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Enjoy your Coffee Time with the 840 Stainless Steel Coffee Table with Artificial Diamonds

Known to giving modern furniture that spells class, LA Furniture Store continues to produce furniture that can make any homeowner proud. Modern furniture that is taken from its Italian and European-inspired fixtures is some of the products that the store offers.

One such product is the 840 Stainless Steel Coffee Table with Artificial Diamonds. Flower-patterned, this stainless steel coffee table has a polished top that emanates sophistication brought about by the complexity of its design and the excellent finish of its materials. It is available in a myriad of far above the ground shiny finish. This modern furniture proves to be useful and will suit any contemporary home.

In response to their objective of promoting and making available to the public contemporary furniture, LA Furniture promotes modern furniture which is not only of high quality but are also functional.

The artificial diamonds that comes with this stainless steel coffee table adds to its exquisite charm and gentility. The pattern of flowers that is created from stainless steel matches the polished base top and jointly was able to shape an outstanding furniture.

Inviting friends for a cup of coffee, this stainless steel coffee table will be a good sight for your friends as well as a good conversation topic. It will capture your friend’s hearts and eyes because of its daintiness.

Made of stainless steel, this coffee table can assure you that it is healthy to use. It is easy to clean without any worry of scratching if much weight was applied in rubbing it. Because of the stainless steel material, you are assured that it will not erode quickly even if it is frequently used and being exposed to liquids and other elements.

If you plan to invest on furniture, the 840 Stainless Steel Coffee Table is a good choice. It is, without doubt, durable, sturdy and a furniture that will get your guests’ attention.

The 548 Modern 4 Cabinet Buffet: Sophistication beyond structure and usefulness

Providing additional space for utility and storage purposes is the buffet cabinet. It also alleviates the status of your home décor. Also known as sideboards, buffet cabinet are commonly seen in the homes of the aristocratic people as they prove to be an indispensable piece of furniture in the dining room when entertaining visitors. This furniture comes in various styles that will absolutely suit the rest of your home design and fixtures. Since they are well-made and stylish, cabinet buffet are good items to venture in and likewise cheer your home up just like a work of art.

Sophisticated and highly serviceable modern furniture is the 548 Modern 4 Cabinet Buffet. Built from stainless steel, this cabinet buffet has four doors adorned with floral motifs. It does not take a lot of space in your dining room if that is your concern.

Manifested from the sophistication of the design is its excellent craftsmanship, the glistening streaks of the frame and the soft silky arcs of the floral patterns. Artistry and usefulness were put together with the 548 Modern 4 Cabinet Buffet as it is not only a functional piece of furniture but is equally uplifting the appeal of your home.

Adding beauty and daintiness are the wooden legs which delicately go together with the elaborate designs on the body of the cabinet.

Some people may regard it as having an antique fixture in their home. This is not so as can be seen by the 548 Modern 4 Cabinet Buffet.

This modern furniture has gone beyond structure and purpose. This is the objective of LA Furniture Store – to deliver to its customers good quality furniture.

Whether the theme of your home is conventional, country, contemporary or antique, this cabinet buffet will positively give your place a definitive aura that cannot be ignored by anyone.

The 402 Modern Chic Purple Platform Bed

Contemporary but characteristically elegant and sophisticated furniture are what LA Furniture Store presents to perceptive people.  The assortment of Italian and European enthused furniture which they sell is actually created by famous Italian designers.

Buying a bed needs close scrutiny.  You need to ensure that your bed will provide you the comfort that you need.  You do not want to end up with a sore back upon waking up, do you?  Another thing that you need to look for in buying a bed is maintenance as this is essential to keep it in a superb shape.

One such product that is offered by LA Furniture Store is the  402 Modern Chic Purple Platform Bed.  This bed is included in their unique collections Versus Ultra Chic modern furniture and is stylish and well-designed.  Maintenance is, likewise, trouble free.  The cloth, an exceptional purple silk and nylon, can be taken out without difficulty and can be washed.  Providing a full-bodied and relaxing sensation, the full purple silk and nylon material is knotted or tufted and was utilized in the headboard.  It equally wraps the whole of the bed.

The features of 402 Modern Chic Purple Platform Bed:

  • Size of the bed:  width 79.9”, depth of 85.8 and height of 47.6”.
  • Fabric is made of purple silk and nylon
  • Removable fabric for easy washing
  • Has a low to the ground platform appearance
  • Availability of corresponding bedroom pieces

The modern furniture of which the 402 Modern Chic Purple Platform Bed belongs to, boasts of fabrics that have passed severe quality assurance.  At a price of $1,999, you are definitely assured that this modern furniture bed will provide you the utmost rest you wanted in your sleep.  Remember that your bed will dictate the kind of rest you had for the night and waking up on a nice bed will start your day right!

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