to project his manliness in his room. Leather platform beds exude confidence, responsibility and organization which are sure ways of getting the heart of any woman.

A polished metal type of bed also exudes manliness.

Radiating modernity are beds made of wood specifically those made of mahogany or oak materials.


The next best thing that a man would love to have in his bedroom is a chest of drawers. With this piece of furniture, a guy will have a neat and organized way of keeping his personal things.

Men would also love to have a bedside lamp and an alarm clock. A bedside lamp that is placed on top of a bedside table is fine or it can also be a lamp installed just above their bed. This will allow them to have enough light while trying to doze off or when they want to do some reading before finally falling off to deep slumber.

A man who is fond of watching movies would certainly want a television set and a DVD in their bedroom.

Men put so much importance in getting the approval of not just the woman in his life when it comes to decorating his home. They also want their friends to admire their style. Getting the admiration of their men’s friends in their choice of bedroom furniture boosts their self-esteem.

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