Coffee Tables and End Tables for the Living Room — How to Choose

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Coffee tables and end tables may not be a main concern for some homeowners, while those who add these tables in the living room do not give much thought during the purchase. Just how important is it to have a coffee table and end table in your living room? Do you really need them?

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Coffee tables usually come when you purchase a sofa set. You also have the option to buy it separately to match your current living room furniture. End tables are usually bought separately. Some regard these  as occasional tables, particularly the end tables. However, the following points will tell you why you need coffee and end tables in your living room and how important are these in your everyday life.

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The coffee table is primarily used as a serving table, where you can put cups, saucers, snacks or even play table games. The end table serves the same function, too, but you can also place photos, a vase, and other table décor on its top. Coffee tables are placed in the center surrounded by modern sofas, while end tables are placed on the sides usually at the side of a 3- or 2–seater sofa or between two chairs. Both tables can be used as accent pieces. Other than the living room, coffee and end tables can be used in the other parts of the home like the patio and reading area. End tables can be placed in other areas (like I used to in my home), at the corner of the hallway, end of a staircase, kitchen or dining room or bedroom. The utility of both tables is aplenty that you can actually use it for other purposes, too. This is because the modern designs of coffee and end tables were upgraded to suit the needs of most modern lives.

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Now that you know their importance in your home, let us go into the process of buying these pieces of furniture.

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The point of discussion when purchasing occasional tables is whether to prioritize the appeal or the dimensions. The answer to this depends on your purpose of buying the table. The dimension may seem unimportant if you saw a fabulous coffee table that blends perfectly with your present furniture. However, is it a wise and practical decision to buy the table not minding the dimension because it suits your furniture?

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What if the table will occupy much of the space in front the sofa? What if it is too low, requiring you or your guests to stoop to get their cup or put the cup back on the table top? What if it is too high for the sofa? By merely answering these questions, you would realize that dimension is more vital than the look of the table. Therefore, make dimension a priority on your purchase.

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The Ideal Dimension

Coffee tables should preferably be a little above the knee, while the end table should be the same level with that of the modern sofa’s arm. This height allows you to get your drink or snacks with less effort. Spills are more likely to happen if the table is too low or too high.

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The Placement

Place your coffee table 18 inches from the sofa to have ample space to walk on, but not that far to pick your cup.

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Place the end table right up near the arm of the sofa or chair. You are inviting accidents if it is placed a little farther.


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Matching the Room Décor

Coffee and end tables should blend with your living room furniture and décor. These pieces of furniture should also serve the purpose that you set for them.

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Check the upgraded designs and styles of the modern coffee table and end tables from online modern furniture stores. You will be amazed on how these tables were made to be multipurpose and the convenient and superb features and looks added to them.

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