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LA Star 01 — Providing Quality and Trendy Outlook for the Modern Bedroom

If you’re looking for contemporary furniture for your bedroom, you might be just looking ONLY at the exterior appearance. Have you ever considered buying furniture that ensures lifetime stability worth your money? Could it be that you’re just looking in the wrong places to make this dream bedroom set into reality? Well, the LA Star 01 is your pick of furniture that’s designed for posh contemporary themes.

LA Star 01

Using quality materials over standard ones, LA Star 01 is your excellent choice of furniture. Crocodile eco-leather gives it stylish and unique take on contemporary bed design. High gloss black lacquer finish compliments the contemporary outlook of any bedroom design.

Chrome finished hardware gives a more detailed look for its modern take of designs. Additional features like LED illuminated recesses add luxury to this already unique furniture. The ‘moon’ headboard concept is a refreshing design that completes the unique concept of this furniture. Modular panels surrounded in eco-leather material with optional Swarovski buttons are also available.

You can have your own choices of mattress sizes like Queen and King sizes. Mini nightstands with one or 2 drawers are available for any bedroom convenience. Dresser with the same theme as the bed is also an exceptional piece of furniture for your garments, clothes and other personal necessities. Small mirror and wardrobe with 3 sliding might also be purchased to your liking.

LA Star 01 Dresser

LA Star 01 Dresser

LA furniture store ensures quality and stylish furniture. If you’re looking for durable and stylish furniture, then this is the place you should be.

This furniture is dedicated to your satisfaction. Radiating a relaxing ambiance makes it irresistible for your body to say ‘no’. Standard beds will just not do. LA Star 01 has all the excellent qualities of a contemporary bed, bringing reality to your dream bedroom. Call now and ask how you can purchase this amazing LA Star 01 bed for your pleasure!

B88 Black Full Leather Bed — Changing the Way You Look At Contemporary Furniture

Our furniture is also evolving with the times. If you’re seeking for modern comfort in the fast paced world, B88 black full leather bed delivers just that. This custom-made furniture settles well for a posh bedroom design with almost any theme. If you have a flair for elegance and simplicity, then you don’t have to look any further.

B88 Black Full Leather Bed

This furniture uses a monotonous color to suit any modern bedroom design. This bed guarantees satisfaction for anyone purchasing this luxury item. With its soft and welcoming exterior, any owner would be pleased to know that this bed offers style and comfort at the same time!

It’s made of sturdy materials to support heavy weight and pressure. Custom mattress sizes are available ranging from Queen, Cal King and Eastern King sizes.

Using top-of-the-line Italian leather material, B88 black full leather bed is covered in elegance and durability. Plush pillow-enclosed headboard eases relaxation while watching T.V and provides support if you’re reading a book. Contemporary black color suits any designs of your preference.

B88 Black Full Leather Bed with Drawers

Additional features include matching nightstands with drawer to store in your personal items. Two large drawers are also optional pieces that compliment this bed’s luxurious appearance. You can store in personal documents, reading materials, garments, pillow cases and sheets and many more!

Looking for contemporary furniture is easy. Of course, anyone would love to make their bedroom look updated — not outdated. LA furniture store offers innovative furniture that guarantees high-quality items. Their products are made to ensure that customer satisfaction is delivered to its highest form: sheer bliss. Now, finding the right furniture is just one call or click away!

This full leather bed is equipped for comfort and stability that let’s you enjoy long-lasting furniture. With LA furniture store’s items, you don’t have to worry about the ‘maybe’ and start enjoying the sure comforts of this bed! Let your next stop be LA furniture store and talk to their representatives on how you can avail the B888 Full Leather Bed.

Plaza Modern Platform Bed — Defying Standards of Modern Furniture with Elegance

Walking to a gloomy and boring bed everyday is not very appealing. Considering of buying a new and unique bed that fits you tastes? Well, make an excellent choice with Plaza modern platform bed. It’s a classy bed that adds sophistication to contemporary designs.

Plaza Modern Platform Bed

This contemporary bed design is elegance in its simplicity. The blend of colors is magnificent to look at — a unique quality that entices the mind to think of tranquility, good rest and relaxation.
You can never go wrong with furniture showing elegance in its simplicity. Plaza modern platform bed will never go out of style with its white leather finish. You can have your pick of mattress with this bed from Simmons Beauty Rest Firm, Plush and Pillow Top with your choice of sizes from Queen, Eastern King and Cal King.

If this is not enough, you have a wider option with this platform bed. You can change the bed finish with bleached oak, matte lacquer, stained oak and glossy lacquer. Just call the LA furniture store and talk to a representative for changes and pricing.

There are also additional furniture sets to go with your bed. One or two Accenti lacquered nightstands might also be added to this bed set depending on your preference (these are sold separately). You can also avail matching night table with light top with orthopedic base for added support. LED mirror is also an exceptional piece you can add to your posh bedroom.

Plaza Modern Platform Bed Mirror with LED

The superior quality materials used on this product is different from your regular ‘posh’ furniture. LA furniture store ensures quality products with 100% customer satisfaction. Meaning, you get what you paid for — and more!

Elegant, classy and contemporary. These are the characteristics that make this centerpiece the best of everything in a furniture. Made of only high-quality materials and splendid color combination, you can never go wrong with this bed! Make an excellent choice that never leaves quality behind. Make Plaza Modern Platform Bed your ideal cozy bedroom centerpiece you’ll surely love for life!