Choosing Big Styles for Small Spaces

One of the rewarding things on being an interior designer is helping people make the most of their available space in a manner that would project style and harmony. As an interior designer, I would oftentimes encounter people asking professional help on designing their small spaces. As the modern times have seen the emergence of living areas with limited spaces, homeowners were also faced on how to design their homes in a stylish and more practical way.

Decorating your limited home space needs a lot of imagination, creativity and avoiding some old beliefs. Some may consider painting their walls in white believing in the old belief that it is appropriate for small spaces. Although white walls may give a sense of spaciousness, it will still look empty if it is devoid of any functional furniture or accessories. On the other hand, a room painted with daring colors and features two or three large accessories and proper lighting fixtures will get more attention. The size will be a secondary matter in this setup as the big pieces of furniture will draw the attention to the amazing harmony of style and color. Therefore, “big styles” must be followed for small spaces.

This technique applies when selecting furniture pieces in a small dining room. For example, opt to have a square or a round dining table with four normal-sized dining chairs instead of a rectangular dining table with six slim and uncomfortable dining chairs. Back this up with well-chosen accessories such as an oversized artwork mounted on the wall behind the dining set. However, you must consider the floor layout to come up with a better design. The lighting scheme must likewise be given big consideration, as lights play an important role on improving the optical illusion of the room. Lights can make a small room look bigger if installed properly.

In summary, I suggest the following to make a small space look bigger.

For wall paint color:

  • Dark colors represents stylishness, coziness and richness
  • Light colors represents coldness, dullness and ordinariness for furniture pieces
  • Avoid small pieces of furniture but choose the normal-sized furniture
  • Limit the quantity of furniture or break the regular sofa sets that feature a sofa, loveseat and a chair. Have four armchairs around a coffee table instead

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