Accents to style your living place

Lending a “hand” to style your home

Accent Chair

Adding a sense of modern style art to your home is the perfect touch to bring your home to life. This unique hand shaped modern accent chair can be used as a focal point or a sculpture for your living space. It is hand made in Italy, upholstered in full genuine leather with a wood base. You have the options of silver, gold, or white.

One way that you style your living with this accent chair, is by arranging it with glass, wood, or marble furniture pieces. Surrounding it with these materials will help the accent chair come to life. It can be the organic shape in a room of straight edges. The Sosia chair is the decor that you are missing in your living room or office space, who knew a hand, would make such a difference?

Sitting in comfort allows a peaceful mind

modern accent chair

We all have that one favorite chair we can’t wait to get home to. It’s always nice to go home after a long day to sit and relax in “that one chair”. The Britt modern accent chair is the chair to fulfill your comfort desires. Trendy looks can provide comfort and relaxation too. Many people like to buy trendy looks without considering if it can be sat on. Where’s the fun in that?

It is upholstered in grey polyester fabric with solid natural beech wood legs. It includes a padded headrest and seating for extra comfort. This accent chair can be used in your living room, bedroom, or office space. It can be matched with furniture pieces that are glass, white, black, or wood. It can add a sense of cool to level out a warm spaced room. Furniture comes in all shapes and sizes, this organic shaped chair can be the focal point to your room.

Two pieces are better than one

contemporary accent chair

Why buy a chair that only provides a sense of ease when you sit, when you can buy a chair that provides ease for your legs as well. Who knew that such a small extra piece can make a big difference? Accent chairs can be very stylish especially when they are in vibrant colors that catches one’s eye. The Ruben contemporary accent chair comes with a matching ottoman, it is upholstered in teal fabric with black wooden legs.

This modern style chair can bring life to a room that’s in black and white. It’s welcoming and trendy. It’s easy to match with furniture pieces that come in black, white, glass, or gold. Everything looks good in a pair, these two are inseparable.