Why Choose a Round Dining Table?


Although sharp angular dining tables are still very visible, round dining tables are becoming very popular, too. In Feng Shui, round or oval dining tables are said to build more harmony in the dining room. It further suggests that light colored dining tables or tables with a yellowish are good choices.

t8958-3If you do not agree with what Feng Shui says, you may want to consider having a round dining table for the following reasons.


The Practical Side of a Round Dining Table

It endorses a more social ambiance, as there is no need to stretch your neck to look at the person on the other end of a rectangular table.


The use of round dining tables dates back to Arthurian legends. It was preferred so as to avoid putting anyone in a much higher position that the others. This set up is very conducive at home, where families need to enjoy a casual dining experience. With its round shape, everybody can participate in the conversation and can see each other’s face well. With this social aspect of a round dining table, even the youngest member of the family can take active part in family conversation.


It is also suitable for round table meetings or discussions. A round dining table allows you to see the conviction in the eyes of your staff included in the meeting.


It creates a more intense sense of closeness regardless if it is for a romantic dinner or a family bonding dinner. This is also the reason why restaurants prefer to have round tables as it encourages interaction between the people around it.


It can always accommodate more than the required seating capacity. It is easier to squeeze one or two persons as long as you have available dining chairs because of its non-angular frame.

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It is ideal for a family with children because of the absence of sharp corners. Although the angular corners can be covered with padding protectors, round dining tables keep its beauty without these pads and hurting people, particularly children. Adding some soft circles and curves is also a welcome and a new visual break from the usual straight lines.

round outdoor dining tableIt saves on space. Round dining tables can fit effortlessly into any type of dining setting. If you have a limited space, you can get a modern extendable round dining table. This kind of table features adjustable leaves on its ends, allowing you to spread the leaves when needed. When the leaves are spread, you can push the table against the wall to have more space in the dining room and still accommodate people around it.


It is versatile. Round dining tables are usually supported by a pedestal that allows more leg room under the table. Some may feature a triangular pedestal with the base at the center of the table top and the legs do not get in the way. This feature is suitable if you plan on playing any card game or board game with the family or guests.


Modern round dining tables are not limited to having 6 or 8 persons sit comfortably around it. You can find larger sizes that can sit 10 or 12 people comfortably. However, you need to take into consideration the dimension of your dining room prior to purchasing a big size round dining table.

8TF005There are several reasons why you need to choose a round dining table for a change. The above mentioned reasons are the most common, but it is still essential to consider your needs and preference. Remember that dining tables are not only used for dining purposes. They are also used for board games, doing homework or tutoring your children with their homework, finishing some office paper works, working on your laptop, etc. Always consider your family’s needs when buying a dining table to maximize your purchase.

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