Figuring Out Where to Position a Sectional Sofa in Your Living Room

A living room will not be complete without the presence of the sofa. The traditional set-up of sofas consists of a sofa and two chairs, normally called a sofa set. Modern furniture has introduced a more convenient style of furniture known as the sectional sofa. This type comes in different designs and styles that lend any living room a comfortable and welcoming appeal. However, some homeowners worry on where to position the sectionals and so they are constrained to choosing a sofa set instead.

Identify where to put a sectional sofa may be a big challenge particularly to those who are not so creative and imaginative. Following are some guidelines on where to position a sectional sofa in your living room.

One of the best modern furniture to have in your living room is the sectional sofa. It offers more convenience and comfort for the whole family particularly during their bonding moments

Before you go and place an order, you need to do the following steps first.

Your first step is to get the dimension of your living room. Sectional sofas are usually huge and this will not pose a problem with a big living room. Nevertheless, you also need to consider your door opening. It would be a waste of time and money if you will order a modern sectional that fits into your big living room but does not fit into your door opening. Thus, measuring your room’s dimension as well as your door opening applies to both small and big living room to ensure that you will buy the appropriate size. You can also choose to order a made-to-order sectional sofa.

Try to imagine where you want to position your sectional and how it will affect the look of your living room. It will be helpful if you will make a diagram, as this will give you a clearer picture of how it will look. Consider the various shapes of sectional sofas, which come in round, curved and L-shapes. Try fitting in these shapes and the effect that it will provided your living room.

Evaluate the material that is fitting to your living room theme and the rest of your furniture. If you have kids, you must consider their ages. This is true if you allow your pets inside your home. Materials used for sectionals are either in bonded or genuine leather or microfiber.

Set aside a budget but do not sacrifice the quality over the price. Buying an expensive one is better that picking a cheap sofa, as the former will last you longer than the latter.

Placing the Sectional Sofa in your Living Room

The ideal position is to have your sectional sofa opposite a central fixture like a huge window, the fireplace, a TV set or a splendid view.

Avoid positioning the sectional near the door opening so it will not create traffic and obstruct entrances.

Create harmony by putting a coffee table or an ottoman in front of your sectional sofa.

If you prefer to have a loveseat near the sectional, place a lamp amid these chairs.

You can also have a plant near the sectional but make certain that it will not block the area occupied by the sectional sofa.

If the sectional comes with a chaise, put a small table nearby for comfort and convenience.

Looking for a suitable sectional sofa is not difficult because you can find plenty of choices, colors, designs and styles that will suit the theme of your home from furniture shops and online furniture stores.

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