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Accents to style your living place

Accent Chair

Lending a “hand” to style your home

Adding a sense of modern style art to your home is the perfect touch to bring your home to life. This unique hand shaped modern accent chair can be used as a focal point or a sculpture for your living space. It is hand made in Italy, upholstered in full genuine leather with a wood base. You have the options of silver, gold, or white.

One way that you style your living with this accent chair, is by arranging it with glass, wood, or marble furniture pieces. Surrounding it with these materials will help the accent chair come to life. It can be the organic shape in a room of straight edges. The Sosia chair is the decor that you are missing in your living room or office space, who knew a hand, would make such a difference? read more

Out of the Box Gift Suggestions for Valentines Day


Valentine’s Day is not about the cards, chocolates or gifts. It’s about taking time to show your loved one how much they mean to you. However, a little gift is never objectionable.  Show your Valentine your love and appreciation by bedazzling them with a gift from LA Furniture. We have put together a few of our favorite items that we think your loved one will…well, love!

Gifts for Her

Your special someone works hard, so reward her with the tantalizing A&X Congress Transitional Red Crocodile Desk. She will adore the rich red lacquer and detailed laser-cut crocodile textured pattern. read more

Metallic Colors in Modern Furniture for a More Elegant Look

The design industry introduces the new neutral hues known as metallic colors. Metallic finishes were used in shoes…,




and even on wall paint colors.

Metallic colors were used on modern furniture pieces in order to give them a definite style and value. Take for instance an Italian classical piece where an antique gold leaf or silver leaf finish was used. Incorporating the metallic leaf design made the furniture to look more glamorous than its usual wooden presentation. read more