A Closer Look at the Materials Used for Contemporary and Modern Bar Stools  

acrylic white stools The modern bar stools have conquered most modern homes. Yes, this piece of furniture is no longer confined in bars, as they can now be seen in modern homes. Bar stools are now classified as occasional seating furniture that can be seen in the living room, kitchen, patio, garden or in the gaming room in some contemporary modern homes.

brown oak stool

The Contemporary and Modern Bar Stools

To reinvent the look of bar stools, modern furniture manufacturers have used new materials to incorporate versatility in its use. Some use a mixture of the new and old materials used in creating stools, giving it a more contemporary look.

eco leather contemporary stool

Metal is the common materials used for contemporary bar stools, particularly stainless steel and aluminum. Metal is a popular choice because it defies any weather conditions. It is durable like wood, but compared to wood, metal bar stools feature gas or hydraulic lift, allowing you to adjust the stool height. Metal bar stools are ideal for contemporary-styled kitchens while rustic metal or wrought iron is best for traditional-style homes. Modern steel bar stools are also available in chrome steel base and frames.

black abs epoxy chrome stool

Fiberglass bar stools are also popular choices. They are lighter in weight, hard-wearing and very resilient. These stools feature a pneumatic lift that allows the easy adjustment of the bar stool height. The basic design of fiberglass stools is a spoon-shaped seat with a low back rest and a tapered attachment supported by a chrome base. They also have a footrest. They are easy to maintain and come in different colors, designs and styles.

modern rattan stool

Wood is still a preferred material in making bar stools. The most modern stools use the versatile rattan and wicker wood types. Other wood types like teak, cherry, ash, oak and mahogany are also used to build bar stools. Wood stools are ideal for conventional-themed homes. They are available in various shades and are stained, painted or varnished.

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Leather, fabric or vinyl materials are used to add more comfort to the stools. The leather used may either be genuine or bonded, while fabric may either be linen or suede. Leather bar stools are easier to clean and maintain compared to fabric upholstered stools. Vinyl upholstered bar stools are easy to clean and maintain, too. It goes with the type of weather, so it is cold during winter and warm in summer.

black polycarbonate spider stool

Polycarbonates are non-toxic materials that have the best physical properties. They are shock resistant and unbreakable. Bar stools made of polycarbonates are perfect for the outdoors. They are available in different colors, such as black, red, white and may be transparent or have decorative seats and backrests.

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Most modern furniture manufacturers combine two materials in building bar stools. Thus, you can see bar stools in steel, wood, or chrome with leather or fabric upholstery. Such combination offers more comfort for the user.

black abs epoxy chrome stool

Choose the bar stools that suits the theme of your home. Where you want to place them is another factor to consider as well as the size. It is recommended to buy stools based on the height of your kitchen or bar counter. If you decide to have a bar stool as additional seating in the living room or garden, choose bar stools with pneumatic lift. Bar stools that feature a 360-degree rotation are also recommended, as they allow the user to easily turn without getting back or neck pain.

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Give your home a new, modern look by adding a couple of bar stools. They are also inexpensive modern furniture pieces that provide more seating for your guests.





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