Building a Family Entertainment Room with Modern TV Units


It is common to find the television unit in the living room in most homes. However, you can still create your own family entertainment room or area with the modern TV units. A separate family entertainment room creates an environment for your family to be closer and build family memories. If you do not have any extra room in your home for this, you can repurpose a space in your home like in the garden or garage. Adding comfortable modern furniture and personal keepsakes will make the space conducive to gathering and spending relaxing moments with the family and friends.e9020_07_dsc_1773Design the space according to your family’s preference.

If watching movies or TV shows is your family’s past time, design the room to make it look like a home theater. Have modern sofas with recliners or cup holders and iPod docks. Block out the windows with heavy, thick drapes and install a projection screen.


Buy a TV stand that can house your DVD player, DVDs/CDs, and other entertainment gadgets. Mount light sconces on your walls and mount rope lighting around the border of the room for a real movie theater feel. If the family enjoys gaming, then have a surround system, high definition TV set and multi-controller setups and gaming chairs.


Alternatively, if the family prefers to chat, read, or play board games, have comfy chairs, club chairs, chaises and have bookshelves. Do not forget to install reading lamps. jasper-dark-grey-05-dsc_5240Give the Room a Comfy Feel.

If you want the entertainment room to be a space where you can hang out, just sit or take a nap, or unwind, give the room a comfy feel.4087-cream-orange_3Recliners, chaise, sofa bed, bean bags or overstuffed sofas are great picks.


Ensure to have throw pillows…


…as well as an area rug. An area rug adds coziness in any room. It also gives the room a warm atmosphere.


Organize your family entertainment room.

Give the room an organized look. Have a coffee table with a pull-up tray, shelf and drawers.


A wall mounted modern entertainment center with plenty of storage will keep the room organized and prevent clutter, as you have adequate space to keep your media gadgets, remote, and other entertainment stuff. It will also save on floor space.

Have a Snack Station.

Eating snacks is very common whether watching a movie, a TV show or playing games. Plug a mini fridge and stock it with your favorite beverages.


Or have this coffee table that offers a space for your wine bottles and glasses…


…or a coffee table with electric chiller.


Place a bar unit where you can keep snacks, plates, cups, glasses, and drinks. Have a basket filled with candies.


Display family photos, mementos, etc.

Make your family entertainment room show your family by hanging photos, your children’s creations or art in school. Or even their medals, trophies, and certificates. You can have a map and color the places/countries the family has been to. Mount collages on the wall. Let the room be a reflection of your family!


There are certainly various ways to make your family entertainment room exciting and useful. Pick your choice from the wide selections of Los Angeles modern furniture and start creating your family entertainment room for the family to bond together even without having to leave home.

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