The Best Modern Bedroom Color Combination for Men

Choosing the colors for a man’s room is not difficult, as there are several fitting colors to choose from for the walls. Knowledge of the best masculine shades will lead you to make a perfect choice on designing your man’s modern bedroom.

Personal taste is the most vital element when picking a color for the bedroom. You need to know what your man likes and the best shades for men. Although colors have a big effect in one’s frame of mind, it is still recommended to pick the right shade from the palette. First, think of the colors and the moods that they exude. You also need to consider that each color and its various shades establish a unique atmosphere. So pick the colors that send feelings of warmth, dynamism or tranquility.

The Blue Bedroom

Blue provides the bedroom a tranquil feel. It calms nerves, particularly after a tiring day in the office. Your choices for blue vary from the classy ocean blue, sky blue, topaz blue, hot electric blue or powder blue shades. Adding lemon yellow or white with the lightest blue shade is a good combination. Another good modern bedroom combination is blue and gray. White or off-white stripped curtains will give a good effect when blended in with blue.

The Brown Bedroom

Brown is one of the best colors in a man’s bedroom. The amazing shades of brown will create a magnificent-looking room. Brown-colored walls blend nicely with wooden modern furniture. If your man wants a darker shade, then go for the chocolate-brown. Get a perfect-looking bedroom by pairing chocolate-brown with taupe. Taupe-colored curtains with bold, dark-brown pattern and walls painted in a mixture of chocolate-brown and off-white or taupe will make an excellent appeal. Have traditional furniture with natural finish to complete the setting.

The Gray Bedroom

Gray is a good option for men who want an elegant bedroom. Gray combined with the correct colors and complemented with the proper furniture and furnishings exude style and elegance. The color gray also allows you to have a bit of contrast in the color combination. Paint three sides of the wall in gray and use white, off-white, lemon yellow, silver, blue, teal, taupe, etc. on the fourth wall. Most interior designers prefer the shades of gray, such as: magnetic gray, ash gray, wolf gray, gray tint, charcoal gray, argent, stone harbor, green-blue and a whole lot more for a man’s bedroom.

The White Bedroom

If you are not sure of your man’s color, go for white. White gets the boredom, particularly if your man hates monotony. Select dark-colored modern bedroom furniture and décor to spice up a bedroom with white walls. Add a rug with patterns and use textured bedding to add color to the white bedroom.

The Black Bedroom

Black is an ultimate choice for a man’s bedroom. Use black and white paints for the walls and add some textured paint techniques to brighten up the room. Put in a few sleek funky-colored or black and white décor for a bubbly look. Zebra-patterned black and white curtains are your best bet.

Other colors that you can choose for a man’s modern bedroom include yellow ocher, green, orange and peach. Choose modern bedroom furniture to appropriately suit his style and complement the wall color combination. Don’t forget to add the striking illumination, the best wall décor and bold accent pieces for a truly magnetic masculine modern bedroom.

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