Colors for Your Office Space to Boost Work Productivity

clinton_heath_dsc_2238_1The colors in your office has a big impact on work efficiency and productivity, as well as on your clients and guests. These impacts are instinctive and subconscious that can either create a good or bad impression on your business.

The right office colors will give your company a positive and good image. Thus, it is crucial to choose the right colors because perceptions are created once a person enters the main door of the office. Your choice of office color should depend on the type of your business.

ty67-df5Blue represents loyalty, honesty, confidence, conservatism, and security, making it ideal for any business setting. It is a calming color and promotes trust, communication and efficiency. It induces creativity by opening the mind to new ideas. It is a good color to have in a board or conference room, where development of ideas and thoughts occur.

VGFCINNOVATION-GRNGreen is another calming color that encourages balance and harmony. Like the color blue, it boosts creativity so it is ideal to use in an office setting where novelty is the main element. It also suggests growth, money and security. Businesses that want to gain wealth and prestige should use the dark shade of green.

VGFCFS-11DRed is a powerful and influential color. It energizes people and rouses the pulse. It enhances employee performance who are assigned on detail-oriented tasks.

image_2190When combining colors in the office, use the color wheel for reference For example, use orange to accessorize your blue office and red for a green office. These complementary colors will set an equilibrium for these colors, enhancing your office atmosphere. You can also incorporate red or yellow to encourage energy flow and increase productivity but use it in moderation.

modrest007The neutral colors like beige and cream are recommended for corporate and more concentrated types of offices like financial institutions, banks, accounting and law offices. These offices should combine these colors with office furniture with wood finishes for a more refined and urbane look. These colors, however, can provide a staid and boring impression. To offset this, accessorize the office with red, crimson, pink or terracotta. You can also combine these colors with green and blue.

VGWCS501Corporate and concentrated types of offices can also use navy blue, burgundy and dark green colors to create an impression of responsibility, control and confidence to clients or patrons.

willow_01_dsc_5704If you want to use the color grey, use it in small amounts. Grey, although a neutral color, lacks energy and can dampen employees’ morale. It suppresses and prepares people to become dormant and can even encourage depression. Combine the color grey with bright colors like yellow or red.

daffodil_02_dsc_5654Picking colors for the reception area is vital. This is the initial point of contact for your clients so you need to create a favourable and positive impression in this area. Use a soft yellow palette for a cheerful and happy atmosphere while use peach to make clients feel welcome and positive.


For doctors, dentist or naturapaths, use blue or green in the waiting area to provide reassurance and calm your patients. Blend in a few touch of pink with these colors to suggest compassion. Avoid using yellow, as it can cause anxiety to already stressed patients.

ty87_8_Use a soft coral color, pink or lavender in the reception area if your business is a hair, nail or spa salon. These colors create an impression of being indulged and pampered, which is the reason why your clients are there.

synergy_blue_01_dsc_9245Use the light to medium tones of torquiose in training rooms. This helps to calm the nerves of the speakers and is a great color for training. Adding a few yellow colors behind the teaching board or on the wall will assists trainees to remember the lecture. Print handouts in yellow to help trainees absorb and retain the contents of these handouts.

branton-web-8The other types of offices with a lesser degree of gravity can use brighter colors. However, always choose colors appropriately. It is important to consider the demographics of your clients, such as sex, age and cultural background when choosing the appropriate colors for your office. It is also essential to choose colors depending on the type of business that you promote or endorse.

branton-web-4The colors you choose for your modern office may have a big effect on employee performance and efficiency, but it is still important to provide them with ergonomic office furniture. The appropriate modern office furniture will make them work more efficiently and that is how you want them to be. After all, productive employees are a company’s asset.

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