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Choosing the Right Ottoman

After a busy day, all we want is to sit down, rest our back, have a glass of lemonade and put our feet up. The last thing is perhaps the best part, where you can stretch your legs. Putting your feet up even when watching TV or reading a book seems to be more relaxing and it gives a nice feeling.

This is where the value of the ottoman comes in. Some people may use the coffee table or a chair. The first option can damage the coffee table especially if it has a glass top. The second option will block the view of whatever it is you are watching aside from blocking the way. On the other hand, an ottoman gives you the pleasure to stretch your legs by putting your feet on its top as well as being functional.

Armless and upholstered, ottomans can be in the form of a seat or a bench. Some are designed with a single base while others have decorative feet. There are those individuals who use it as a footstool. Since it is hollow inside, you can keep some of your stuff inside. It is a piece of furniture that is useful for a small home.

Ottomans can be made either in leather or in fabrics. They are also available in various colors and shapes.

When choosing your ottoman, make sure that its size matches the height of your sofa or chair where it will be paired. Your choice must depend on the support and comfort that it can give the user not just for its look. If buying will depend only on its appearance, what then is the essence of buying an ottoman?

You can select between a light or heavy ottoman. Some would prefer the lighter ones while others would opt for the heavier ones. Still others would prefer a bigger and wider design.

You can select the style, as they come in different varieties. Ottomans with a single base that are made of textured fabrics and rich colors are good options for warm and cozy rooms. Those with legs can blend well with any seating furniture although you may think of getting an ottoman that is unique.

Many prefer those made of leather, as they find it more durable and long-lasting. Newer designs are available for ottomans. Some modern ottomans are in full leather espresso with secret storage compartment and flip up end table. Some can also be used as a coffee table.

Designers have thought of ways to redesign this furniture to make it more compact and to occupy less space. You can buy it as a separate piece or together with the sofa. Most chaise lounge of today has ottomans in the set.

By the way, an ottoman is not only for the living room. It can be used in any room, like your bedroom or the patio. You can even find designs suitable for kids.

The shape, style, material and color of the ottoman will definitely create or add a different look in any room where you want it to use.

Tips on Buying a Chaise Lounge

Chaise lounges are nice to have in any home. They offer plush seating furniture because of their overloaded cushions and lavish upholstery. Their presence adds to the warmth and welcoming feeling of your room. It is also an attention-getter and shows off a bit of your individuality.

Chaise lounges can be placed in the living room, bedroom or patio. A restful reading corner will be complete with the presence of a chaise lounge.

This furniture adds livability in a room and can set the mood of your home whether you choose the traditional ones with muted colored or the contemporary ones with an assorted blend of colorful materials.

Following are some tips to help you on buying a chaise lounge for your home.

1. Read magazines on interior design or online furniture stores. They will be able to help you check on the latest styles and designs on modern chaise lounges. Whatever home theme you have, you definitely will get some ideas and tips on how to get the chaise lounge that will complement the theme of your home.

2. Evaluate where you want to position the chaise lounge then get the dimension of that area. Since this furniture is available in a myriad of sizes, it is essential that you have a space that can accommodate the chair.

3. Write down the colors, materials, and fabrics of the furniture in the room. It would be wise if you can get a swatch of the fabrics (you can cut a small piece underneath them). For the wall color, you can pain a small piece of paper. Otherwise, take a picture of your living room, bedroom or patio.

4. Visit the physical stores of the online furniture shop or visit your local store. Remember to bring the swatches, pictures and paint color with you. Make certain to check the chaise lounge. Examine if it functions well. Check its comfort-ability and evaluate if it will blend with the rest of your room furniture.

5. Evaluate the kind of material or fabric that suits you. Chaise lounges are made of varying fabrics like suede, leather, cotton, faux fur, and canvass. Select one that will blend with your home theme as well as one that is appropriate for your needs. Leather is a good choice if you have children or pets around.

6. To improve the back support and comfort of your chaise lounge, have some throw pillows. Pick those that have the same shade of color. You can also choose those that have a bolder shade. A throw pillow that will match or highlight the color of the chaise will further add to its look.

You can have a romantic atmosphere in a corner with an upholstered traditional chaise lounge. A lush-looking chaise can make the room look elegant and classy.

Having a chaise lounge in the bedroom will not steal the role of your bed in the room. It will be an added adornment, as a tickle in your overall decoration. You can have it instead of the usual sofa and while away your time to do some reflection or read a book prior to going to bed. Chaise lounges are not meant for sleeping but are clearly for relaxation purposes.

Select a chaise lounge for its usefulness. An additional seating will benefit any room in the home as well as add a convivial atmosphere in it. A chaise lounge that has an inimitable style can give your room a striking appeal to contribute an interesting mood in the home.

Bring Harmony into Life via Different Colors in your Living Room Furniture

Some homeowners make use of other stuffs like rugs, fine-looking wall mirrors, wall decors, curtain tassels or tie-backs, or rugs to refurbish their living room. Others buy expensive items thinking that it is the key to make the room look new and fresh. However, there is a cheaper and simpler way to do it and that is to have different colors in their living room furniture but all must be in harmony.

To harmonize your living room color with your furniture, check its surrounding, as this will give you a hint on how to go about it. Following are some non-expensive tips on how to bring harmony into life via different colors in your living room furniture. You can also refer to the color wheel but bear in mind that you need to have a maximum of three colors only to make it look good.

If your living room has a nature theme, you can use tints of blue and use white for accents. This color combination supports a peaceful and calm effect.

Harmonize pastel hues like pale lavender and coral pink. Use tangerine for accents to make it more radiant. The walls can be painted in blue and have modern furniture with green upholstery. The colors will make your living room look brighter.

Earth tones can also be used which can go with an autumn appeal. Shades of brown, creamy or dark, can be mixed with different creamy colored-tones to make the room cozier and warmer. You can have accent walls in autumn orange, tawny red, gray and black.

Lavender with some tints of soft red and a deep shade of purple can make a bit of disparity that provides a restful and gentle appeal. Use soft yellow, sage green or olive for accent colors. Putting together the dark tints of green and the bright tints of yellow will put drama in your living room. On the other hand, the creamy tints of these colors provide a serene effect in your room.

You can also make use of earth tones that are monochromatic. All of these fall under the nature colors category. However, if you do not like these tones, then opt to have green instead. Green suggests life; similar to spring. Blend it with your modern sofa in soft tints of yellow and purple throw pillows.

There are many choices of furniture to balance your living room color. These are available from online furniture shops and your local store. You can select from the various designs and colors that have a modern, contemporary, traditional, or transitional style.

Choosing to buy modern furniture is not at all expensive contrary to what others think. They were built to sit anybody’s budget. Apart from being affordable, they are also created with elegant and attractive designs.

The secret in harmonizing color in your living room furniture is to focus on a specific idea. Bear in mind that you wanted to have a peaceful and restful appeal in your living room and let this guide you in your choice to give your family and guests the feeling of calmness and harmony.