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I enjoy writing about interior design and trending furniture pieces. Furniture is fashion, styles are constantly changing!

Make Use of Colors in Furniture to Cheer up your Bedroom

Let me just say this — whenever I feel so tired and want to be alone, I seek the refuge of my bedroom. I will lie on my bed and snuggle on my pillows. Sometimes I just lie on my bed and stare at the ceiling or at a certain area in my bedroom.

Yes, our bedroom gives us something – call it in whatever name you want but once inside this room, you know that you are secure and happy. But how do you achieve to having a bedroom that will give you peace and contentment? Is it just enough to have a bed with a lot of pillows? read more

Living Room Furniture – What a Woman Says

Women will always have to look into every detail when it comes to decorating her home. Let us start to figure out what women say when it comes to furnishing her living room.

For women, space is a major requirement followed by comfort. It is because they love to invite friends for a chat as well as to host get-togethers. Designing her own living room can be likened to choosing her clothes.
There are three furniture categories that can gratify a woman’s taste.

Contemporary or Modern-Day Style of Furniture. Clean and contemporary lines that are rounded and angular speak of the modern furniture styles. One solid color that is bold or light can be seen in some modern sectional sofas. Materials come in leather although the favored options are those made of micro fiber. Women of today want a look of magnificence and so they would rather have furniture made of hard wood or metal. A warm pink well-appointed sofa with hard-wearing metal feet is appealing to career-oriented single women. Adding an ottoman to this ensemble will complete the mode of her living room. Sectional sofas can also get approval from these fashionable women provided that the furniture can be situated easily to complete the contemporary ambiance of her living room. read more

A Man’s Preference for Living Room Furniture

You may not know it but men have their own choice in designing their living room. It may be the color of the walls and the size but you can include a man’s choice for furniture.

Following are a man’s preference for living room furniture

Provide an absolute entertainment center. Most men like watching movies, sports events and listening to music. And not just listen; they are more pleased to get a good audio and video. This can be fully obtained if you have a sturdy and an entertainment center that can hold all the devices he has. read more