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Play with Colors to Add Zest in Your Bedroom

What is a bedroom? A bedroom is a private room where you sleep at night and relax during the day. It is your especial place where you can be yourself without anyone staring at you. It is your especial nook where you can do all the antics you wanted to do with no one bugging you or laughing at you. Most of all, it is your shelter when you feel threatened, frightened and alone.

Having said this, don’t you think it is about time to check if your bedroom provides the atmosphere that you need? Well, aside from furniture, you can achieve this if you play with colors to add zest in your bedroom. read more

Home Lighting Fixtures

The proper choice of lights can make a big difference in any home. Even with simple furniture, your home can look splendid if you know how to play with lights.

There are three kinds of lights that are used worldwide.

Universal Lights are the lighting fixtures that are mounted onto the walls and ceiling. A good example of this kind is the chandelier.

Task Lights are the desk or table and stand lamps. These lighting fixtures prevent us from getting eyestrain.

And finally, the Accent Lights, which are utilized to focus a piece of furniture, wall painting, photograph or a fireplace. They are also known as ornamental lights. read more

Bedroom Lamps Suitable for Reading

Your bedroom may be complete with the needed furniture but may lack one essential item. One of the fixtures that a bedroom needs is a lamp. This can create a different ambiance in the room. Bedroom lamps are essential for those who share a room like students living in a dormitory.

There are certain factors, which you need to consider when choosing bedroom lamps especially if you share the bed with your spouse or partner. You should be able to change the lamp’s position depending on your choice. It should not blind or disturb the person sleeping beside you. read more