Decorating Your Man’s Bedroom

Men are always practical and this shows even in their bedroom, which has practically the basic furniture – a bed, a TV and perhaps a cabinet.
Transforming your man’s bedroom only needs a little imagination. The only thing that you need to complete this task is to understand his personality. You can also ask him for suggestions.

I have listed a few guidelines to assist you in this task.

For furniture options, select those that are simple. Keep those that he has and just add a few; think what is essential. Your man will prefer furniture that has simple designs. However, if you want to change the whole thing, platform bed is a good choice.

Have a low bedside table with a table lamp. A person who loves to read before falling into deep slumber will always welcome a bedside lamp. Moreover, do not forget to have an alarm clock!

Wall lamps are likewise good to have. Put them on top of the headboard just slightly above his head.

Have a dresser with a mirror at the rear of the cabinet’s door. A full-length mirror is better as this will allow him to have a full view of himself in his suit.

Ensure that the duvet and curtains blend with each other to bring out completely the bedroom’s theme. Warm colors such as red, yellow and orange are nice options. Colors of this kind will not reveal the wear and tear of the duvet or curtains. Furthermore, it is not difficult to find throw pillows and slipcovers that will blend with these colors.

Have a modern loveseat or chairs. Be sure that they match the design of the curtains and the duvet. If you opt to get chairs, get some slipcovers. Make certain that they complement the other furniture. Patterns may be different; however, colors must be of the same tone or shade. Likewise, get slipcovers that can be tied at the back of the chair.

Put some art pieces like paintings or sculpture or photos but make it minimal. One is enough and two is many. Having more than two can already make the bedroom look cluttered. Display art pieces that he likes. Most men would go for cars, boats or anything that has something to do with sports. Your man will surely appreciate a classic painting or poster.

Complete his entertainment devices. If he only has a TV, then assign one corner as his entertainment nook. Most men enjoy watching movies, sports and listening to music before dozing off.

Have a bench at the foot of his bed. Make certain that it is about the same width or a little less than the width of the bed. This can serve as his footboard. He can also put some book, magazine and other small items on its top.

Have a hamper in one corner. This is a much-needed accessory for a bachelor’s bedroom. Most men just live their dirty clothes on top of the bed or on a chair. With a hamper, you will teach your man to be tidy.

For the wall color, verify the colors that he likes. Some men want darker shades. Show him other colors like avocado green, slate blue (a bluish gray to dark bluish gray) or rich brown – these will not make the room look boring. Get linens that are of the same tone. Make use of textured materials for the linens, rugs and curtains.

Single men need their bedroom to be a showcase of their masculinity, so let us not deprive him of this! Let the furniture, fixtures and the bedroom walls speak of his personality.

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