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How a New Sofa Can Do Wonders to Your Living Room

Let’s face it! There are times when you feel like wanting to change your living room look. This kind of feeling goes to whether you own the home or renting. Changing the look of your living space does not mean you need a complete overhaul, like making a home remodel. Sometimes, giving your living room a new feel and look starts with getting a new wall décor or having a new modern sofa. Getting a new sofa work wonders in the overall feel of the room!

Choosing a New Sofa for the Living Room

  • The Modern Sofa Color

Start with choosing a color. Pick something that aligns to your personal tastes. Make sure it blends with the other colors existing in the room. Choose a modern sofa that with just one look breathes comfort. This is the essence of having one, anyway, in the living room. You need a sofa not just for sitting, but also for relaxing.

The modern sofas are much more convenient and are more flexible. Modern furniture added new features, such as adjustable headrests, wide arms, a chaise, and a recliner, a back cushion that you can turn over with lacquered top featuring built-in cup holders, shelves, iPod rack, and more. There are plenty of features that would make sitting on the sofa feel good. Not only that, modern sofas have durable, comfy cushions. You have the option to choose between leather (genuine, bonded, or faux), and fabric. With so many choices, you are one step away in making your living room feel warmer, better, and more exciting.

  • The Size.

The size does matter so it would fit in your space. Why buy something when it will only drown your living room space? On the other hand, why buy something that is too small for your large space? You can choose a simple, minimalist design or an extravagant style but do not forget balance. Balance is very important.

  • Upholstery.

You have three options for upholstery — leather, microfiber or textured fibers. All of these are excellent materials, with pros and cons just like any other kind of material. These materials can easily blend in any existing décor, furniture, and living room theme.

  • Go Environment-Friendly.

Modern furniture manufacturers are now environment conscious, using environment-friendly materials, so you can find modern sofa sets upholstered in eco-friendly leather. Patronizing furniture made of eco-friendly materials is a big move to help reduce the use of fossil fuels in the furniture manufacturing process. This is great because you create an environment-friendly atmosphere in your home, which is great for you and your family’s health.

  • Cost and Quality.

These two factors are important when making a selection. Quality usually suffers if the item is a little cheaper, although you can still find a cheaper item that is of good quality. This is rare, though. Cost and quality normally go together.

Once you have listed your preferences, it is time to look for the online modern furniture store that sells modern sofas that suit your design and style needs and at very reasonable prices.

Modern Furniture Store

Lastly, which furniture store should you choose? Choosing the store to buy a modern sofa can be quite challenging, as there are plenty around now. You can pick one from the Net or just go directly to a furniture shop. (Watch out for my next post and get some valuable tips.)

Buying a new piece of furniture is a big investment. Regardless if you are buying a sofa set, a modern leather sectional sofa, a modern bedroom set, a dining table, make sure you are buying something that will last you longer. So, keep in mind the design and style arenot enough, you also need to look at the furniture’s long-lasting quality that you can see in the materials and how it was constructed.

Nightstand Selection Tips for a Modern Bedroom

A nightstand is an important furniture piece in the bedroom. It does not serve as a filler on an empty space between your bed and the wall or window. It highlights the look of your room and provides storage for items, such as a book, table lamp, alarm clock, mobile phone, and more. That is why you need to choose a nightstand carefully.

Choosing a Nightstand Tips

  • The Usage

First on your list is how you plan to use the nightstand. If you plan to use it as a storage, choose a nightstand that features 2 – 3 drawers or…

…single drawer and a single open shelf table. Another good option is a single drawer and cabinet nightstand. Alternatively, if you intend to use it as a stand to your table lamp, a small table with open shelf would suffice.

  • The Bedroom Layout

The layout of your bedroom is essential when choosing a nightstand. Considering this factor will enable you to purchase the nightstand that matches the size of your room. Measure the area between your bed and other bedroom furniture. Ideally, the nightstand should enhance the overall look of the bedroom, as well as allow easy access to items stored and placed on the table.

  • Pay Attention to Equilibrium

What do you want to achieve? Do you want to use the nightstand as an accent piece or just to be a part of your bedroom?

Depending on your answer, choose a bedside table that will either make a bold statement or harmonize flawlessly into the furnishings of your room. Placing a nightstand on both sides of the bed will give your bedroom a sophisticated and smart look.

  • Think of Proportion

Nightstands are usually square or rectangular. They are not too low or too high but of almost the same height with the bed. If you are buying separate pieces, make sure to choose an appropriate size and shape of a bedside table.


An inappropriate shape and size will attract attention instead of blend seamlessly into your bedroom look. For example, a circular shape table would eat more space. On the other hand, the Symphony Modern White Round Nightstand offers functionality featuring 2 drawers and a revolving top.

