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Space Planning and Design Basics

Designing your own personal living space does not require much skill as most think. I believe that everyone and anyone is capable of creating the perfect space.

Attention to detail gives each project a distinguished ambiance that embraces the lifestyle and personality of the client. Space planning is the first step to design. Every family and home is different, therefore the design of the space should reflect on both personality and style.

Begin by creating a floor plan on a small scale, as intimidating as this may sound it will make this much easier when you start picking out furniture pieces for the space. Starting with a floor plan is important because I have seen so many make a purchase of furniture pieces and once the furniture is placed in the room, they realize it just was not for the space. read more

Accessorize your space!

Accessorizing your home might be the last step, it is however the icing on the cake. For most people it is a little difficult to choose decorative pieces for their home since an accessory is not a necessity, therefor it is only considered last when designing or redecorating. Accessorizing is an easy and fun way to truly show individuality and character in a space. When it comes to furniture, you might not be able to purchase a fuchsia sectional, but if you love the color you can always incorporate decorative pieces such as an artwork, pillows or a vase. When it comes to choosing the perfect accessory for a specific space, consider the 5 easy steps to help you make the best selection. read more

Choosing Big Styles for Small Spaces

One of the rewarding things on being an interior designer is helping people make the most of their available space in a manner that would project style and harmony. As an interior designer, I would oftentimes encounter people asking professional help on designing their small spaces. As the modern times have seen the emergence of living areas with limited spaces, homeowners were also faced on how to design their homes in a stylish and more practical way.

Decorating your limited home space needs a lot of imagination, creativity and avoiding some old beliefs. Some may consider painting their walls in white believing in the old belief that it is appropriate for small spaces. Although white walls may give a sense of spaciousness, it will still look empty if it is devoid of any functional furniture or accessories. On the other hand, a room painted with daring colors and features two or three large accessories and proper lighting fixtures will get more attention. The size will be a secondary matter in this setup as the big pieces of furniture will draw the attention to the amazing harmony of style and color. Therefore, “big styles” must be followed for small spaces. read more