Easy Tricks for a Modern Homier Feel

s-2230-whiteOur home will always be where we wanted to go back to. Regardless if you’ve been to a very luxurious house or have been into a 5-star hotel, you’d always crave for the comfort of your bed, the smell of your kitchen, the lively chat with the family in your dining room, and the bonding shared while watching a movie or TV show or sports program in your modern living room.daiquiri-web

So the old cliché “home is where the heart is” is really true. This is because homes are typically full of memories, love and life. To make your home even homier, I have compiled a few economical tips that you can do without having to spend a big amount of money.

f3085-webPictures. Pictures are good tools to give your home a personal touch. Hang pictures on your walls or place them on top of a buffet or place them on a bookshelf together with your books. This gives your home the feel of a real home compared to a hotel room.

add0431Paintings or Wall Arts. Aside from pictures, adorn your walls with paintings or wall arts. This will remove the need to repaint your walls.

13971_1Set up a Comfortable Seating Arrangement. Sofas, club chairs, and modern chaise lounges are irresistible that could make your modern living room comfier.

12_adelyn_rug_turq_dsc_3432Add an area rug where anyone can plop down or squat comfortably.

IMG_0174_1Throw Blankets and Pillows. Throw blankets and pillows place atop your sofas and area rug will make your home more inviting and homier. These accessories are inexpensive, simple and functional ways to make your living room comfier and more relaxing.

torino-bed-mainMake your Bedroom Your Secret Haven. Everybody needs a good night’s sleep. To have this, make sure you have a comfy modern bed. Put bed linens, blankets or duvets, and pillows to keep you warm at night. Choose coordinated calming colors.

japAvoid putting overhead lighting. Table lamps are better because it will eliminate any harsh lighting and will give your bedroom a warmer glow.

km0185t-1-copper-webA table lamp that you can tilt up or down is a good choice so you can read while in bed. Install a dimmer switch so you can easily regulate the level of illumination to your own liking.

glam-champagne-render-webHang curtains to block off any lights coming from the windows at night. This promotes quality sound sleep and makes your bedroom a sanctuary of peace.nhtc1139-1-s-nhtc1139-2-s-nhtc1139-3-sScented Candles. Enhance the ambiance and smell of your home by adding natural lights through scented candles. Scented candles relax the senses and contribute a great deal to the visual appeal of your home.sh-7749abcdefHang Seasonal Decorations. Keep your decorations up to date with the weather and the current occasion or holiday. This will keep you and your family get that festive spirit.

t8978_back_ground_2Attractive and Luxurious Modern Dining Room. A dining room is not only meant for dining but also for conversation, entertaining and working. It usually serves different purposes depending on your needs. Give this room a nice smell by having scented candles or freshly-baked bread. Place a vase of flowers on top of your modern buffet or short-stemmed flowers in a low pot on top of your modern dining table.cs-1014_candelholderTransform your Bathroom into a Spa. Pour some scented oil on a small towel and hang it near the bathtub, lavatory or toilet bowl. The smell of the oil will fill the bathroom and will help to relax you whether you luxuriate in a hot bath, take a hot shower or even brush your teeth! Or have scented candles placed on a silver candle holder. Decorate your tub with candles to go with your bubble bath, it helps a lot in de-stressing.

tivoli-main-webGiving your modern home a homier feel is easy and does not need to be expensive. Simple ideas with not so costly décor or reusing old décor and comfy modern furniture will give your home that Zen appeal that would want you to go home after a busy day at work.

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