Arranging Modern Furniture Ideas for the Living Room

Arranging modern furniture in your living room whether you intend to make it formal or informal must be adaptable to fit various kinds of activities. If it is intended to function more as a family room, you need to provide more seating fitment for amusement purposes. However, if you intend to make use of it not only as a family room, you can always reserve the classy look for formal occasions.

What bothers most homeowners is how it should be done. The first thing that you need to do is to list all the activities that may happen in your living room including even the most trivial ones. Then, make a list of all the necessary pieces of furniture, appliances and gadgets that will be used for these purposes.

Arranging your furniture is considered an art where you need to create harmony and balance in all your furniture pieces that is in accordance with your room’s theme.

Submitting to the manner your furniture has been positioned for the past years does not mean that you have to maintain it in the same position. You can always explore and try new ways to reinvent them in a manner that they will always look new.

Positioning your furniture will also depend on the location of your windows and doors. This may bring some difficulties in the placement of furniture. Having two focal points in a room can be disappointing. Let us take the case of a room where you have a fireplace and a window that presents a panoramic view. Placing your sofa may proved to be difficult. If this happens, you can either look for ways on how to make both focal points to work at your advantage or choose one as your focal point.

There are plenty of rules that can help you confine the many possibilities but here are some pointers that you can adapt prior to arranging your furniture pieces.

Align your furniture to the walls. To establishment excitement and distinction, put them diagonally.

Position your TV set in a manner that viewers will not have to crane their neck to watch a program.

There should be ample space between people to avoid them from hurting each other.

Assemble a group of chairs for a more intimate conversation. Observe a 3 – 4 feet space between them.

You can also have a loveseat or a two-seater sofa amid two pieces of upholstered chairs.

Place a coffee table in the center for refreshments, a book or a magazine, etc. You can also opt to have a corner table.

If your front door leads directly to your living room, you can make use of a room divider that is positioned at 90 degrees to the wall. This will keep the room more private.

If you have a small living room, opt to have wall-type shelves or cabinets to create more space.

Alternatively, maximize a big living room by creating small spaces like a separate activity or entertainment area and another for intimate tet?-a-tet?.

You always have to put one thing when arranging your modern furniture pieces in the living room and that is convenience. Furniture must work for the best of the room and to make people comfortable.

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