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Barocco Black Traditional Italian Bed — Better than Your Traditional Furniture

Are you having a hard time finding the furniture with designs to match your tastes? Well, you don’t have to look any further. Barocco black traditional Italian bed is designed for a stylish and luxurious bed fit for the royalty in you. The flawless and unique artistry is built with high-quality products that make this bed your perfect choice of furniture.

This traditional bed is made of high-quality materials enveloped in magnificent artistry. High gloss finish is used to give off the bed’s splendid design. It’s built with a black leather headboard using genuine leather inserts. Onyx ornaments embellished the headboard and footboard that enlivens a traditional theme with some twist of modern craftsmanship.

You can choose your own mattress with choices like Simmons Bed Rest Firm, Plush and Pillow top. With this, you can have it customized according to the mattress size you like. You can never go wrong with mismatched bed sizes with this furniture. There are three bed sizes to choose from: Cal King, Eastern King and Queen-size mattresses. Boxstrings are optional with choices of regular 9 inches high box vspring or low profile 5 inches box spring to ensure maximum support of the mattress. You can also opt for one or two classy nightstands to go with the bed. A dresser is available for storage of personal items.

You can call the hotline and have this wonderful furniture sent to you right away! Additional assembly might be required for this bed, so it’s best to ask a representative for detailed instructions. Get the set along with the dresser and mirror at lesser the cost. Get this dream bed that you’ll enjoy for years to come!

This bed narrows down your choices to the best there is to furniture. This furniture invites you lie down and relax from a stressful day from work. Give yourself a treat and lavish in the comforts that Barocco Black Traditional Italian Bed provides. Get high-quality furniture that only LA furniture store offers.

Tired of Traditional Beds? Take Comfort to another Level with Concorde Modern Bed with Storage

You have a perfect home in mind — and all you need to do is find the furniture that fits the bill. Your bedroom is your refuge from daily stress and long hours in the office. Everything in this room possesses a tranquility that becomes your daily refuge. If you’re going for comfort — might as well go for furniture complete with storage. Corcorde modern bed offers a complete package that deserves a spot in your bedroom.

Concorde Modern Bed with Storage

The modern beige and brown palette provides an ambience of elegance and modern design. Veneer finish gives it its sheen and glossy look. Concorde modern bed is built-in with multiple utility options. Aside from its contemporary look, this bed contains storage spaces around the bed where you can place in your excess pillows, sheets and other personal items you want within reach.

Four storage units are available for your convenience. Imagine how much you’ll be paying for separate furniture to store your extra pillows, pillow covers, books, clothes and so much more? It takes more space — and more money out of your wallet.

You can also avail nightstands (avail up to 2) and a dresser pick of 2-door and 4-door armoire. There are two kinds of dresser choices: double dresser with six drawers or a single dresser using 3 drawers. You also have your pick of mattress with size from Queen, California King (72 inches or 84 inches) and King (76 inches or 80 inches). A mirror with wooden frame is provided with this furniture set.

Wake up everyday in luxurious bed that fits your lifestyle. Concorde modern bed is made of high-quality materials, promising durability and customer satisfaction. Its artistic Italian craftsmanship combines simplicity and elegance for contemporary designs. It’s also a bed of convenience where accessible storage drawers for personal items. Get a bed that allows you to combine convenience with style.

Call and ask for a representative how you can avail of the Concorde modern bed with storage.

Alix Platform Bed By Rossetto — Luxury and Contemporary Combined

Your bed is your place of comfort and sleep. When you think about bedroom, your thoughts are directed to a soft and cozy bed. Choosing the right bed for your bedroom is more than just style. Comfort, convenience and quality are some qualities you have to look for. Alix platform bed combines high-quality standards with luxury in the comforts of a contemporary bed.

Alix Platform Bed by Rosetto

Alix modern Italian leather platform is just perfect for today’s contemporary bedroom designs. Its splendid theme gives its edge, setting it aside from your usual contemporary bed. The Italian craftsmanship gives its distinguishable impression of sleek bedroom furniture.

Its white covering makes this platform bed an elegant centerpiece that suits any bedroom. It’s draped in square pattern upholstery that is simple yet stylish. This bed is also equipped with German drawer glides where you can easily slip in your personal necessities. It’s built with 2-drawer nightstands that stand alone, 6-drawer chest for files, reading materials and other items and 3-drawer dressers for garments and clothing.

You can select through a wide selection of bed sizes from Queen to King size. Standard Queen-size bed measurements are W 69″ x D 91″ x H 35″ (standard) and W 69″ x D 91″ x H 43″ (tall). For King-size bed measurements: W 84″ x D 91″ x H 35″ (standard) and W 84″ x D 91″ x H 43″ (tall). The dresser and nightstand easily fits in small corners of the room. With the dresser and chest, your bedroom is complete.

Alix Platform Dresser

Alix platform bed guarantees 100% customer satisfaction. This bed gives all the right feeling to what a bed should be: comfort, style and sturdy. It wouldn’t be difficult finding to give this furniture a spot in your bedroom. It ensures relaxation unlike any other. Call a representative and ask how you can avail of the Alix Platform Bed now.

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