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Classic Living Room

Classic Living Room
Classic Living Room

Looking for a new design for your living room? Check out this design!

1. The Baron Armani Xavira Gold Round Mirror can go just about anywhere in your house with its classic design.

2. Divani Casa Daffodil Modern Yellow Italian Leather Sofa Set.

3. This AA883-148 Oval Black Coffee Table comes with a crocodile design engraved in it to give the coffee table some uniqueness.

4. The legs of the Royal Armani Xavira Round End Table criss-cross each other to form an ‘X’ to make it stand out from the crowd. read more

Easy Indoor Livin’

Easy Indoor Livin Polyvore

Is it too hot to stay outdoors for a long period of time? Stay inside and cool off, but make sure the inside is updated!

1. There are multiple features that go with the Divani Casa Devon Modern Red Leather Sectional Sofa. Adjustable headrests make this couch comfortable for everyone.

2. People say to never judge a book by its cover and that is certainly the case with the Divani Casa Incognito Modern Yellow Fabric Ottoman Sofa Bed. While it may look like a simple ottoman, with a little maneuvering, it also turns into a sofa bed. read more

Mod Mod World

Mod Mod World Polyvore

Add some 60’s Mod style with these modern statement pieces

1. The Modrest Evening View 3-Panel Photo On Canvas will look stunning in any room you decide to put it in.

2. The unique sun-like design of the Modrest Lotus Modern Wall Mirror gives it a sophisticated look.

3. A Modrest Timber Modern Walnut Bookcase will provide ample space store things while turning heads at the same time.

4. This Amalfi Modern Full Leather White Sectional Sofa is designed with the customer in mind.

5. The Avis Modern Walnut Matte Coffee Table is unliquely designed for safety. But that does not diminish the look and feel of the coffee table at all. read more