Furniture for a Brown Themed Living Room

The use of neutral colors can be somber and uninspiring. Some people choose them as they want to play safe. Nevertheless, it can represent the ultimate in cool, natural design elegance when embraced with skill and enthusiasm.

When choosing colors, it is always nice to think of its meaning. Let us discuss the color brown. Brown is one of the colors tagged as neutral. Brown represents refuge, permanence and calming. Other hues such as beige, light tan or mocha are good to use for living room walls as they are considered the bold shades of brown and are good for accentuations. Using dark brown will make the room to appear smaller; however, this can be remedied with your choice of furniture color.

Proportion, space and placement of furniture are just a few things which must be taken into consideration in room designing.

For a living room with brown-colored walls, here are a few hints which can bring life to a rather dull color.

Contrast is a must when combining colors with brown walls. Making use of a wall paper in green will build the contrast between the two. Apart from being pleasant to the sight, this combination also speaks of being environmentally friendly — brown representing growth while green representing sustenance. Have plants inside but choose those that are easy to care if you are quite busy. Plants will additionally cheer your living room up.

Furniture in light brown can also be blended with walls that have a dark brown hue. But never consider big furniture in brown. Remember brown makes a room to look small; therefore, using big brown furniture will all the more make your living room to appear undersized.

If you use the lighter tones of brown for your sofa, then other furniture such as coffee table, TV stand and shelves must all have the same tones.

Blue is the ideal color to blend with brown especially teal or greenish blue. This can be reflected on your sofa’s cushions or throw pillows.

White will bring the dullness alive. But be wary of using too much white, lest you want people to think that they are in a hospital.

Clear acrylic and chrome furniture are good bets for a brown-themed living room.

Table or stand lamps can be in light brown, beige, cream or white.
Choose curtains or drapes with blue prints or patterns. They can also be in another neutral color like cream.

For your decorations, you can choose from the three hues of brown: light, medium and dark. Make use of it for wall paintings, picture frame, posters, ornamental plates, jars or vases, rugs and eye-catching stones and pebbles.

Pick two styles of patterns for your decorations to create balance. Either you go for straightforward stripes and checks or geometric which can be reflected on your rug, wall frames, throw pillows and other decorative pieces.

The combination of blue hues such as teal or aqua to a creamy shade of brown walls can make your living room appeal ethereal.

Other colors that can blend well with your brown-colored living room walls are mellow yellow, rusty orange, gray or deep purple.

Brown may be neutral but again, using your skill and eagerness, you will be able to perk your living room up.

Various styles and designs of modern furniture are very much available in the market giving you the freedom to explore. Check online furniture stores or your local shops before finally purchasing your new set of modern furniture.

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