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Solve Storage Problems in the Living Room via Modern Furniture

Next to the dining room, the living room gathers the family together to enjoy watching a movie or a TV program, to play board games, or simply to chat. With these activities come items such as DVDs/CDs, remotes, paper for scoring who is winning the board game as well as glasses, cups, etc. Magazines and books are also scattered everywhere. Add to that are the toys of your toddler (if you have one who belongs to that age group). The result is clutter, mess, disorderliness and chaos after the activity. Solving this issue is simple.

First is to make sure that you have sufficient storage in your living room. Engage everyone to tidy the room after every activity.

Here are some tips on how to solve storage problems in your living room via modern furniture.

Ottomans are fitted with storage spaces either located on its sides or hidden. Open up its top and you can put items in it. Putting together the same size of ottomans can produce a bench style of seating. You can have them placed beneath the windows or on the hallway.

Contemporary sofas likewise provide shelves on its sides. A good way to keep magazines on hand as well as books, remotes, play cards, board games, etc.

Entertainment centers come with shelves for your other entertainment stuff as well as books. They also have drawers where remotes can be kept and other papers. Most of all, they come with doors to protect your equipment and stuff from accumulating dust.

Coffee tables have the most improvisations. Some are in modular designs, which can be rearranged to fashion various shapes. Their insides are depressed providing storage for your items. Still some has an L-shape design where the middle area is open offering free space. You can also find more revolutionary designs of coffee table that are in circular in form that features 3 levels of discs in various colors. The disc can be rotated providing room for items you want to keep. This is the new thing with modern coffee tables. They are built to be more functional that the old ones.

You can also have end or corner tables. These were also given a new touch that do not only serve as your table lamp table but can also house various stuff.

Have benches that have cabinets under them. Position them either beneath the windows or on the hallway. You can store shoes, old books, magazine, etc. To make it more appealing, have some throw pillows for a more homely look.

You can also opt to have a magazine rack or rattan baskets for newspapers and other periodicals.

Other tiny decorative items can be placed in the entertainment shelves or bookshelf. To save on space, you can have a fitted wall shelf for these items.

Provide a standing coat hanger on the entrance hall for jackets, caps, etc. Likewise, position a tall and slim rattan basket for umbrellas.

Order in the living room is made easier these days because of modern furniture. It makes one’s room and home organized. Nevertheless, you need to engage everyone to follow the rules of putting things back where they should be. One more thing that you should not forget is to have a bin for trash in a corner.

Choosing Between Small and Big TV Stands

Watching TV is probably the most favorite pastime of most people. We turn on our TV sets upon waking up to listen to the news or upon arriving from work or school. Apart from our TV set, modern technology has also introduced other electronic devices.

The size is one of the most significant factors to think of when buying TV stands followed by the materials used. Viewing will be more enjoyable if you have a good stand that supports your unit well and complements the rest of your living room furniture.

There are two sizes of TV stands – big and small. Let us check their differences.

Big TV Stands

A big living room is ideal for a big TV stand as well as a large unit. This will support the weight of your unit appropriately. It also provides ample storage like shelves, drawers so other entertainment devices may be placed like your DVD/CD player, music player, or audio systems. You can even have storage space for your remotes, shelves for DVDs, books and magazines.

Advantages a big TV stand

• It is spacious
• offers more storage spaces for your other accessories; thus giving order in your living room
• gives the viewers the thrill in watching a movie or program, as the screen is seen clearly and fully for the vastness of the space
• creates an idea of the homeowner’s classy taste for furniture

Small TV stands

Small TV stands do not need a big space yet can house your unit and other electronic devices.

Advantages of small TV stands

• ideal for those living in small spaces such as townhouse, condos or apartment.
• easy to set up
• most have wheels, thereby allowing you to transport it to other areas of your home
• ideal if you want a small TV set in the kitchen or in the bedroom
• provides more shelves for your other bits and pieces

Knowing the advantages of both stands, however, is not enough.
You need to know your requirements and this will depend on the size of your TV set and the number of entertainment gadgets that you have. When buying a stand for your set, you must not only think of your entertainment gadgets but also something that can accommodate other bits and pieces in the living room.

Even a small space can have a moderately-sized TV stand to put order in the living room. This will save you from buying another bookshelf or cabinet for your other stuff, as the stand can keep these items.
You also need to check the height, which should be neither too high nor too low so watching a program or movie will be at eye level.

Additionally, it should complement your other furniture as well as your living room theme. TV stands are now created using different materials. We have the glass TV stands for a more contemporary appeal and the traditional wood TV stands are still very much in fashion. Some make use of metal and steel. Whatever you choose, always make sure that it is capable of supporting your entertainment gadgets, is reasonably priced, durable and long lasting.

Light Color as Your Home Theme

Choosing a light color for your home theme can make it look spacious. It likewise exudes an optimistic and radiant atmosphere even in non-summer months.

A light color themed home can suit any home style whether country, contemporary, bold or traditional. Light colors are easy to blend with other colors without sacrificing elegance.

Here are some furniture tips for a light color theme.

The Country Style. Furniture made from natural wood is a good choice. Ashen or gray tones will also blend well with light colors. Pale colors and patterned throw pillows or table runners can likewise contribute to the country appeal of the home. I would suggest that you look for floral patterns for your curtains, drapes or blinds. Even throw pillows can have these patterns. They will make your home style stand out for its rusticity and freshness. The light color theme suggests an environment of cleanness, which blends well with floral prints. Add some greens like plants for a better effect.

The Contemporary Style. Light colored walls can be given a state-of-the-art appeal when combined with black or red. Thus, choose black or red sofas. You can opt to have red sofa with black stripes or the other way around. Black and the light color of your walls harmonize well and allow you to add other colors as both will go with with any hue. Most modern furniture is in black, as it is most associated to having a contemporary look. Again, the combination of light color with black allows you to put in more shades in your home. If you prefer to have your furniture in black for your light colored wall, get a red rug to bring life and passion in the room.

The Traditional Style. To suit your light color theme and the traditional style of your room, you can have furniture in beige or off-white. When we talk of traditional, we think of orderliness and primness. A light color theme blended with soft colors beige and off-white construes a pure and immaculate setting. You can have a bit of disproportion by choosing a diverse color for your other accentuations.

The Bold Style makes use of light and dark hues that sends feelings of being daring and brave. A darker shade of furniture is more appropriate. Use neutral tones for your accessories to establish thrill and passion.

By studying the color chart, you will be more exact in choosing the hues that will accentuate your light colored home. Try mixing up the colors. An accent wall with splatters of color will add zest to your room.

Match the colors on the wheel. You can also request a few swatches to bring home so you can better decide which color to match in your room especially if you do not plan to have a complete furniture overhaul. Apply ingenuity to make a varied style in your home – then you can call it your real home design. Most of all, you can bring out your individuality by being inventive.