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Bedroom Furniture: Protect them from your Cats and Dogs

The love we have for our pets is partly to blame why they make a mess inside the home. Some people even allow their pets inside their bedroom. They want their pets beside them. There is no problem with you allowing them inside your bedroom since it is your own sanctuary. However, once you notice that your furniture gets scratches and your room is starting to smell unpleasant, that is the time you blame your pets for it. So what is the best thing to do in times like this? Well, it is very simple; discipline your pets. read more

Furniture for a Brown-Themed Bedroom

Having brown as your bedroom theme may seem incredulous to you; however, there are a lot of fascinating things with this color. Its dark tones can be used as an accent wall alongside its lighter shades.

Some people do not want to use brown as their bedroom theme, as for them it is a dreary color for this area. The trick lies in the colors that you will blend with it so your room will not look dowdy.

As I have mentioned above, brown can be mixed with its different
shades. The other colors that can blend well with brown are as follows: read more

How to Choose Bedroom Furniture

When designing your bedroom, it is a must to consider not only the color but also the furniture. All of these should blend and most of all, both should give you the ambiance that you wanted to achieve.
Choosing your bedroom furniture is a big factor in making the room conducive to resting and sleeping.

Here are some guidelines when choosing bedroom furniture.

Give importance to the color and the shade of the furniture. Color and shade are two different things. Color pertains to the basic like brown, blue, etc. while shade refers to its being dark or light. It is always suggested that the color should speak of your personality. If you are bubbly, then choose something that corresponds to that persona. Likewise, the color of your bedroom walls will dictate the furniture color. As I have said, equilibrium is necessary. Therefore, if your bedroom wall is blue, then you can choose furniture with the same color but of a different shade. However, you also must remember that bedroom furniture must have colors that suggest serenity. read more