Rounded corners are great because it prevents you from banging on the corners. This is specifically true in a kid’s bedroom.

  • The Style

This will depend on your taste. What is your style? If you go for bold, then pick a table that is super styled or a low-profile look and blend it with your current bedroom furniture pieces.

  • The Height

Choosing a lower nightstand is difficult to reach while in bed and offers lesser storage space. A higher table allows you to get things from the tabletop, drawers, and shelves easily. Remember, though, not to choose a too high bedside table. A nightstand that has the same height as that of the bed is more appropriate.

  • The Design

This will depend on your bedroom theme and your personal style. The bedroom is a person’s private place. Therefore, you can incorporate the theme, style, and mood that you want. When choosing the design for your nightstand, make sure that it goes will with how you have dressed your bedroom. It may have a different design with your current bedroom pieces but it should still harmonize with the other furniture pieces. A very indifferent design will create much disparity, which is not appropriate to have in a bedroom. Modern bedroom furniture is available in designs and styles that can blend in any theme.

You can think outside of the ordinary, just make sure you do not overdo it. You should also avoid over decorating your bedroom to prevent it from looking garish or flashy. Remember that bedrooms should be quiet, tranquil, and peaceful.

Choosing a modern Italian bedroom set makes this job easier. If you really want to re-create the look of your bedroom, check the modern bedroom sets sale from modern furniture store Miami. You’re sure to get the item that you need!


6 Factors that Affect Modern Furniture Buying Trends

We know that furniture is an essential element in every home, office, and establishment. People have different reasons for buying a specific design and style of furniture. However, the modern lifestyles have contributed to deciding the kind of furniture to purchase. So, what are the factors that affect modern buying trends?

Factors Affecting Modern Buying Trends

  1. The Space or Type of Occupancy

The type of occupancy or the available space affects today’s modern furniture buying trends. Prices of real estate are getting more expensive that make people conscious of the lot area. Homebuyers look for multi-purpose furniture that is also space savers. To meet this need, furniture craftsmen build compact and space-saving furniture pieces.

  1. Furniture Versatility

Versatility or functionality is the biggest concern of furniture buyers. With this demand, furniture manufacturers create versatile furniture to offer more functionality. These include sofa beds with storage, modern sofas with shelves and cabinets, modern beds with storage, built-in nightstand, extendable dining tables, coffee tables with storage, and more.

With more people working from home, furniture that doubles for office use became necessary. Thus, you see coffee tables that also function as a laptop desk, or have a vanity table that doubles as a working desk.

  1. The Style

With the high price of real estate, homeowners content themselves to renovating their homes. The demand for interesting wall décor increased because these can transform the look of any room and are easy to install. This can be a painting, a wall art, or even a nice striking rug.

Aside from wall décor, mirrors are also in demand. Mirrors create the illusion of having more space so people use this to make their homes look larger.

  1. The Material

The material used to build furniture is another factor that affects modern furniture buying. People look for low weight furniture for easy handling and portability. Today, you will see furniture made of particle boards, veneer, plastic, aluminum, and metal. Furniture made of these materials attract people because they are affordable and easy to manage. However, these materials fail in comparison to furniture made of hardwood.

  1. Concern for the Environment

Furniture manufacturers also introduced eco-friendly furniture. These pieces became popular because of people’s awareness about climate change and other concerns. Although the eco-friendly furniture is expensive, the trend motivates furniture manufacturers to build them. Furniture made of recycled materials are also getting popular as they solve numerous issues like global warming and waste management.

  1. Method of Shopping

Online shopping attracts buyers primarily because of convenience. Online modern furniture stores offer various deals, such as bigger discounts, special events sale, inventory sale, seasonal sale, etc. This drove people to check on furniture online stores. Shopping online also offers more selections.

Shopping furniture online gives customers free delivery, with some including white glove delivery, good warranty, and better exchange policies that attract customers. Their presence on social media sites also makes them more popular to consumers compared to physical stores. Buyers get to have a preview of the furniture in all angles with the 3D view, as well as get the information they need through the product descriptions.

Shopping furniture online may be better, but there could be a glitch if you do not purchase from reliable modern furniture online stores. So, beware of online furniture stores that offer great promises. It would be better to check on the store’s reliability and presence in the modern furniture business.

One such online furniture store that you always rely on is modern furniture Los Angeles. This store offers a wide variety of furniture options for the different areas of the home and even for office use. They have several branches and has a huge design center in LA and showrooms in other US cities. With more people looking for stylish furniture, that promises comfort, functionality, and support, online furniture shopping will always be your best choice.