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Bono Modern White Dining Table — Save Space with Simple Contemporary Elegance

Bono Modern White Dining Table

You visit this part of your house more than three times a day. This is where you eat your meals, hang out with friends, take late afternoon teas or get some private time off the couch in this side of your home. All these are happening in your dining area. If you want a fresh and clean look to your dining area, then you’ll need a simple yet striking centerpiece — enter Bono modern white dining table.

Your kitchen area is one of the most visited places in your home. That’s why you’ll need elegant and durable furniture. Your dining table and chairs should complement its surrounding décor and concept. Just to be on the safe side, you might want to bank on neutral-colored furniture that can easily adapt with most concepts. Black, brown, white and cream colored furniture are great choices. read more

Get Away from the Usual with Palazzo White Leatherette Round Platform Bed

Palazzo White Leatherette Round Platform Bed

It’s time to look for a new set of furniture and take out your old ones. You probably had a picture in mind to go for conventional styles. Or you might be the type to go for simple but bold concepts. Whatever your taste, you need something that’s timeless. With Palazzo white leatherette round platform bed, you get the best of both.

With Palazzo white platform bed, it will never go out of style. Its round design saves space than conventional rectangular types. It features a headlight attached to the headboard for conveniently locating glasses or just act as a night light. read more

Egypt Modern Coffee Table — Multi-Purpose Furniture to Fit Any Style

Egypt Modern Coffee Table

A coffee table is completes the ensemble for an elegant and contemporary living room. Make a unique statement with this beautiful furniture and stand out from the rest. But where are you going to find quality and affordable coffee tables fit for your lifestyle? Egypt modern coffee table is a multi-functional and elegant piece to compliment any contemporary space.

In choosing the right furniture, you must consider budget, size, style and function. More coffee table designs are going for monotone colors like black, white, beige or brown. Square tables are classic and timeless designs with wider coverage than oval ones. Furthermore, square tables are vintage pieces to suit any modern living room scheme. read more