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Metallic Colors in Modern Furniture for a More Elegant Look

The design industry introduces the new neutral hues known as metallic colors. Metallic finishes were used in shoes…,




and even on wall paint colors.

Metallic colors were used on modern furniture pieces in order to give them a definite style and value. Take for instance an Italian classical piece where an antique gold leaf or silver leaf finish was used. Incorporating the metallic leaf design made the furniture to look more glamorous than its usual wooden presentation. read more

The Samera House: A Reflection of Frank Lloyd Wright Home Designs

Samera is a house carved and molded by nature with an elaborately designed entrance. This type of construction emphasized that the building is on a higher level than the entrance. As I entered the house, I felt as if the building was a separate entity from the entrance making it easier for anyone to see the upper and lower levels of the building. This feature is characteristic of the designs of Frank Lloyd Wright.

The Chinese lion sculptures found above the entrance to the door may represent the roles of the man and woman of the house. The female lion is on a higher level than the male and may suggest how the female gives much respect to her male counterpart. The form of the male lion also depicts how he protects his female lion. These pieces are interesting crafts of this house. read more

Decorating Your Home by Following the Principles of Design

Decorating a home can be done in two ways – either you hire a professional interior decorator or use your imagination and creativity to create something that you can call your own masterpiece. If you choose do it on your own, it is essential that you follow the elements of design, which are space, shape or form, mass, line, pattern, texture, light and color. These elements of design are components that can be incorporated in following the Principles of Designs.

Space can be architecturally defined by small or large areas or a combination of both. read more