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Armani Xavira Glam Bed — Sophisticated Furniture for the Modern Bedroom

Most modern beds are focused on design than comfort. A bed is a place to rest in — not just to look at. Are you having a hard time finding the right furniture that combines both? The Armani Xavira bed molds elegance in its simplicity and blends in with most contemporary color schemes.

Key points to finding the right furniture for your bedroom

Bedroom space is important prior to purchasing furniture. If you want to keep it clean and organized, less might be better. Platform beds are available in most furniture stores, so it shouldn’t be difficult finding the right one. The cost is also an important factor in looking for bedroom furniture. Affordable but high in quality furniture is a must if you want to invest in luxury furniture. It might be best to go for furniture sets to avoid ‘mismatch’ with the color scheme.

Armani Xavira Glam Bed has everything you need

This luxurious piece is definitely a bed you’ll come home to everyday. Think comfort and elegance. This bed has it all!

Armani Xavira Glam Bed

The Armani Xavira bed is made of high-quality materials to withstand constant friction and pressure. Just like most of LA furniture store’s products, this bed ensures 100% customer satisfaction with its contemporary design — fit for the modern minimalist and elegant lifestyle.

The champagne colored theme is perfect for neutral color schemes like pale yellow, cream, white and light mocha. A high profile headboard is surrounded with upholstered squares to add style to this furniture. High-gloss crocodile-like lacquer finish is used on the base and headboard frame.

To make it even more convenient, the Armani Xavira bed is also available for customization. Choose from Queen, Eastern King and California King mattress sizes with matching dresser, nightstands and an elegant mirror if you purchase this bed.

Armani Xavira Dresser

Armani Xavira Mirror and Dresser

Armani Xavira Glam Bed is the furniture the perfect combination of classy and chic.  This modern piece is a combination of elegant artistry and comfort. The subtle brown and texture of the materials used in making this furniture is worth every penny. So if you find yourself looking for a refined centerpiece for your bedroom, call our representatives and ask how you can avail of this timeless furniture.

Royal Dark Golden Bed — Taking Royalty to a New Level of Luxury

Tired of the usual bedroom set-up? Create a concept unique from any other! Unconventional designs like Sheik or rustic themes are interesting themes to get out of the standard bedroom design. But finding the right bed might become an overwhelming task. With Royal Dark Golden Bed, this centerpiece will be the least of your worries!

Royal Dark Golden Bed

Planning your bedroom theme

Before you start browsing for furniture, you need to have a concept in mind. Get creative and let your imagination pick out the best accents for your bedroom! Just keep in mind that colors, wallpapers and furniture should compliment your bedroom theme.

Why should you pick Royal Dark Golden Bed?

Your personal space should be a place of comfort, relaxation — and of course, sleep. But with the Royal dark golden bed, you don’t have to settle for less. The contemporary design of this bed suits almost any earth-colored bedroom themes. It’s stylish and comfort in one package.

Accented with its swarovski crystals along the headboard, this luxurious furniture is fit for royalty indeed! Using top of the line leather, this platform bed is sturdy enough to last for another 5 to 10 years.

Have this bed customized and choose from Queen to Eastern King bed sizes. Matching black circular nightstands are available individually or in pairs with 18”x28” and 20”x24” diameters.  You can also opt for squared nightstands in colors black and white, with or without crocs texture. Complete your furniture line-up with matching white chest to place your garments, excess pillows and bed covers.

Royal Dark Golden Bed: Black Round Nightstand
White Nightstand and Drawer Cabinet

LA furniture store is constantly evolving to meet any customer’s furniture needs. Not satisfied enough? LA furniture store also offer a wide variety of tables, chairs, platform beds, lamps and other unique collections for your rooms. With its contemporary flair for design, the Royal Dark Golden Bed is a sight to behold! Talk to LA furniture store representatives and ask for further details for customization and other services.

Karina Italian Leather Sectional Sofa Set — Save Space without Sacrificing Style

Is your sofa EVERYWHERE? Traditional sofa sets are bulky and will take most of your living room space. With today’s contemporary sofa sets, you need to upgrade your style, color scheme and yes, your furniture. Give your living room a new look with furniture radiating comfort, style and elegance — everything Karina Italian leather sectional sofa set has.

Karina Italian Leather Sectional Sofa

Before you purchase any furniture, you need to have a theme in mind. Are you going for traditional or contemporary color schemes? What do you want your living room to look like? What colors should you go for? These are just some of the things you need to consider first.

If you already have a concept in mind, next is furniture. Furniture sets make great bargains since the same theme applies at more affordable prices. The Karina Italian leather sofa set is made of the finest materials built for comfort and elegance.

Its simplicity is its edge. Unlike most contemporary furniture sets, Karina sectional sofa’s clean white exteriors leave an ‘organized’ impression. For minimalists, this sofa is a great centerpiece for modern living room schemes.

Its exterior is made of the top leather grain to prevent damage from constant friction and weight pressure. It also has a built-in foot adjustment if you want a more ‘reclined’ feel to your seat. Tiring day at the office? Just locate the foot adjustment button on the side and relax.

Karina Italian Leather Sectional Sofa (adjustable foot rest)

LA furniture store ensure customers get the most of their products. Browse through their line-up of furniture sets, platform beds, coffee tables, patio and other furniture needs for your home. Their range of contemporary to traditional furniture gives the best of everything you’ll need from living room to bedrooms.

Invest in furniture that blends contemporary design with modern comfort. Give your living room a make-over and steer away from conventional bulky sofa sets. Save room, save space and get more accommodations for large gatherings, parties or family quality time with this sofa set. The Karina Italian Leather Sectional Sofa is simplicity at its best. Get the best furniture deals in LA furniture store and ask our representative how you can avail of this product.

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