Extendable Dining Tables for a Modern Dining Room

A small dining room space is no longer a big issue. Modern and contemporary furniture builders thought of a practical way to homeowners happy. The introduction of extendable dining tables gave dining rooms a new, modern contemporary appeal.

Extendable dining tables are the best answer to accommodate more people for sit-down dinners. Their presence gives your dining room a modern or contemporary feel. These dining tables look like the ordinary tables except that they have unique features.

Identifying Extendable Modern Dining Tables

  • Extra Surfaces

What makes extendable dining tables different from the ordinary tables is their extra surfaces, such as leaves, inserts, wings, etc. Securely hidden underneath the tabletop, these extensions increase the tabletop to sit more people compared to the ordinary table. For example, a table that is good for 4 persons can accommodate 6 – 8 persons once the leaves are extended.

  • Extension Mechanism

Traditional extendable dining tables have inserts found under the tabletop. To date, an extension mechanism allows the lengthening of the table’s surface. This design features “wings” or “leaves”. Some contemporary dining tables feature lever mechanisms that allowyou to adjust the size as well as the height of the table. An extra piece of wood added under or at the ends of the table and attached to a mechanism lets you to slide it out easily so the table can seat more people.

  • Materials Used

Solid wood, particle board, MDF, steel and tempered glass are the common materials used for building. It is common to find extendable dining tables made of two different materials.

  • Table Size

Like the ordinary dining tables, extendable tables vary in sizes. The large tables can accommodate 12 to 16 persons when extended, while the smaller ones can accommodate 4 – 6 persons. The smaller dining tables are ideal for smaller dining room space or homes with limited space. It all depends on every person’s preference, needs, and the dining room size. Before visiting online modern furniture stores, make sure to get the floor area of your dining room or your allotted space for this purpose. This will make your shopping much easier and assures you of buying the right fit for your modern or contemporary dining room.

  • Tabletop Shapes

Extendable modern dining tables are available in the regular shapes that we know. Whether you need a rectangular, square, round, or oval shape of tabletops, you can definitely find one from modern furniture stores online.

The oval shape extendable dining tables can accommodate more people just like the rectangular modern dining tables. These two shapes, though, are ideal for bigger dining rooms.


  • The Styles

The styles of extendable dining tables are not limited to being contemporary. Modern furniture NYC offers various styles ranging from traditional, modern, and contemporary. Inserts are most likely present in traditional tables, which should not worry you, as inserts have proved to be reliable and effective for decades.

  • The Price

The extendable modern dining tables may be pricier than the ordinary tables. This is because of the complex extension mechanism feature that added to the functionality of these tables. Another factor that determines the price is the material used. Those made of solid wood are the most expensive.

If you want an extendable modern dining table, the best time to purchase a table is during clearance and seasonal sales. You can find modern dining room sets that feature extendable dining tables whether you are living in Chicago or Dallas. Watch out for modern dining room sets sale at modern furniture Chicago to enjoy big discounts without sacrificing the quality of work.