A Modern Bedroom Furniture Plan for 2013

Having a new modern look in your bedroom may be one of the items that you have in your things-to-do list this 2013, which can be accomplished by giving it a streamlined, minimalistic and fresh look. Get to have this new modern look with the following guidelines.

The first thing that you may think of to have a modern bedroom plan is to have modern furniture pieces. Hence, you think of gigantic leather beds with tall and wide headboards, geometrically-shaped dressers, intricately designed chests, nightstands with exquisite finishing and neutral colors. If you think of furnishing your bedroom with all of these pieces, you might end up foregoing your plan especially if you do not have enough resources. It is good, though, if you have enough budget for new furniture pieces. This should not dishearten you, though. Having a modern bedroom plan can be simple and economical by adding a few new pieces and keeping those that are still useful.

Set Up a Color Scheme. Getting the color scheme correctly is vital in setting up a modern bedroom furniture design. The cool hues of blue, green or red will not make your bedroom modern. Modern colors of bedroom furniture are white, brown, tan and mauve. For your walls, choose the colors gray, white, beige and taupe. If you want to have a bit of color, apply it with your furnishings such as bed linens, pillowcases, rugs and curtains.

Another major choice that you need to do is choosing your bed. The bed is the central furniture in any bedroom. It must accommodate the size of the person using it, provide comfort and speaks much of the user. Modern beds come in a variety of designs and styles. You can find some that have tall and wide headboards. Some are equipped with adjustable headrests while others have the provision of tilting them while others have built-in nightstands, lighted walkways, etc. Platform beds are very common in the modern design of beds and are very ideal for a modern bedroom plan. Always buy a bed that will provide you comfort in your sleep not only because it looks stylish or luxurious. Your bed is your ally to feel rejuvenated in the morning; hence, it is essential to get one that lets you rest and enjoy a good night’s sleep.

Do not forget the dresser. Modern bedroom furniture features geometric designs of dressers to complete the modish appeal of the room. Modern dressers are designed with built-in mirrors that have an oval or round shape. You can even find some that features wavy lines.

Get bedroom accessories that you only need. Do not stuff your room with a lot of things to avoid a cluttered-look. Textured pillow cases in various colors and adding a few geometrically-shaped throw pillows are perfect choices.

Provide good lighting fixtures for your finishing touch. Ensure that your accessories, modern furniture and other fixtures harmonize well.

Maintain a minimalistic, restful and warm ambiance in your bedroom with modern furniture pieces and furnishings. Space is essential for you to have a peaceful and relaxing rest and sleep. Do away with other items that are not needed and welcome 2013 with a fresh and breathable bedroom!

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