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What Furniture will match your Living Room Brown-Colored walls?

Do you know that the brown hue indicates permanence and security? Perhaps those who chose to have their living room walls in brown do not even know this. Nevertheless, if you want to paint your living room walls in brown, choose the restrained shades like beige, light tan and mocha. The darker tones of brown must be used for adornments. And not only that, a darker wall will make your living room smaller.

Choosing brown as your main color in your living room will be more outstanding if you include these 3 things: proportion, space and positioning to have symmetry in the room.

• With brown colored walls in your living room, put green wall paper to make a distinction. These colors are not only nice to the sight but can very well blend with brown hued wooden furniture.
• Choose furniture that is brown but lighter in tone. Avoid choosing huge furniture in brown shade as this will create imbalance in the living room.

• Other fitment like huge cabinets, sofas, coffee tables and entertainment centers must also be of the same hue.
• Teal and greenish blue will also match your living room brown walls. Cushions must be of the same color while throw pillows can either be color brown or solid teal.
• Furniture that is in white will likewise harmonize with your brown-colored living room walls.

• For a completely brown theme, furniture should be chrome or clear acrylic chairs.
• Purchase neutral tones for your table lamp such as white, cream or beige.
• Choose neutral colors for curtains or drapes. Nonetheless, you can still use curtains or drapes that have blue or brown prints or patterns.
• Imagination is needed in choosing your adornments that will complement your brown-wall seating room. Make use of the three different hues of brown: light, medium and dark. Ornaments normally come in brown so this is easier and you can find a lot of selections in the market.

• Choose two sets of patterns for your decorations. For instance, your table linen or rug can have weave patterns. Then choose solid tones for your frames and rug. A combination of these outlines will get more attention.
• Lastly, brown-colored walls and aqua or teal is a perfect combination to create a superb setting for your living room.

How to have Accent Walls in your Living Room

Accent walls can give a lot of difference in your living room They are called such in order to get the attention of anyone entering the room. Accent walls also offer you the opportunity to provide your living room a touch of class. Listed below are a few suggestions on how you can get the most from accent walls.

Are there any rules on accent walls?

The objective of accent walls is to grab the interest of the person; therefore, it must be placed in the direction of the sight of anyone entering your living room.

In a living room where there is a lot of entry, put the accent wall in an area where the eyes are normally focused. For example, having a large window or fireplace can invite anybody’s interest. So, this will be your accent wall. Other items that can be your accent wall are furniture, a painting or a sculpture.

How do you to put together furniture and an accent wall?

A big sofa can act as your accent wall. Make it as your living room’s emphasis to build equilibrium. Next, arrange the other pieces of couch depending on their dimension. Each piece must be placed near the large couch to create a good area for conversation.

Put some space amid your furniture and wall. Putting a sofa table will prevent the couch to be pushed against the wall. You can put decorative items on top of the sofa table such as family pictures, pieces of art and any other knick-knacks.

Group of chairs even must be put together regardless of their size. They can be placed near the couch or put them together for an additional conversation area.

Sectional sofas must not be grouped together as they can build inequality in your living room because of their hugeness. Assign them in the other areas of the home.

Put an area rug as an accessory and to direct the way to your living room. Have an area rug with different hues or combine those with the same hue.

Have a coffee table to complete the design of your living room. They are very useful especially if you are to serve food during the conversation. Choose the appropriate size, though.

Always try to rearrange your furniture to remove the boredom. Moving them in different position will give your living room a new style. Bear in mind that the living room must give us comfort and should not bore us. Hence, make use of your imagination to make it cozier.

Natural Wood versus Lacquer Dining Room Furniture

Furniture has evolved from traditional to the modern types of furniture. traditional furniture has been known for using natural wood while modern furniture has incorporated other materials such as lacquer, fiber glass and plastic although wood is still being used. I have listed down some points to give you an idea on the advantages of both natural wood and lacquer dining room furniture.

The Positive Aspects of Real Wood

Furniture made of real wood always has the real wood furniture seal which is a proof that it is genuine. This can be seen in both furniture made of hardwood or softwood.

The first thing that you will notice with real wood furniture is the way it has been done. Made with skillful hands, you will see the intricacies that have been carefully and patiently carved regardless if the wood is soft or hard. Furniture made of hard wood, however, are quite expensive especially if they have creative carvings.

Natural wood is easy to sustain. All you need to do is to have a standard cleaning schedule to lengthen the life span of your furniture. Dust, grime and other liquids such as water, oil, etc. must be wiped up instantly.

Although most of the natural wooden furniture is expensive, you can still find wooden Italian modern furniture at a very reasonable price.

The Positive Aspects of Lacquer

Ordinarily utilized as a special finish for wood, lacquer hides the hue and mark of wood. Lacquered furniture is enveloped with polyurethane matter that gives the furniture its glossy or matte finish. Nevertheless, the glossy finish is still preferred by most. The tint and shade of the wood will decide on the type of finishing to be utilized, though.

Lacquer, similarly, safeguards the holes or breaks that are found in wood as well as giving a bit of freedom for the wood to breathe in the exposed area.

Hollows and scrapes caused by staining from hot cups placed on top are also prevented by lacquer by stopping the penetration of liquid into the wood. You still need to wipe it up, of course.

Lacquer furniture cannot be easily damaged by water, mild acids, oils, diluted alcohol, soap, ice and weather changes and barely loses its color.

To clean your lacquer furniture, spurt a soft cloth with a few amount of polish and use this to wipe your furniture.

Modern or traditional furniture offers a huge variety of choices. Select one that will blend with your dining room style as well as your lifestyle. The material used is a matter of choice, so whether you go for the traditional Italian,modern Italian furniture – only you can decide on this. The bottom line is you were able to buy the furniture that you wanted for your dining room.