Different Bedroom Themes for a Black and White Bedroom


The monochromatic color palette theme has never lost its appeal. It was seen in various art deco-inspired design themes to the 1960s modern trends to the 1990s minimalist themes up to this day. The interesting thing about a black and white color theme is its timeless quality.


Picking a black and white color theme for the bedroom may not look and sound interesting to many. Some think having the color black in the bedroom is morbid, while white is not a common choice because it is a high maintenance color. Combining these two neutral colors in designing a bedroom could be quite a challenge so as to make the room look luxurious and stunning instead of having a gloomy feel. This color theme offers an unlimited number of looks, depending on your choice of furniture, accessories, furnishings, as well as lighting.


First, it is essential to know what color harmonizes well with black and white. A black and white bedroom color theme harmonizes well with the muted shades of the color grey. A dove-grey wall color would be a good choice for a black and white bedroom design. A modern black bed like the Modrest Ancona Italian Modern Black bed with black nightstands and a table lamp with white shade is a perfect pick. The use of immaculate white linens and sheets provide an interesting contrast.


Hotel Look and Feel

For a hotel-style bedroom look, paint your wall in white paint color and cover your modern bed with silk linens. Get plumped up pillows and add a few black silk throws. For a more striking look, have black table lamps.


A Modern and Industrial Look

To have a modern and industrial bedroom look, go for a sleek, contemporary feel by incorporating black- and gray-toned modern furniture pieces mixed with bold, striped patterns.


For example, choose a metal or chrome table lamp or a dark wood nightstand and a vintage radio.


Look for metal pieces with clean lines and striped-patterned accents. Look for a peculiar wallpaper or sketch on your walls if you have artistic hands. Add vintage accessories for that old-fashioned feel.


A Yuppie and Dazzling Look

This is great for teenagers and those in their early 20s. Blend in black and white pieces and accessories. A black modern bed with black leather upholstered headboard will stand out even more by adding huge velvet pillows.  Paint your walls in crisp white color and look for candy-colored accessories. Choose an attention-grabbing painting or artwork to have a light, lively tenor in your bedroom. For a sleek look, add polished lacquered accessories.


A Softer Look

Paint your walls in blue color, then choose a modern bedroom set with clean lines. Create contrast by using clean linens, bold-patterned cushions, and a blue-colored rug.



Free-Spirited Look

Add neutral-colored accessories, such as a woven area rug and other textured items to make your bedroom feel natural and down-to-earth. Use white beddings to serve as an exquisite   backdrop for a dash of patterned pieces.


Pick pillows and throws in loose-woven natural fibers and geometric patterns and designs. Cover the walls in seagrass wallpaper and hang an oversized “outdoorsy” artwork. Bring in a dash of color by adding a few potted plants but make sure these will not diminish the soft, natural look of your bedroom.


A Delicate Look and Feel

Choose lace bed linens, cushions in linen, and gauzy curtains. Have a faux-fur or fleece throw pillows on your modern bed and put a sheepskin area rug near the bed.


Other accessories you can have for a black and white themed bedroom include:


A large mirror on your white walls for that extra interest. The mirror will also make the room look larger. Cover your mattress with striped linens and choose black cushions in luxurious velvet.


For a minimalist touch, use soft white linens for your black modern bed. This would even look better if you have wooden floors. Minimize accessories by choosing a modern bed with storage.



Go now and use any of the above tips to redecorate your modern bedroom using black and white colors!

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