Five Saving Graces for a Clean and Fresh Living Room

We use our living room for a variety of reasons. This is where we entertain our guests and hold some small get-togethers. This is where we relax and spend quality time with the family. For these very reasons, we want our living room to be at its best — always neat and tidy. We do not want little creatures suddenly appearing in our living room furniture just because we left them unclean. We also do not want them to smell and look dirty because of their everyday involvement in our lives. As much as we want to enjoy our living room, we have to keep them in good shape and looks, too and the secret lies behind good cleaning techniques.

A regular cleaning spree is always the key to a sparkly clean living room. You have to allot enough time to tidy up your furniture. Perhaps at least a twice a week routine would be enough especially if you have rather expensive and elaborate furniture. You could be spending a whole day just by cleaning them, but if you do the chore at a regular basis, you would not have to worry about accumulating so much dirt. This way, cleaning would be less tedious. It is advisable that an elastic and flexible material be used in your vacuum so as not to damage your furniture. Ensure that every inch will be cleaned. Focus on the tight and small areas because those are the places where most organisms thrive.

Make sure that the ingredients of your cleaning formula are not too harsh for your furniture. Some may wash away the colors and cause it to fade away, or make the material feel and look coarse and worn out. Some may even damage the outer protective layer of the furniture which will make it more exposed to dirt and unwanted bacteria.

Steam cleaning is not very advisable. It may be helpful in removing more dirt and stain but the moisture being left by this method may damage your furniture. We all know that germs and harmful organisms love to thrive in moist environment. You will be prone to these parasites if you steam clean your furniture. Not only that, steam also hastens the “decay” of your furniture starting from the inside and makes them smell, too.

In the event of spills, you only need a rag to solve the problem. You just have to know that spills should be dabbed gently and carefully from the farthest area of the spill until you reach the center. You should not wipe or rub as this will only increase the coverage of the spill.

A spoon is most useful when dealing with solid spills. Adding warm water and a bit of soap may ease the process as well.

Be careful of your soap. Remember to use just a little of it so you would not produce suds on the furniture. They will only add up to the stain and make matters worse. They may even make your furniture sticky. Warm water is best because this will speed up the removal of dirt but will not damage your furniture like how hot water will.

Follow the above steps and you will see that your living room furniture will not only stay clean and fresh but will last you longer as well.

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