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Bedroom Lamps Suitable for Reading

Your bedroom may be complete with the needed furniture but may lack one essential item. One of the fixtures that a bedroom needs is a lamp. This can create a different ambiance in the room. Bedroom lamps are essential for those who share a room like students living in a dormitory.

There are certain factors, which you need to consider when choosing bedroom lamps especially if you share the bed with your spouse or partner. You should be able to change the lamp’s position depending on your choice. It should not blind or disturb the person sleeping beside you.

Here is a list of choices:

The most useful lamp for reading while on bed is the headboard lamp. It will give you the adequate illumination you need while reading as it is positioned appropriately.

Offering more comfortability anywhere you want to place it is the clip lamp. Attaching it to your headboard does not require any help from your electrician. It is so simple that even you can do it.

The Brushed Steel Double Arm Lamp is perfect for those who have the habit of reading prior to sleeping. Designed beautifully, it provides appropriate illumination while reading. You do not need to move a lot since its arms can be altered.

Placed on your bedside table is the nightstand or simply called the table lamp. It can also be situated close to the wall and just a few inches at the back of your head. If you do not want a nightstand, then choose a wall sconce. Put it in the same location to avoid any shadows.

Have a small table lamp in order not to disturb your spouse from the light. Make certain, however, that it can be angled to different positions.

You can also opt to buy a 3-way bulb stand lamp. With this type of bedroom lamp, you can tone down the intensity of the lights. To direct the light to your book or magazine, place a fixture on your wall just above your head.

Always consider the situation when buying bedroom lamps. There will be no issues if you are the only one using the room. But if you share the room, you naturally should think of the other person. Check the light first before you finally go to the cashier and pay for it. By doing this, you will be able to see the amount of light it sheds. You also do not want to be disturbed by the illumination if you are about to sleep.

Having a dimmer switch will likewise make things easier. You can tone down the brightness and turn it off without waking your spouse.


Hence, have a lamp in your bedroom to enjoy what you are reading. With the bedroom lamp, you can continue reading the novel to your heart’s delight without bothering your spouse or anyone who is with you in the room. Bedroom furniture will likewise be accentuated by these lamps.

Bedroom Furniture: Protect them from your Cats and Dogs

The love we have for our pets is partly to blame why they make a mess inside the home. Some people even allow their pets inside their bedroom. They want their pets beside them. There is no problem with you allowing them inside your bedroom since it is your own sanctuary. However, once you notice that your furniture gets scratches and your room is starting to smell unpleasant, that is the time you blame your pets for it. So what is the best thing to do in times like this? Well, it is very simple; discipline your pets.

Implement the following tricks and see the big change in your bedroom.

As I have already mentioned, discipline your pets, the way you do it to your children. Start the training while they are still young.

Reprimand your pet if you see him on your bed. Adapt different tones of voice. A tone that will show you are angry or upset and another to show that you are happy. Do not go into the habit of giving your pet a whip or a beating. You can also drive him away from your bed by spraying some water; this is very effective for cats. This will get your pet to understand that the bed is not for him.

Give your pet his own sleeping area and let him know that this is where he can lie down. Put a rug or a blanket on the floor and tell him that this is his own bed.

If your pet is a dog, get him a crate or use enclosures. Dogs love to move from side to side so get him a crate where he can do this as well as stand, sit and snooze. Your pet dog may whine during the first nights, as it is still adjusting; nevertheless, do not pay attention. Tell your pet dog to relax and let it get used staying in the crate. This will also teach your dog to sleep on its own.

If you have a cat, buy a cathouse. This will serve as its bedroom. You can get this item from pet shops,

For your cat, let him have his own cathouse where she can take a snooze or just lie down quietly. Cathouses are partitioned making them good if you have two or more cats.

Cat trees give your cat a place where it can climb, play and run. These will keep it busy and will stay in the cat trees than on your furniture.

Keep your pet busy with pet toys. It can likewise keep its claws busy and will have fun playing with it.

As much as possible, do not let your pets inside your bedroom. Let your pet know that he is not allowed inside your room.
Lastly, give your pet a bath regularly. Buy him pet shampoo and sprays to eliminate its bas smell.

Start the training while your pet is still young. It is actually much the same as when you training your child to do things. Of course, you need to have patience in training your pets. Nevertheless, make your pets understand that they must follow your rules. Likewise, do not give your pets a whipping but talk to them. Once you have built this understanding with your pets, you will be confident that they will not destroy your furniture.

Furniture for a Brown-Themed Bedroom

Having brown as your bedroom theme may seem incredulous to you; however, there are a lot of fascinating things with this color. Its dark tones can be used as an accent wall alongside its lighter shades.

Some people do not want to use brown as their bedroom theme, as for them it is a dreary color for this area. The trick lies in the colors that you will blend with it so your room will not look dowdy.

As I have mentioned above, brown can be mixed with its different
shades. The other colors that can blend well with brown are as follows:

Green mixed with brown conveys an earthy appeal. When these two colors are matched, they exude life, action and affluence, too. You can use this combination on your walls by having soft green on your brown walls. Wallpaper in green that is placed alongside your brown wall brings relief to your tired eyes and body.

Since brown is of a neutral shade, it can be blended with white, also a neutral color. However, use the off-white hue.

Feng Shui specialists suggest having blue furniture with your brown walls. Wood is represented by brown and water is represented by blue, which conveys newness and dynamism.

Other colors that can be matched with a brown-themed bedroom are light yellow, beet red, orange, dark purple and gray.

Matching furniture with brown-themed bedroom:

A bedroom that has an all brown theme would look droning. If you want to adapt an all brown theme, make use of its other tones. Use dark brown furniture if the walls are of lighter shades.

Decorations must have a touch of white such as white-bordered frames for pictures or paintings. Bed linens can also be in white color.

If you have chairs in your bedroom, ensure that the upholstery is in brown. Again, remember that if the wall is of a lighter shade, then your chair must have the darker shade of brown.

Curios can be placed in rattan or wicker baskets. Use blinds made of rattan if you have these wicker baskets. You can still use drapes and curtains though but they should be cream-colored.

Having a red rug can make your bedroom more warm and inviting.

Put plants in your bedroom. This will complete the freshness of your room. However, select plants that need less sunlight and less watering especially if you do not have much time to take care of it.

Have scented candles to enhance your bedroom’s ambiance bringing in more kindness.

Looking for furniture that will match a brown-themed bedroom is not at all difficult. What you need is to understand what the color means in order to blend it well with other colors. Your room, furniture and decorations need not necessarily be balanced; you can also create some disparity to make it a bit intriguing.

Your bedroom can still adapt a contemporary, traditional or country style with brown as your theme. You can show it in your choice of furniture and furnishings. Whatever design you want for your bedroom, be sure that you are happy with it and that it speaks much of your personality.