Accessorize your space!

Accessorizing your home might be the last step, it is however the icing on the cake. For most people it is a little difficult to choose decorative pieces for their home since an accessory is not a necessity, therefor it is only considered last when designing or redecorating. Accessorizing is an easy and fun way to truly show individuality and character in a space. When it comes to furniture, you might not be able to purchase a fuchsia sectional, but if you love the color you can always incorporate decorative pieces such as an artwork, pillows or a vase. When it comes to choosing the perfect accessory for a specific space, consider the 5 easy steps to help you make the best selection.


Accessorize for color

If the space you are trying to accessorize is mainly in one color or at the most two, you may consider incorporating a few accessory pieces in bright colors to add character to the space. The right selection would add a pop of color and funk to your space. Consider using a great piece of artwork, a lamp, pillows, a vase and even drapery.



Accessorize for a pattern

Most people are afraid to incorporate pattern when it comes to designing their home. Patterns in any interior can help to define the style of the space. For instance, if you love geometric patterns, prints or florals however you are afraid of committing for permanent pieces (furniture or walls) you may incorporate a patterned accessory to complete the desired look. Another option is to create a pattern by using accessories such as artwork or mirrors.



Accessorize for texture

Although all interiors consist of materials with various textures, however most of the time those textures are unnoticeable for example (leather, fabrics, woods). Consider using accessories with obvious texture for an added feel to your space. A great example would be any fur accessory, textured metal accessories, as well as woven and sculpted pieces.




Accessorize for a purpose

All spaces whether it be a residential or commercial require specific elements to complete the “feel” of the area. By the use of appropriate accessories you can create the desired “feel” of the space. For example, mirrors in hallways for added dimension, a 3-dimensional artwork for a focal point or any other conversation piece. Accessories do also complete holiday décor, as well as all other desired temporary themes.



Accessorize for a change

Every so often you might need change the look of your space. When looking for a quick change, all you have to do is re-accessorize. Changing out some decorative pieces is cost effective, and an easy solution for freshening up your home.  When it comes to accessories, it’s no rocket science: choose what you love, chose pieces that are “so you.”

Have fun! Enjoy re-decorating.


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