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The Proper Material for Your Living Room Sofa

Natural and synthetic are the two kinds of materials used for living room sofa. By knowing the features of these two materials, you will be able to decide which suits you best.

The Natural Materials

These are characterized by their softness, silkiness and velvetiness. Cotton, linen, rayon, wool and silk are all natural materials that are satisfactorily convenient for cushions. Maintenance, however, takes more time, which is its only drawback. Weather changes affect these types of materials. read more

Italian Design at Realistic Prices

LA Furniture’s often overlooked gems are the exceptionally-made Italian designs, which are high-end concepts at reasonable prices. The products from our featured companies, such as SMA Mobili Spa, Camelgroup, Dima Salotti, Calligaris, and Rossetto are the real thing – made and imported from Italy. Come to our showroom to experience the fine Italian design and quality manufacturing first-hand.

SMA, combining the latest technologies and best materials with the skill of the top Italian craftsman and designers, is able to produce high quality furniture while maintaining a mid-range price. Our store features the cream of the crop of their bed sets, which are in stock and able to deliver to you right away. If the configurations we stock are not quite what you are looking for, we can special order anything for you straight from the factory in Italy; SMA pieces are all highly customizable. read more