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What Modern Furniture Fits a Long, Narrow Living Room

It is no longer surprising to see a long, narrow living room nowadays. It may, however, be challenging to find furniture that fits this shape. The best way to maximize this size of a living room is to create two seating groups. This will let you occupy the space without forgoing the regular furniture size. This also allows you to customize each area to have a different level of closeness or activity.

What to Do with a Long, Narrow Living Room

Create a large, formal seating space and a small, casual grouping with an ottoman as the centerpiece. The large area is great for a big group while the small area offers a nice zone for two or three people who wanted to have a conversation all by themselves.

Have two or three low club chairs to fill in the small space so it will not look it separated from the rest of the living room.

Modern Living Room Furniture Fit for a Long, Narrow Space

  1. Modern Sofa.

Depending on the length, you can incorporate two or three sofas. Although you are having two separate seating zones, make sure to have two matching sofas. It would look ridiculous if they are both different!

2. Modern Sectional Sofa Bed.

Opt to have a daybed. It can be your second or third sofa. Incorporating a daybed will make the seating groups more inviting and allows more views into the room.

3. Modern Coffee Table.

Choose a coffee table that matches the scale of the room.

4. Chairs

  • Wingback chair. If you plan to have a wingback chair, make sure it blends in with the room size. Adding a wingback chair creates a fascinating look so you have furniture pieces with different heights.

  • Portable Chairs. These are chairs that are easy to carry, lift, allowing anyone to move it whenever they want to join a group.

5. Floating Furniture.

Floating furniture in the middle of the room is great if your long, narrow living room has doorways in each of its far corners. It will provide circulation on both sides of your living room. Keep in mind, though, that these should be consistent in style and color palette so it will feel harmonious.

  • Console Table. Place a console table to separate seating groups from the bar & game area. Add upholstery treatments, matching rugs, and wood tones to unite the space so it feels like a single arrangement.

  • Bookcase or Bookshelves. Break the long space by adding bookcases or bookshelves. A large, long, narrow living room may look endless so you need to break it into small areas.

  • Comfortable Arm Chairs. You can still adopt the single grouping even if you have a not so big, long, and narrow living room. Set the table and chairs behind the longest sofa. Place a round table between two chairs – a great place for tetè-a- tetè while having tea.

  • Extra-long Sofa. Place an extra-long sofa if you want to have a single seating group. Have two matching coffee table next to each other. You can also have an end table instead of a coffee table.

  • Two Sofas. Have two sofas floating in the middle of the room. Place a console table between the sofas with the latter in a back-to-back position.

This S-shape sectional sofa is a contemporary alternative to having two sofas placed back-to-back. Let one side of the S-shape       sectional face the intimate, cozy seating group and the other side facing the more informal seating area.

What Else?

  1. Lighting.

To give more importance to a specific seating group, hang a chandelier.

2. Decorate the Wall.

Hang frames, photos, paintings, or mirrors to define the seating groups. The wall décor should be different for each seating group.

3. Observe 30 -36 inches space from the wall for traffic.

Who says a long, narrow living room is hard to design? Well, with the above tips you sure know there is more to this living rooms size. Your long, narrow loving can look fabulous if you know what modern furniture to incorporate and how to position them!

What Makes a Modern Round Bed Special

The bedroom is a very important room in any home. It is in this room that we find peace and tranquility at the end of each day. It is here where we wake up to face the new challenges of the day. Therefore, having a modern bedroom is not enough. It is essential for the room to be practical as well as aesthetically decorated.

Which side of the bed you get up is not the measure to start the day right and pleasantly. It is actually having a restful sleep that will make your day right and makes you ready to face the challenges of the day. To wake up fresh, rested, and happy each morning, you need to sleep in a nice, comfortable bed.

If you plan to spend time in a modern designed bedroom, then you need to have a round bed. However, to create a visually comfortable bedroom you need to use your space smartly so it will satisfy your needs.

If you are after adding excitement, glamour, and confidence in your bedroom, then forget the quadrilateral shapes and get the round beds in your bedroom.

Some people think that round beds are only nice for traditional themed homes. Well, this is not true! Modern round beds are perfect for any theme and design. They work perfectly well in a corner that requires special decorating touches or special areas that has a curved wall.

Why Incorporate a Round Bed in Your Modern Bedroom

  • Available in different materials. Like the quadratic shapes, these beds can be either leather or fabric upholstered with wood frame.

  • Blends easily with other furniture. With the materials used and colors, you can match round beds with other bedroom furniture pieces and décor.

  • Built-in Nightstands. With the restricted space of modern homes, modern furniture builders created space-conscious and functional pieces. This goes to all kinds of furniture, including beds. The modern designs of round beds feature built-in nightstands, making them even more visually aesthetic apart from being serviceable.

