Area Rug Materials – What Should You Pick


The material is the most crucial decision you need to make when choosing an area rug. The first thing you need to consider when choosing an area rug is durability, particularly if it is to be used in the hallway. Give importance to softness if you’ll use it in yout modern living room and bedroom. The style of the area rug will definitely be dependent on the material used.

ronaldo_chocolate-web - woolWool. Area rugs made of wool have a sturdy pile, feels pleasant, had good heat insulation and repel water, fire and stains. Wool rugs are ideal for people with allergies because they resist dust mites. They are recommended for use in the entryways, livings rooms, and dining rooms.

comfort-petrol-webThe wool is taken from sheep, as well as llamas, goats or alpaca. Overtime, wool rugs shed hair. They are not recommended for use in damp rooms, as they soak up humidity.

sunriseSilk. Silk is usually used in excellent-quality rugs, such as Persian and Oriental area rugs. They are extremely soft, has a superior luxurious surface, very fine, valuable and tear-resistant fibers. They are really expensive and requires tender loving care, so it is best that they are maintained by a professional rug cleaner and are less durable than wool. Silk rugs are recommended for use in the bedroom.

t8979-table-webFaux Silk. Made from polyester fibers such as rayon or viscose, these area rugs are great for used as small accents.

825ch_852dt_805bu-_1_Cotton. A strong and sturdy natural fiber, cotton area rugs are inexpensive. They are available in various colors because they easily retain and absorb a variety of dyes. Cotton rugs are usually a mixture of cotton and wool that gives them a nice feel. They are normally flat woven and are best used in the kitchen. Cheaper than wool rugs, cotton-wool rugs wear out and get dirty easily compared to wool.

VGWCE550TCowhide. Cowhide area rugs made from natural unbleached hair and skin of a cow. They offer a unique accent that projects a modern yet simple lifestyle. They are versatile, durable, innately beautiful, easy to maintain and has hypo-allergenic characteristics. They usually come in a distinctive form but you can also find some rectangular-shaped cowhide rugs. Their innate beauty makes it a great centerpiece in the living room, bedroom or modern dining room.

03_larima_rug_darkblue_dsc_3507 - viscoseViscose. Viscose area rugs are shiny and that looked like silk fiber but are actually made from wood pulp. They look great that makes them a good accent and easily blends in any home theme. They are perfect replacements for real and expensive silk rugs. The unique style and design of viscose rugs make them a good choice. They are perfect decorative rugs like the silk rugs but are inexpensive. They are great in any part of the home!

rug13_02_dsc_1239 - polyesterSynthetic. This includes nylon, polyester, olefin, and acrylic yarn. Although synthetic area rugs generally fade, they are very durable, stain resistant, easy to maintain. These rugs are made to look like wool and high-quality fiber rugs without being too costly but are not as soft and smooth as the natural fiber area rugs. They are great for the kid’s rooms, basement, and laundry rooms.

swing-blackSisal, Jute, and Seagrass. The area rugs made of these materials are known as chenille rugs. They may either have a contemporary or pastel-braided style. Just like the viscose rugs, they are created to look like silk rugs providing your home a cozy spot. These area rugs are great in formal living rooms and in a nursery room, particularly when your baby starts learning how to crawl or walk. Made of heavy and thick twisted yarn, chenille rugs have a deep and luxurious pile that make them soft.

k8482_dark_grey_kj003_Choosing the material is essential when buying an area rug. Of course, you also have to consider the purpose, how you want to use it, the dimension of the room and your budget. Always choose the area rug material that is ideal for the room. Area rugs may be small items compared to a modern sofa or modern bed, but their role in making your home appealing and inviting cannot be ignored! So decorate your home with area rugs now. Check the latest at LA Furniture Store!

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