A Bohemian Modern Living Room Theme This Summer

Going Bohemian or boho as others call it will turn your living room into an exciting adventure space. The Bohemian design style cropped up in the late 1960s. Bohemian refers to the people from Bohemia in Central Europe, known for their different and unusual culture. It later took on a new meaning and now refers to travelers. The key element of the bohemian design is creative recycling or reuse. Bohemian design developed into different categories, such as boho-modern, eclectic, and crummy chic.

Creating a boho modern living room means building a totally different and personalized ambiance. Mixed colors, artworks, and mixing your own works are the best feature of this style. Use a white bohemian interior for a calmer living room. Go for vivid colors and patterns to achieve a Moroccan bohemian feel. Mix leather, wood, concrete, different fabrics, fur, plants, and other materials to create your modern boho living room. Mid-century modern furniture is a great choice as it mixes well with the boho style.

Setting a Boho-Modern Living Room

  • Incorporate mid-century modern furniture

If you cannot find Bohemian furniture, go for mid-century modern furniture. Mid-century modern sofas are elegant and timeless. It features defined lines, modest curves, and a splash of colorful accents. You can also use what you currently have. Shapes and sizes are not necessarily that important in this style compared to other styles of rooms.

You do not need to pick dainty furniture, but choose furniture that will engulf anyone. If you want to have lounges and chaises, choose those in dark carved frames.

  • Decorate with colorful pillows

The boho modern style combines vivid colors in a refined way. Have colorful pillows to add colors in your boho-chic living room. White and brown walls will have a cooler, warmer feel with colorful throw pillows. Let the vivid pillows attract attention. Avoid having other vivid elements in the room to prevent clashing of boldness.

  • Add a Bohemian rug.

A woolen rug will do if you cannot find a Bohemian rug. Make sure to pick a colorful rug to add beauty and to grab attention quickly. A patterned rug with a blend of bright colors, such as reds, oranges, and yellow is a sure hit. It also blends beautifully with neutral-toned wood furniture.

  • Accessorize your boho-chic living room.

Your accessories should speak about you and your family. Photos, paintings, personal collections like miniature wine bottles, vintage bottles, and other mementos from your travels are great accessories to have. Remember, Bohemian refers to travelers so your accessories should include items found all over the globe.

Keep your accessories simple. Do not go for stylish ones. Bohemian is not all about being glamorous but it is unconventional and uncommon. Avoid ornate mirrors or chandeliers.

To make your Bohemian-modern living room spectacular, let every piece of furniture tell a story. Your guests should not be able to identify where you bought the furniture.

Tips to show off the traveler in your modern bohemian living room:

  • Have a sleek sectional white leather mid century modern sofa.

  • Add a concrete coffee table and end table for that an industrial-rustic feel.

  • Give your living room a touch of sophistication with a contemporary TV glass stand with adequate storage.

  • Spruce up your boho-chic living room by adding a small bar cart.

By putting these styles together, you create the feeling that you and your family travel a lot. This further exudes style, confidence, and levels up your personal style. So what are you waiting for, get a Bohemia modern living room theme this summer!