  • Built-in Lights. Another great feature of circular modern beds are the built-in lights on the headboard. With this feature, your bedroom will have that ambient feel and will not be in total darkness. This is a big welcome for people who can sleep without lights.

  • Under bed storage. This is interesting, but yes, you can find a round modern bed with underneath drawers.

  • A completely different look. Round beds will give your bedroom a completely different look. Of course, your bedroom can still have a unique look even with a quadrilateral bed. However, rectangular and square shapes are so common. The circular bed gives your bedroom a new feel refreshing appeal.

  • Round beds are durable. Of course, the materials used will tell you if the bed is sturdy. You also should buy from reputable online furniture stores and shops.

  • Do not judge the comfort-ability of modern round beds. They are as comfortable as the normal forms.

Create a Romantic Bedroom

If you want a romantic bedroom ambiance, the circular bed is definitely a good choice. Create a cozy corner with your round bed so you can share intimate moments with your partner. To make your bedroom even more romantic, put a decorative table or floor lamp, an inspiring wallpaper, and draperies. Have shades of red in the bedroom for that dose of magic.

Challenges in Having a Round Bed

 Size. If you were worried about the size, it would be nice to know that these beds are also available in different sizes.


Mattress. You can check furniture stores online. Online furniture store LA offers a selection of round mattresses.

Linens, blankets, and pillows. Finding bed sheets, pillows, comforter that will go with its shape may be a challenge. This should not dishearten you because it is easier to find these items, as circular bed shapes are aplenty in the market.

Take a new turn and give your bedroom an exciting look. Get into the world of round shapes and see the big visual effect in your bedroom!



How Quality Modern Office Furniture Can Enhance Productivity

Great home furniture will make any home functional, organized, and comfortable. The same concept also applies to the office where quality and first-rate furniture increases productivity.

With excellent furniture, your productivity will take on a completely new level. This is why more office companies all over the world are providing their employees stylish, versatile, and ergonomic furniture. Here are the reasons why quality modern style furniture enhances employee productivity.

Excellent Quality Office Furniture = Increased Productivity

Uncomfortable office furniture makes you sluggish and tires you easily. It is annoying and disturbing. Most of all, it makes your work area messy. Employees lose their interest to work when surrounded by uncomfortable office furniture that greatly affects their productivity. Non-productiveness at work results to the lack of interest to be productive at home and even in social places.

  • Lively colors encourage enthusiasm

Office furniture in vivid colors lifts your moods. This helps increase productivity and eliminates stress.

  • Versatile

Versatile office furniture is multipurpose. An office desk with limited storage will leave you plenty of stuff on top of the table. Clutter adds to the stress particularly if you have urgent matters to finish. Pick an office table that has enough working space. Think of the items you need to put on top of the desk. Your laptop, phone, incoming and outgoing tray, pen and paper organizer, calendar, etc. A clean and clear tabletop helps you to think and concentrate better, allowing you to produce more.

If you need a printer or other office equipment near you, buy an L-shaped office desk. Having this equipment near your working table speeds up work. Some employees find it annoying when they need to get up from their desk to print something because it disturbs them to accomplish more work.

Choose an office desk that has drawers and shelves to accommodate pens, sticky notes, files and other necessary office items. It helps if the things you need are within easy reach. A clutter-free desk increases your productivity because the things you need are organized, making it easier to take it from the shelves or drawers whenever you need them.

  • Create zones.

This is not a big issue for big office spaces, as they have the pantry where employees can take and enjoy their breaks with a little chitchat. Not so with small office spaces. The solution for small office space, which also works for a home office, is to create zones. Create zones for professional and personal use. All workers need some balance in their work, personal or social lives. If you stay longer in your workstation like taking your lunch with your laptop and other office stuff, you make things harder for you. Office breaks help in refreshing the mind and allow you to breathe and be energized. Besides moving like, standing up from your chair will remove the lethargy that the body gets for sitting a long time.

  • Keep the office well-lighted.

Employees who work in an office space with windows receive more light exposure so they perform better at work and produce more. They also sleep better at night. On the other hands, employees working in an office space with no windows produce less work and are moody and irritable. They also do not get adequate sleep, making them tired and lethargic at work.

Exposure to daylight affects a worker’s stamina and output. If you notice that you are getting sluggish and are producing less, check the lighting in your office. Make sure that your workspace or home office have adequate light. Most modern offices are observing this today.

If you want to be more productive, check the above tips. Re-create your office space and make it livelier, organized, functional, and work-friendly with modern design furniture. Check the nearest LA modern furniture store near you today!

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